It slowly seeps in

Consuming Devoring


No one hears

Crack sss shatter scream



Blind to everything

Craving pain

Shh Shh pound pound


Stop stop


Decompose, no longer there

Screams are left with all despair.


Unseen, Unheard

Screams, Suffocation


Cry's, Shoots

Unseen, Unheard

Unloved, devotion none

Unseen, Unheard

Insults ,scars

Unseen, Unheard

Black & white , draining

Unseen, Unheard

Bleeding shots dying

Unseen , Unheard!


Light or Dark is shimmers through the night

Light or Dark it changes peoples lives

Light or dark it course though individuals

or dark it infuses high powers

Light or Dark it loves another

Light or dark it needs a temple to live.

Simple Small

What matters most the big or the small

When you got the huge promotion


When you celebrated with those dear to you

When you got the new car


The smile on your spouse's face

When you receive the gift of your dreams


When your kid grinned at the present you got them

What matters most?

Time & Writing

Humane minds forget

Writing remembers time tracks

Humanes forget history

Writing reminds them paired with time

Time ages and decays

Writing the same

Humanes forget and rediscover

Time heals all

Writing reminds all

Hannes forget all

Time and writing remind

All of what has happened

And is to come

Time and writing are power

And that power last forever

No matter the destruction.


No one gets ever part of me

One piece of family gets my motherly

care free side

Another gets my well practiced

smile and public life

Intermediate family gets a

Mix of both including

a bit of my sloppiness and a small

hair of my problems

The other part of my family

gets my practiced civil side

and stubbornness

My friends nothing but a mere facade

My spouse I have yet to know

As for me I get every part of myself.

Storm Fall

Pitter, Patter


Every object is painted a vibrant orange

And red except for the evergreens

Souls dance and sing to the

Rhythm of the rain

Thunder tha base

Lighting the strobe

Souls dance and sing

There strong melodic voices cleansing

The air of hurt and decorating it with joy

Pitter, Patter

Pond. Crack

Pound, pound

The crescendo of the song

Intros mother nature's creation

A grey malevolent swerling

Tower of elegant gray

It leaves destruction in its wake

Even the destruction is magnificent to behold

Souls dance and sing till dawns break

Departing alas with a lone solomon note.

The Meadow

A sweet breeze dances through the air

Golden medows filled with delicate flowers

Saws in the brzee

Animals of every nation arive

And drank form the bubblin brook

The lion roars

The eleaphant trumpets

The birds sing

The monkeys screech

The wolves howl

The hoveled animals stomp

All in harmonet to the saw of the

Dancing flowers creating the most beautiful song of life

The magnificent grays do not attend they cease the day to live

How magnificent the meadow is


Hope is what return is

Return to family

Return to your safe haven

Return to warmth

Return to cold

We wish to return and hope.

Inner Calm

Everything's Kayotic

Sirens blare people scream s

On the outside

Loud music shakes the streets

People voices carry over the miles

On the outside

A calm peaceful undisturbed place calls

On the inside

A sweet filled of daphidills and frills were a bubbling brook flows A breeze tikels by with sweet laces of pinao.

In the inner calm.


The pain the shadows

The worries the stress


Though the memories of

Laughing and smiling

The bad memories

The hurtful scars


Through playing singing or

Listen to music

The negativity The disapproval

Escape Escape!

Though reading or writing

The scorn the pitty


Though swimming or meditation

Escape it all

Escape Escape ESCAPE!


Instinct, Muscle memory

Both heavily influenced life

Making a quick decision instinct

Forget a piece of music you so nervous

But play your best

Muscle memory

High stake decision you have secondes

To make instinked

Drive home but don't remember the drive

Muscle memory

Walking stealthy in when you here

A scream ahead


Instinkt Muscle memory

Trian right


The color of the sky

The color of the ocean

The color that is your eyes reflected in mine

The color we first dressed alike in

The color of clam

The color of brilliant November

The cold of winter

The color that makes me think of you

My second favorite color on

Outed by black

Calm, Beautiful, Powerful, Pure.


Steel eyes, Steel emotions

Cold to the touch

Soft when warmed

Burns when steaming

Modeled to fit the perfect shape

Dark colors cool tones

Hard durable scarce

Worth dying for

Steel mild, Steel soul

She is made of steel


A smile direct at you.

Unexpected act of gratitude

Acceptance because of who you are

A surprise you never asked for

Your true smile you rarely show

When you like my gift

When you smile because of my affection

When you smile

Unconditional Love

A gift and curse in disguise

499 chances for hurt

Infit chances for love and return

Fight gift of motivation

And curse

Courages love and faith

Hopes infinity

Relationships repair

Heaven's eternal gift

Hell's eternal curse

Gard of love

Light to the darkness

Unconditional love ends wars, saves lives, and

Brings leaders and fighters forth.

Assassins Path

Dead Decay

Beautiful to behold

Slint fault wins

Loud precision bruns

Darkness envelops and embraces

Home a lass

Tree high silently observing

None look or find

None care

All rejoice and dance

Sudden appearance

Uneasy people

Loyal animals

The dance of loyalty begins


He's partners with her.


Me you've sat next to me since the beginning of the school year.

