Ha! Here we go. I've gotten to the part of the story where it's actually starting to kick off. Well, I don't really have much to say, other than enjoy the third chapter in a story that has not even started yet. ;)

"And I was an idiot. I made so many mistakes and it was horrible." She complained as she rubbed her hands over her face. Cass, her best friend, sat across from her, trying to be comforting.

"I know, Ash. But it will be alright, if he got away, there will be other chances to capture him again."

Ash looked up at her friend, grateful for the support. It was times like these where she really needed her friend around. "Thanks, Cass. But I really need to work on this. Maybe you can stop by tonight, help me go through what happened. That tiny camera you put in my suit really works, we can go over that, what went wrong with Dart."

"Hey babe," A voice said as arms wrapped around Ash and she jumped. She whipped her head around, relaxing when she saw that it was only her boyfriend.

"Hey Dusty. Don't scare me like that." Ash said, moving over and making room for him on the cafeteria bench. He apologized and he joined in the conversation, the couple's hands interlocked.

"Sorry. What were you guys talking about?"

"Nothing much," Ash said sarcastically. "Just that I went up against Dart last night and got my butt handed to me. Cass is coming over later to go over the footage, you wanna join?"

"Sure, why not? Every time I get to see my girlfriend in her super suit is a good day for me!" Dusty joked and Ash chuckled, punching him in the arm lightly.

"Ew, guys, cut it out, we got a minor here," Jason said from behind them, pretending to be grossed out. Mikey stood next to him, and Jason blocked him from the sight by placing his hands over Mikey's eyes.

"Jason cut it out, I'm not a kid," Mikey said, trying to pull away. The group laughed, and the two guys joined them at their table. Ash was smiling. Her friends were back. The one simple way to cheer her up after a bad fight was her friends. Except, only two knew, Cass and Dusty. Mikey can't keep his mouth shut, so that's a no, and she hadn't gotten around to telling Jason.

"So. Keene. Denvers. You two got anything special planned for Valentine's day coming up?" Jason was the guy that called everyone by only their last name. Except for Mikey. For some reason that Ash couldn't figure out, he didn't call Mikey by his last.

The couple looked at each other and shrugged. Valentine's Day was also their anniversary, along with the national holiday. "We haven't really figured out anything. Besides, why are you concerned? It's in like a month?" Ash said.

Jason threw up his hands, surrendering. "Ok, ok, just wondering."

The group joked and talked for a while, and Jason may or may not have started a small food fight between the five of them. Dusty may or may not have put mashed potatoes in Cass's hair, and she returned with peas down the back of his shirt. Ash then spent the rest of lunch with Cass in the bathroom, trying to get the potatoes out of her long brown hair.

The rest of the school day went pretty smoothly, and the five met up at the end of the day at the front of the school. Together they walked to their homes from the school. Mikey was the first to be dropped off, he lived closest to Buchanan High School.

As they were talking, Ash looked over to Jason and noticed he was limply slightly.

"Hey, what happened to your leg?" She asked, and he blew it off.

"Aw, it was nothing. Wrestling with my brothers when they got a little too rough." He laughed. Ash raised her eyebrow but forgot it when Cass called for her attention.

The remaining three walked over to Ash's house and greeted by her mom as they walked in the door. Just like normal, her mom offered drinks and cookies, but everyone politely declined. Ash told her mom they were going to hang out in the backyard, and she waved them off without a second glance. Ash loved her mom, her parents, but sometimes they didn't pay attention too much.

Walking behind two trees and a few bushes, the trio reached the trapdoor that was the entrance to Crossfire's secret lair. Ash pulled off the moss and leave cover to reveal the metal door. Opening it up, she let Dusty and Cass in first, then dropped in herself.

Her lair was probably one of her favorite things. It wasn't overly large, but she loved it. A ladder led up the wall, the only entrance, and exit. She had planned on making another one, but she never got around to it. As soon as you got off the ladder and to the left, she had a cot and a little shelf. She and her friends had dropped their backpacks off over there.

"Ash, I'm pulling the feed from the camera off your suit," Cass called from the northeast corner of the room. A seemingly empty wall slid aside when a code was entered on the keypad, and her closet was opened. Inside was her suit, hung up with a hanger on a hook. Below were her boots, along with two other pairs. And on the side of the closet was her weapons.

Her main recurve bow hung on the wall next to a backup recurve and a compound bow. Her arrows were in quivers lined up below them. And next to those were her only two guns, magazines with the arrows. She didn't like to use guns, but they were given to her by the city's police station when she had shown up as a semi-vigilante.

Finally, where Dusty and Cass had gathered for the last couple of minutes was her tech desk. She had saved up her money from allowances and birthdays to buy a tv that hooked up with two computer monitors on the desk. With some hacking she had asked Dusty to do, her computers could follow the police scanners and access files from almost anywhere.

It was nice, and she was pretty dang lucky to have it.

"So. What'da got?" Ash said, sitting down in her rolly chair and sliding up next to her boyfriend and best friend.

Her friends had watched through the feed that covered the whole night. They had agreed with her. She should've never turned her back, even with a lower ranking villain. They pointed out some other tips, and Ash took note of all of them.

Then they got to the part where Dart was talking to Ash about fighting and when he offered to help her out.

"What is this guy thinking?" Cass cried, staring at the screen.

"Maybe he's trying to offer some help, to get her guard down?" Dusty offered, just as confused.

"I don't know. There could've been a million different ways to do that, but he's just confusing all the time."

"And since when does Crossfire have a Facebook page? Why don't I have it?!" Cass shouted, pulling away from the screen and immediately going on her phone, trying to find it in the app.

Dusty hit play and watched the rest of the video, not adding any more comments to the rest of it. He looked at his watch and whistled. It was after eight o'clock.

"Darn. Alright, sorry Ash, Cass, I gotta go. My mom's been expecting me, like, yesterday. I will see y'all tomorrow."

Cass waved over her shoulder while she stared at her phone, and Ash walked over and gave Dusty a hug. "Bye, Dust."

They released, and he grabbed his backpack and climbed up the ladder and was gone. Ash stared at the ladder longingly, before turning back to Cass. "Hey, my mom's making lasagna tonight. You want to stay?"

Cass scoffed. "Do you even know me? My parents would be disappointed if I went back home to have dinner."

Ash laughed and the best friends walked outside, as the smell of lasagna drew them inside.