In the barren and desolate Peripheral, There was nothing but fissures, ruins, and beasts roaming around. In the distance Far away lied a giant tree that housed much of human civilization, a tree by the name of Mundus Devero, run by a government known as the Inquisition.

A boar was targeted in the crosshairs of a rifle before a shot was fired. At a distance away was a young man, He was wearing a brown vest over a white tank top, olive green cargo pants over black combat boots. His brown hair ruffled over his face

"Looks like a clean shot" Raxton lowered his carbine before heading over to the carcass. Using the machete attached to his rifle, he was able to puncture it and remove the skin, revealing the red flesh from underneath.

"Hm not bad. This should last me for a couple days. " He thought as he put away his rifle. "Now to start a fire."

For the past five years, Raxton's daily schedule had been the same, consisting of three things, Find food, eat, and sleep. To the Average person, this would seem boring, but not for him. Raxton's mind was fixated on only one thing: Revenge. Revenge against the woman who took advantage of his then kind personality and executed his family. As he finished gathering kindling and put it in a ditch he dug, he took out his lighter and lit it, starting a small flame. He slowly blew on it to fan it, keeping his head a foot away to not burn himself. Eventually, the fire began to expand until it covered the whole ditch. Before he could cook his game, however, he noticed from a distance that 3 mechanical wolves had cornered a woman against the edge of a ravine.

To help or not to help Raxton was deep in thought. After he was banished from Mundus Devero, he made the vow not to trust anyone he encountered out of fear they might take advantage of him. Yet he couldn't bear to see this woman fall to her death or mauled by the wolves. Quickly thinking he made up his mind and took out his rifle before targeting the wolves. Before they could pounce on the woman He fired a shot toward each of them, instantly slaying them. The woman was surprised to see the animals advancing toward her drop dead.

As Raxton put away his rifle and approached the woman, he analyzed her appearance as he got closer. She had long messy light brown hair that reached down to her waist, locks of it which slightly covered her right eye, and was wearing torn short trousers, black boots that reached her knees and a black crop top that seems form fitting. She had dual pistols holstered along her thighs along with two dual pronged spear-like objects in a bag strapped her back. Despite, her tattered clothes giving her the appearance of a vagrant, she still possessed a certain beauty.

"Hey" Raxton called out to her as he offered out his hand "Are you okay?" The woman could only nod as she took his hand and he helped her up. "What's your name?" The brown haired hunter could only ask

"Sierra" The woman introduced, showing the tattoo mark on her arm, written in a strange alphabet.

"Sierra huh? I'm Raxton" Was all he could say. He was surprised that the woman before him had a similar sounding name to his late sister.

"Raxton" Sierra repeated his name. When she saw that her rescuer had turned his back and was leaving she could only follow "Wait!"

"What do you want?" Raxton seemed annoyed

'Where are you going" The woman could only ask, to her, he was the first person he had seen in all her life.

" I'm going to make something to eat" he continued walking toward the fire

"Oh Alright" She could only say.

Raxton's mind was wondering before he spoke out loud "Well you sure are a strange one, aren't you Sierra?"

"Strange?" Sierra could only wonder "How?"

He could only facepalm, not knowing how to answer. They soon got back to the fire where Raxton skewered two medium chunks of meat, one for himself, the other for Sierra. As he held both sticks over the fire, Sierra could only watch and observe him out of curiosity. Eventually, the meat had finished cooking and Raxton gave one of the skewers to her

"Take it," He told her "Aren't you hungry?"

"I've never felt hungry" Sierra said, but soon after her stomach growled, she reluctantly took without saying a word. At first, she was confused on what to do with it, but when she saw Raxton continuously chewing his piece, she couldn't help but imitate him. As she took a bite, the taste and texture of the meat on her tongue were overpowering and foreign, but she swallowed it instead of spitting it out. She continued until all the meat was gone. It was now nightfall and when she saw Raxton lay down, she couldn't help but wonder.

"What are you doing now?" Sierra could only ask out of curiosity

'What does it look like?" Raxton sounded fed up with her obliviousness. "I'm going to sleep"

"Just leave me alone. You can stay here if you like. But don't bother me. I've already had enough for one day" The brown haired hunter told the girl as he turned his back toward her.

Sierra could only watch him as he slept, not saying a word. The light of the fire illuminating their surrounding.