Father raised me to always be kind to everyone and everything no matter how evil I was born that way and that's how I want to live my life. That's why father is my knight and every knight needs a princess to protect right! I his youngest daughter took that role as his princess im his mini sun in a bottle as he would say

My knight once had a queen he protected and cherished she was my mother she was my queen but my knight told me she was much too sick and would eventually leave our world, the next winter she passed away and left us behind, sometimes I think my knight still thinks about his queen for he sometimes stares into the starry night as if he is searching for our queen

Not long later however the clouds cleared for my knight found a queen that he wanted to vow his life to. My Sisters were very happy for our knight as they were proud to leave him in good hands. So they went to new kingdoms with their prince's to live long happy lives in their palaces

All was well in our kingdom my knight and his queen would spend everyday together in our peaceful palace the mornings the nights and everything in between, my love I send to them every step of the way

However as time moved along the seemingly gentle queen showed her true colors as an awful demon who wished to divide our little kingdom. I was too late for my knight for he had fallen too deep in love to slay this awful beast or banish her from our kingdom

The seasons moved on and my will weakens as each day passes on. I must not fall into the thick smog of despise this woman has built up in our kingdom, she wishes to divide our kingdom through hatred but I will cherish my values father taught me, the true way of a princess

My knight has been suffering and i'm afraid he may fall, I pray his resolve to protect me will not waver as his love for me grows weaker I am filled with fear for in the deepest corner of our kingdom lays his armour casted aside, I am scared I feel as though this is a warning. My knights silver shield is now turning a rustic bronze

The demon queen has been watching me, I feel as if she is following every one of my moves everywhere I go, I must be more careful. I must find my knight

The demon has found me and I search for my knight but I cannot see him anywhere. I search and search as she approaches nearer and nearer, I shout and scream for him and before I scream again he approaches us, hope fills me, my knight hasn't forgotten me yet

O now how I wish he did, my knight has cast aside his armor and in its place is a pitch black crown, his face void as he stares down at me, all the love that was once there is gone

I know now my knight


My father is gone

Together the king and his queen slowly drained the life from my once bright eyes

I accept my death and am not scared anymore

Because before I fully faded away my heart remembered something

I see now I was never here alone

I see my queen my mother she accepts me with her open arms as I join her in her sleep up above the stars

She was his queen and I was their princess.