Oh hi I never knew you sat there.

Same place since school started. Why should I care?

Ooff! Sorry I didn't see you there

Woah! You scared me.

I've been standing here for twenty minutes.

Aghh.., I get it there is few who notice me,

Do Not use it as an insult it will only backfire.


A whirlwind runs rampant

Mind never stopping

Thoughts never settling

. Sucksses

Create Create, time has come,.

Tic-tock tick-tock ,play play

Enact Enact

Swept away in a river of joy. Happiness and excitement

Carried away in a hurricane of

Hurt betrayal sorrow

Set in seas of depression

Washed ashore to love and compassion.


Immaculate hair

Designer clothes

Top of the line accessories

Always trending

Purser walls closing in

Standers consider the best

Coke bottle figures healthy

Makeup to cover the sickness and blemishes

World expectations that cause pain and sickness

Unrealistic images

The stander everyone is measured by.

Dead Pull

You're not good enough

Yes it's perfect, but it is worth nothing.

Drowning Drowning in despair,

Your worthless, I hope you die, you deserve nothing

Drowning in despair

I'm tired of living done with life

The sweet embrace of death pulls me closer every day

It's time to fade away into death's sweet embrace..


Time is a fragile thing.

Divided into minutes seconds and hours.

Time what everything runs out of.

To the dying there is never enough time to live.

To the hard workers enough time for family rest or to do.

To the kinadagradniers and under ,never enough time to play.

To the middle schoolers, never enough time to be free of school.

To the high school kids, never enough time for deadlines , work , family , friends or rest.

Universal time for rest is never enough.

In this day and time slowing down is rare and even rarer is stopping at all.

Spending time with family and friends is reserved for holidays even that is merely an illusion.

Time captures all


What you give up for another,

How you keep a roof over your head, feeling when you give up something you love

Leaving so you can live

Crying in front of others

Caring enough to give your life

Loving when it causes pain

Sleepless nights keeping a loved one alive

Being a Rock though others through your storm, Acting as though gray skies are blue.

Gray Skies

Peaceful steady clam

Beautiful quite obstruction

Muted tones, spedia colors

Abstract formation artist's eye

Storms warning, winds roar,

Seas reflection, ships fear, death's sweet embrace, darkness splendor, most humans demise and enemy others peace and soloist

Mystery, fear, peace, soloist, beauty, death, darkness,

Together at once creating a beautiful melody of the gray skies

Forming the alluring natural disaster that brings soloist.

His Angel

She lives alone

Water crowns and sees to her thirst, leaves dress her, vines and branches build dwellings for her, wind and sky change

Earth brings forth its best heels and fruits for her and hides her feet

Sun and moon hide her, Animals and plants alike seek and protect her in exchange for healing

Men hunter her

Gods seek her

He looks for out of love for past compassion and healing


Rivers of golden light flowing through the air

Sweet to the ears calming to the mind

Breath to dead,

Relief to the pain,

Clarity to the confused

Flowing through practiced light hands a valuable weapon to save

Flowing through dark a weapon of great destruction

Society is ruled by both sides.


Don't speak

Wrong person

Hold your tongue

Bear the storm

Keep peace

Set the standard

Don't stop no matter what

Do it better

Repress your emotions

Stay a foot

Be stronger

Help others

Better, faster,longer,more,higher never stop

It's your fault fix it


Nerves on edge

Feeling not enough

Internal screams never heard

Torture of the most acute kind no one hears the screams no one cares to look below the surface.


Short expansion

Constrictive vice

Formidable opponent

Dark King

Restless nights

Long fights

Eternal weight

Heavy heart

Lucid mind

Cruel chains

Harsh escape

Running running

Trying to forget

Constellations shine bright

Only light to the dark

Midnights deceit

Dawns war

A soul queen fighting an endless battle for those who are not of the majestic night.

Feather Light

Soaring above misery

Flying high around depression

Skimming past deceit

Embracing success and promise

Denying hold to hate

Touching truth and light

Toppling destruction

Flying with rebirth

Landing in peace

Wondering facile till dawn losing reality's escape.


Gold in her hair

Steel in her eyes

Compassion in her heart

Confidence in her demeanor

Energy and drive in her body

Dreams, determination, and wisdom in her mind

Assassin's instincts

Innocents role model

Deceits daughter

Dark and lights child

Hurricane wrapped in beauty

Effete pride

Compassion's muse

Fears best friend

Loves vanity

The undetected threat that walks among all.

Hope Returned

Warmth is given

Cold bitter fingers vices no longer

Hope ascends on a gentle breeze

Wishes granted by a stream

Return all Time happiness in the spring

Safe havens repair in waves

Family in a beautiful explosion of asteroids.

How Well the Mask is Formed

What lies beneath the joyous facade ?

Depression vice so tight shallow breathing is all you here

The smile everyone believes is true ?

Divine sorrow for a lost loved one

The weird outburst of laughter considered mad?

The last good memory quickly fading away with the rest

The glacial glare when hate is near?

The chains of knowledge of betrayal and loss tighten at such idiocy


Beneath the mask a tournaments soul hides

Rising like a Phoenix in the night

Stealing away unbecoming emotions till in private

The mask has been formed well.