It was while running that the explosions got closer and closer. "Here, this way!" my best and oldest friend yelled, pointing at the secret door that we had surreptitiously installed when moving into the, apparently not so impenetrable mansion. The house which we had called home, now at the moment almost looked like a ruin. That same home for those people which were now trying to kill us. Who could have guessed it would come in handy so soon? I laughed sad.

'Foolish', I said blaming myself. I looked back one last time and saw them… the people who were supposed to protect and secure peace, Now trying to kill us. Up ahead, framed by the open doorway leading outside, awaited the rain and thunder of the night, and the muddy grey perimeters of the mansion.

"We can't keep up like this!" my partner yelled. He was right-, we had to do something… but what? I thought as hard as I could, but couldn't think of anything that could give us a reasonable chance of success. Which meant I'd just have to go with what's best.

"Jirou," I yelled, "when we get outside, you unleash your Divine light at full power. This should buy us at least 25 seconds before they regain their sight. After that, I'll use Black Sun with all I've got."

"Got it- just like the old days," he yelled back with a sad smile on his face, as if he knew how slim our chances really were. We ran for the exit not even knowing if we could pull this off, but one thing was clear... we would not go down without a fight!

When we got outside the full moon stood high up in the sky, framed by slivers of frail rainclouds. My hair got wet and cold with rainfall while we ran.

"How far are they behind us?" Jirou yelled.

I looked behind and calculated the distance: 30? No, 20 meters. It was then when I realized there were not four but six of the council's combat forces chasing us. This complicated matters. My heart sank and I picked up my pace, even though I was sure neither of us would make it out alive.

" Jirou, now!" I yelled with that Jirou turned around, and spread his arms. The spell was successful, it seemed as if a 20.000 watt spotlight beamed over the whole of the mansion's garden. The enemies who used to be our friends were stunned, afraid of a counterattack while they were blinded. In the meantime, I assembled all the power I still had and casted Black Sun the spell I was immers known for.

I had created this spell myself it had consumed years of training and experimenting. This was what I was known for, horror stories had risen about this spell, people thought that just by witnessing the spell your soul would be lost. Obviously those are just stories but that didn't take away the power of this spell.

My energy was drained by the spell and sent a shockwave down my spine. Instantly, the moon turned black, the night sky became white- in the distance pitch black lines zig zagged their way to earth. Colour was for a moment inverted, a time during which the spell was effective and I could counter attack. The shockwave bent trees and sent dirt and gravel flying while I summoned dark beams to strike down on one, two, three enemies. I didn't bother to see what damage I had caused, and instead I kept on running. The garden's gate was inching closer. I really thought we could make it. I really believed this whole nightmare would end.

Then, the worst came to pass. I barely saw it out of the corner of my eye: a red sword sped through the air and pierced Jirou right through the chest, and time dilated momentarily. He fell forward while the sword got drawn out by an unseen force again, to return to its owner. I caught him before he hit the ground, and I yelled his name. Blood sprang from the gash in his chest, which he clutched as I asked him if he was going to be okay. "Of course," he said, and grinned, but he was in pain, I could see it in his eyes.

"Come on then," I gasped. "Let's get going!" At which he smiled again. "I'm sorry, partner…" he coughed while trying to talk, blood was gulping out his mouth. "I think… this is it for me…. I've got enough energy left for one final battle…" Jirou said panting.

"No," I said, "if you save your energy we can still run for it!" But even as I said it, I knew it was impossible. Every 5 seconds Jirou had to gasp for air while trying to fight the blood coming from his mouth.

"You're on your own now, buddy… this is as far as I can go… If I fight them off you'll be able to make it out of here. " he started to cough heavily.

"N-no you can't do this to me, Jirou… not after how far we've come!" Tears rolled down my face. Not him, It couldn't be him, We've been through too much together. I remember him taking me in when I had nowhere to go. A fiery maelstrom of anger ignited in my heart when he said: "Aki… You're going to have to avenge me… make things right! Ribartok won't have any opposition if you die too. Akihiro, you are our final hope. For now, it's my time to shine."

With those words, Jirou pulled all his strength together stood up and yelled "Go now! Farewell my friend!" Then he turned away.

I thanked him for everything he meant to me, and I ran, fighting back bitter frustration and tearful anger, and made it through the garden's gate without my friend. Up on the hill that I stumbled on to, I turned to watch one last time. Jirou floated above the ground, surrounded by incandescent light, six wings on his back. In the distance there were flashes of gunfire and galloping over the plain towards him was a boreal chimera ready to pounce. I bit my lip till it bled and raindrops mixed with the tears on my face. I clutched the teleportation crystal that we stole and wished myself away. I was outside of the mansion's magical barrier, so it would take me away to anywhere in the district. I felt lighter and lighter while I kept my eyes on the battle. With only two thoughts in mind I disappeared: "one day I will make them pay, one day I'll have my revenge!"