Room 285. The room I am supposed to share with Shera the coming years. I sighed, then slapped myself in the face, entering without knocking. I found Shera the Irritable perusing some files on her desk, spread in a fan-like formation. Her forehead was increased in concentration and her knuckles had gone white from her hands clutching the desk's edge.

"It doesn't make sense! Your whole profile is a blur of loopholes and misinformation!" she exclaimed when she noticed me entering the room. I shrugged at her and went to my room.

"Hello to you too. by the way... I see you're busy invading someone else's privacy, so I won't bother you any further then" I said and turned back from the doorway.

"How do you explain this!" Shera asked, following me into me room and pushing one of the many sheets of paper in my face. Her hands trembling with pure frustration.

"I can't see it up close like that." I responded. "Here!" she pointed at a certain area on the paper. "the form reads: 'former education or training,' on which you answered: military training. But that can't be true." She says pulling the paper away before I could see it properly. "I won't accept this."

"Uhm… Accept what?" I asked confused like I had no idea what she was talking about.

upon my reaction she started tapping the paper heavily. "This information!" she said raising her voice. " If you were in the army you should at least have an A or even S ranking. You're lying here, aren't you? You're duping the school." With that, she went back to her detective work at her desk.

"I'm all for fraternity between roommates but you are taking things too far. None of these things have anything to do with you. It's none of your business."

"If you're to be my partner," she said with a quivering voice. "then your past has everything to do with me. I should have the right to know who and what you are.

"Look, if you're so keen on knowing me then why don't you just ask me about myself? You know, have a conversation!" At this point I had reached the limit of my patience.

She said nothing for a long time. She just looked at me with an expression of contempt. "No, you must be lying" she said, disgust lacing her words like a violent venom. "If you believe yourself to be capable of being my partner, then why don't you prove yourself in a fight? I would love to expose you for the low ranking scum that you are. And if you win, then we'll talk." As she kept on emplaying that I had to prove myself I thought about the fact that I didn't even wanted to be her partner in the first place but if I get her to talk. It doesn't matter anyway, I will lose anyways, I grinned.

"If you win, the only thing you'll have proven is that you're stronger than me, Nothing more." I replied with a cold low voice.

"So we'll fight?" she inquired, quirking an eyebrow, she was offering a challenge and made it so that I had to take it, clever girl.

I sighed. If I lost, she would think I just 'lied' and things would be fine but what if I win? well... whatever that is not gonna happen anyway. "Okay, fine we'll fight. In the meantime you can leave the paperwork for actual detectives. Okay?" I asked to confirm.

She put the papers back in the top drawer of my desk, grinning as smugly as a cheshire cat that not only got the mouse, but got the mouse from a clowder from all the other cats. "That's fine by me," she said.

And really, it was fine. All I'd have to do, was intentionally lose to her and she'd be off my back. Problem solved.

The next day despite my anonymity, a considerable amount of people had gathered to now roar in the stands of this small arena, used for preliminary or recreational battles. I guess the name Harvinia attracts a crowd. My mind raced while I peered at my opponent through the gate that barred me from entering the arena. A minute from now they would open and the brawl would start. Until then, think, Winning conditions for the match… what was it? The primary way to achieve victory was to incapacitate the opponent for ten seconds. Additionally, a winner is chosen by judges when the time limit of the battle ran out and there was no clear victor. The final, and mostly rare, way of winning was to deplete the opponent of mana. If either combatant ran out of usable magic force, they'd automatically lose. I think I'll let her win by time-trial. She can beat me up for a full two minutes and she'll be considered the winner by the judges, thinking I couldn't possibly win.

This is it- in 30 seconds that gate will open and I have to perform as the best slacker we have ever seen. First a quick recap of what I know thus far.


Opponent: Shera of the Harvinians.

Specialty: Heliomancy I recall? she said that to me last night.

Class: S… which means she can possibly use Divine Light, Holy Spirits and Gates of Heaven. And Michael's spear. Or can she? No, that's too difficult for an S class. Ithuriel's spear it is then, probably.

Personality: well, let's go with 'temperamental'… emphasis on mental. She doesn't like me and as such wants to expose me as fast as possible.

Taking everything into account she'll probably want to try to use her Holy Spirits spell sooner rather than later. But how can I fake getting hit by it? Perhaps by using Spatial Void and- "5 seconds remain until your battle starts," boomed the announcer, jolting me from my thoughts.

We both walked to our assigned posts and took our stances there. The moment the counter hit zero Shera immediately transformed into a beautiful angel. A breathtaking ripple of air rushed over me and in that moment I knew, my predictions were spot on. She carried a long, silvery spear, the spear of Ithuriel and on her back two large, feathery, heavenly white angel wings.

