A whale we call a killer

spends most of her long days

swimming on the water's surface...

exploring earth's oceanic ways

In an insufferable game of hide and seek

she searches near and far

hoping to find her family,

the members of her clan

Only she and her three calves

remain of what was once

a proud aquatic pod

Elders have succumb to old age

the law of life, all living things

one day must die

Others fought and bravely met their end

by great whites, inhabiting also

this underwater unexplored terrain

The stronger of these orcas

have met with much graver fates

Harpooned by whaling ships

or captured by whale hunters

seeking wealthy profitable returns

Sold as, "must see," attractions

to oceanic life theme parks

In cemented holding tanks

is where they'll spend now

most of their adult lives

just hovering, about

For spectators,

they'll have to perform, daily

unusual acrobatic acts


shall she swim beside them

She will never again

hear their loving whale crys

Now, she seems to float like driftwood

On never-ending waves, she travels on

The churning flow, dictates her journey

The random currents,

her destiny, decide

That place the sea for her has chosen,

has brought her here

to its designated site

There might not be substantial

marine life for her survival

There might not even dwell

sufficient fish for her to dine

In this enormously

vast marine landscape

beneath the various reefs,

obscured by the bleak murky dark

on the sea floor, there she lies

ever so still, waiting

until the moonlight beams

protrude the waters

that conceal her gigantic girthy mass

Her intimidating elongated dorsal fin

announces her arrival

moving slowly forward,

and then suddenly straight up

From the cold depth of the salty ocean

with explosive thrusting motion,

she begins to finally, erupt

Suddenly, a massive silhouette ascends,

a spot-like white and black

sea monster, from the abyss

that seems to glisten

in the night's brilliant light

With swift and forceful locomotion

breaching the furious surface

to gasp a breath of sea air,

to have a look around

Her screeching calls, engulf

the boisterous noises made

by lashing waves against

her slippery wet glossy sides

Her lamenting whale songs

fueled by woe stricken mimics,

can vividly be heard

from miles and miles around

From the farthest corners of the sea

up to the shallow sandy coastlines

her search will be relentless

for those that she once loved

and tragically at the end, lost

Their freedom snatched, that day

by heartless greedy men,

hungry for fame

and a millionaire's pay-off

By separating this great orca family,

their carefree roaming lives that day

in in a split second, changed

Her acute ears, up to this day

still hope and wait

to hear the pod's

distinctive calling sounds

The orcas have tremendous memory

This atrocious calamitous event

from her mind's eye,

will never dissipate

Until one day

tired of her lonesome fate

she will head straight for the shore

Now, determined ever more

to finally end

her inconsolable whale cries

By beaching herself,

she will greet her demise

Poem by: Lissette Garcia

written on: July 20, 2017