Summary/ glossary(in progress)

this story will take place in an magical world where corruption is around the corner. Guro Gosai, the main character is an ex military force mage who has had his fair share of battle and losses. One which was one of his best friends and mentor Jirou. due to the loss Guro's master/friend he now wants to study as an politician in stead of fighting at the battle front.

After two council members of the Ribartok district have disappeared, Guro Gosai knows something is going on. As a new transfer student with an interesting story of revenge, secrets and extraordinary magical powers he starts to make his way to the council in order to save Ribartok. Will he achieve his goal? Or will fate play its foul cards and twist the tables of good and bad?.

I upload every Saturday a chapter and this novel will be about 100,000 words. If there are any Ideas that you would like to see in this novel let me know in the comments, it really helps!


Guro Gosai

Role : Main character

magic : Umbramancy

magical history : militarily force

height : 1.80 m

body type : slender

weapon : ?

ultimate form : ?

Background : (not available in connection with spoilers)

I am not certain of the full story will be uploaded here.