While I was shocked into silence, she didn't hesitate and called upon her greatest skill, Holy Spirits. A great silver white sword streaked down from the heavens, smashing into the floor with a blast, creating a gust of air that rushed past me. It was at least a person in height, with shimmering inscriptions engraved in the blade, gleaming with the light dancing across them, at the top lay a golden cross guard, embossed with pictures of olympians celebrating victory, the mural all pointing back to a white crystalline grip which was soon held by a large god like figure , before he partially disappeared, leaving only a large pair of hands gripping the sword tightly with an almost practiced ease.

Waving her spear like a conductor's baton, she sent the gargantuan sword sailing in my direction. In a split second, I made a spatial rift in the shape of the edge of the blade on my chest. The giant sword went through another dimension and out another rift on my back making it look like a devastating hit. Using ferromagnetic field, I changed the magnetic properties of the dirt beneath my feet, it seemed like I flew through the air across the arena, and slammed into the wall that crumbled partially under the strain of my ferromagnetic field. I wasn't harmed, but the audience, who gasped all at once, were none the wiser.

This happened three more times. Every time hitting the wall in the most painful looking way I can manage. After being tossed around a few times, I noticed every time I got up her frustration increased until a minute passed, she finally went all out. The already large sword grew a further five feet and started glowing with a bright white aura of power. At this point I figured this must be her limit. She was about to give me the final blow. When the sword had grown in size, she sped up too, faster than expected. Out of reflex, I used ferromagnetic shield; a so far unbreakable shield. I never expected this! Her giant sword clanged against my shield pushing me down into the ground, my forcefield making a small crater followed by the enormous sword ricocheting and crashing into a structural pillar. The devastating power of that sword destroyed the lower portion of the pillar and caused it to collapse in her direction.

As the pillar fell, Shera, completely shocked and drained of mana as result of using her maximum power fell to the ground. Before thinking I warped through space to appear under the pillar and make it weightless with Dire Gravitation, making it look like I just activated a basic strength spell.

Right at that moment a loud buzz sounded through the whole arena. I won. Swearing, I put down the pillar safely, then looked towards Shera, who tried to stand up but fell back on the ground due to her exhaustion. Quickly, I helped her stand up. Without thinking I said: "You did well, rest for now." She turned her head away, falling unconscious in my arms. I chuckled and carried her towards the medical tower at the back of the academy.

After I had made sure everything was fine with Shera and thanked the nurse then head off to have some rest myself in the courtyard.

"Giro…GIRO, wake up you can't just sleep in the middle of the courtyard," she sighed, "don't do stuff like this when you're supposed to be working!"

"Hey Lily what are you doing here," I asked acting oblivious, as if I hadn't heard a thing of what she just said.

Now Lily was irritated, "First of all, didn't you say we would meet up today? And if that isn't enough, you happened to have the time to fight with that other girl and now, she had the gall to ask me to deliver you a message. Humph!" . She was really offended here

"I'm sorry, what was the message?" Lily's facial expression changed as soon as I asked.

"Okay… I'll tell you, If… you join me in doing my shopping's tomorrow, I still need to get some stuff for school." she asked.

"Yeah, yeah, I'll go with you, now could you tell me the message please." I would deal with this later, for now I need to keep a close eye on Shera.

Lily told me she just came from Shera and that she wanted me to meet her at our dorm room at five pm to talk things through. I asked Lily if she knew what she wanted to talk about, but she didn't. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was already ten to five.

"Lily, I'm looking forward to tomorrow but I really need to go if I want to get there in time." I said as I turned away to start my journey to shera in my room.

"Really? Well I'll see you tomorrow then. And don't forget this time!"

When I walked into my room, I saw Shera sitting on my bed with my profile papers. When she saw me there appeared a small smile on her face.

"Are we back at this again…?" I said walking towards her and taking a seat on the bed.

"No, it's not what you think, I just wanted to say thank you… for saving me back there. If it wasn't for you … I … well, I have decided you might not be such a big liar as I thought you were. I mean you aren't off the hook just yet, I do have a few questions. like, why didn't you use the powers you used while saving me for the whole match? If you would do that you could easily get to B or even A rankings!"

"And what if I don't want that! I already told you I didn't came here to fight. You all keep telling I need to fight get in to combat wasn't it our job to keep the peace not break it!"

Shera looked down a bit ashamed now she understood why I didn't want to excel at combat. As a last attempt she said: "B-but with that speed and strength, you…" She stopped when she noticed my facial expression growing more and more annoyed. Then she looked up and said: "Sorry. I didn't want to make you do anything you don't want."

After that we both went to bed, it was strange but it seemed like she stalled her continuous fight against my total existence and had let go… for now.