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Dang, he's gotten good, Crossfire thought to herself as she dodged a combination of punches aimed at her head. She followed up with a kick to his kidneys, which he used an X block to stop it from connecting.

The first time Crossfire fought Dart, it wasn't nearly as advanced and fast-paced as it was now. It could be said that they grew up together.

One day a young Dart showed up, robbing a gas station as a thirteen-year-old. When he tried again the next time, a twelve-year-old Crossfire intervened. Over time, both of them evolved, along with their weapons, their costumes, their fighting patterns. So now they are in their prime.

Dart kicked out at her knee and she fell but used it to her advantage. On her knees, she switched so her weight was resting on her hands, and swung her legs around so that she knocked her villain off his feet.

Since she had first started being a vigilante, villains had popped up all over town. But Crossfire had dealt or are currently dealing with them.

But her form of "dealing with them" was different than almost every other hero and villain she ever knew. As many times as she may fight, or shoot another villain, like with Moterm that night, her moral was to never kill.

Crossfire flipped over a sweeping side kick, landing on her feet and sent a punch to his side. He blocked with both his hands but left his face open. Crossfire faked another punch to his gut and came back with a hard punch across his jaw

There will always be a time that she went home after fighting a villain, concerned about their wellbeing. As crazy as it sounded, but she didn't want them to die, they still had a life to live. Every time she shot an arrow and it hit its mark, she got anxiety as she lay in bed wanting to make sure they were ok. She knew that one day her empathy would lead to her downfall. But today was not that day.

They had fought while on the move, and they had slowly gotten closer and closer to her bow. She stepped backward quicker now, in the hope she could reach her bow and gain the upper hand.

"So," Dart said in between breaths before he kicked at her stomach. His spiked up chestnut hair stayed in place, unmoving from the unhealthy amount of gel in it.

She dropped to the floor and dodged the kick, her own hair falling in front of her face. She had an ombré, dark brown hair fading to blonde highlights on her bangs. The rest of her medium length brown hair was tied back in a ponytail that stuck out from the back of her head. She used to be concerned about people being able to recognize from that, but the night covered her color, making it just look black. And that people were just incredibly stupid when it came to the obvious.

"How've you been? I haven't seen you in a while?" Dart got his question out with a punch to Crossfire's gut and she bent over, half from the air rushing out of her and half from shock. She rolled backward and dropped her fists, staring at Dart with her eyebrows raised.

It was common for Dart to talk during a fight, he would normally gloat and brag about how good was. But never anything like that. When he saw Crossfire drop her position, he did as well.

"What? What did I say?" Dart asked, confused.

"'What did I say?'" Crossfire snorted. "We're in the middle of fighting, you have stolen jewels in your backpack, it's the middle of the freakin' night, and you ask how I've been? Not expecting that."

She took small steps backward as she talked, and Dart matched her. He shrugged, and leaped at her, knocking her to the ground. He balled his hands into fists and hit her while she struggled to get her hands in front of her face. "I was just trying to be friendly. I really haven't seen you in a while." He confessed, disappointment lacing his voice.

Crossfire would've noticed it, but it was late, she was tired and was not in the mood for any of Dart's games.

"That makes my job easier," She grunted and her arm shot out to the side. She wrapped her fingers around her bow and swung it towards Dart. It cracked him on the side of the head, and he fell to the side, holding it in his hands.

In the background, the Longhall clock tower chimed once, signaling one o'clock in the morning. Crossfire needed to wrap this up, so she could go to sleep at a reasonable time. She had school in the morning after all.

She rolled the groaning Dart onto his stomach and pulled one of his hands out from underneath him and across his back. With her other hand, Crossfire unclipped a pair of handcuffs gifted to her by the Longhall Police. They had given it to her when she officially moved up from being a vigilante and working with the department.

They had a deal. She brought them villains and general bad guys, and they let her listen in to police radios and use the department building. It was a pretty sweet deal, in her opinion.

Before she could slap the cuff on Dart's gloved wrist, his other hand plunged a dart that had been hidden in his hand into her thigh.

She cursed under her breath and dropped the handcuffs, immediately grabbing the dart and pulling it out. But the effects were already starting to take place.

She fell backward on her butt and pressed her hands against her head. The world around her was spinning, faster and faster. So she tried to focus on the details to keep her grounded. The pain in her abdomen when she breathed. Blood running down from a cut above her eyebrow. The fabric of the gauze wrapped around her palm and forearm on both arms touching her face. But it wasn't enough.

Crossfire's vision went double as she saw Dart standing in front of her, smiling. Black seeped into the edges of her vision, a sign she knew that meant she was on the verge of passing out.

"Goodnight, sweetheart," Dart said with a smile as he waved goodbye, his fingertips wiggling in the air.

"Don't call me sweetheart," Crossfire mumbled as she fell backward. She meant to continue, but the rest of the sentence was lost as she fell into unconsciousness.