In an alleyway of a futuristic city, a 14-year old boy awoke, his vision was blurred as he rubbed his eyes

"What happened?" The boy named Raxton said to himself as he stood up. He tried to remember, then all of the sudden it shook him. A friend had offered him a drink, which he took, as soon as he sipped it, he passed out. A few weeks ago he had befriended a 17-year-old girl by the name of Cressida. To Raxton, she appeared poor but was a nice girl. Of course his older sister and legal guardian, Sierre felt uneasy about their friendship but decided not to discourage Raxton. Raxton and Cressida often hung out together. He often would bring her food as she was poor and waiting in an alleyway, afterward, they would walk around town admiring the sights. Other times Raxton would bring into his house, where they spent time drinking tea and trying to understand each other better.

Raxton wondered where Cressida had gone all of a sudden, but then decided to go home and take a rest. He realized that Cressida had drugged him, but for what reason?

As he was walking home, He overheard some people talk."Did you hear? They're holding a show trial for a woman in the central square"

"Yeah. It appears the woman is accused of Heresy" another man replied.

A show trial, better go check it out

When Raxton arrived at the central square plaza, he saw a large crowd and also that the woman who was about to be judged was no other than his older sister, Sierre, who was tied to a stake, beaten up. Shocked he ran toward the site, where he also saw Cressida, standing by a judge

"I Refuse to acknowledge my wrongdoings. I will say it once more, the knowledge I possess Is for the good of humanity" Raxton could hear his sister say

"So you won't adhere to the teachings all citizens are educated on?" the presiding Judge acknowledged "Sierre Abrams, By the order of Lady Cressida of the Inquisition, you are hereby found guilty of heresy and sentenced to death by burning. May S.A.R.G.I.N have mercy on your soul" the judge then proclaimed.

Soon after the executioner lit the logs that surrounded the stake, causing a fire to start and burn Sierre mercilessly. Her screams could be heard throughout the crowd

"NOOOOOO!" Raxton screamed as he rushed past the audience, toward However, he was too late and his sister was burned to death. All of a sudden a surge of emotion overtook him as he fell to the ground, tears began to swell down his eyes, seeing his sister, the only family he had, dead before his eyes. What caused him even more distress, was that the person he called a friend was responsible for it, Raxton realized she wasn't poor, she was actually a spy working for the government.

Raxton found himself grabbed by the soldiers patrolling the perimeter, he was too powerless to resist. Soon after Cressida approached him.

"Cressida, Why would you do this to me?! " Raxton begged as tears began to flow down his face.

"Oh, Raxton," Cressida said to her 'friend' in a seductive voice "You are such a gullible Boy. Not being able to see through my disguise. I had such pleasure apprehending and interrogating your sister. It's no wonder your naivety lead to her demise" This revelation completely broke Raxton, Cressida didn't view him as a friend, she was just using him. When Raxton saw Cressida pull out a pistol and aimed it at him, fear suddenly overpowered him

"No! please don't" The 14-year-old boy begged for mercy as he tried to fight against his captors. "What did my sister and I ever do to you?"

I'm sorry" The 17-year-old girl's tone changing from seductive to series, as she loaded the pistol "But to tie up any loose ends, you can't be allowed to live, the fact that your sister had possessed the forbidden knowledge you aren't even aware of, won't stop you from obtaining it as well. This is the fate of all who go against the Inquisition" With one swift motion, she pulled the trigger, shooting the boy she once called her friend into the chest, leaving him for dead or so she thought.

An hour later, Raxton's chest began to emit a bright red light where the gunshot wound as his eyes suddenly opened

When Cressida headed back home that evening after a long day, all the sudden she felt uneasy. she knew someone was tailing her, When she arrived at her house, she surveyed her surroundings and let out a sigh of relief. Not long after though, she felt herself being tackled to the ground. When she saw her assailant, she was astonished by who it was, the boy with brown hair and grey eyes that could kill.

"Raxton?!" She exclaimed in shock " I shot you. H-how are you still alive"

"Cressida! How could you?! Why did you kill her?! What did she ever do!" Raxton said in an uncontrollable rage as he mercilessly threw punches at her face, his chest glowing red as he started to strangle his former friend "Weeks ago, I became your friend, but then today, you burn the only family I have at stake like a criminal?! WHY!"

As Cressida tried to gasp for air, she let out a scream. The scream could be heard all over the manor. Soon Cressida's father who was the head of the Inquisition and some security guards rushed out and saw her being attacked. The guards rushed toward them, pulling Raxton off of Cressida. As Raxton tried to fight back against the guards, they effortlessly incapacitated him with tasers.

"Cressida! Are you alright" Her father asked out of concern

"I'm fine Father" Cressida could only answer, despite the fact that her nose was bloodied and she had a black eye. to which he was relieved. He soon got to his next order of business which was making sure her assailant was punished in the most appropriate way

"I want that boy Exiled for attacking my Daughter!" Cressida's father ordered, knowing he was a minor, as the Law specifically prohibited minors from facing the death penalty. "Make sure he can never come back to the capital" The Guards took the unconscious Raxton away and loaded him into a specialized transport, which then took him to a faraway place

Several hours later, Raxton had awoken, he was no longer in the City and was instead in a Barren Wasteland known only as the Peripheral.

You made a mistake, I will make sure you see that!