Hi! Do you wanna play pretend with me?

Let's pretend that there's a girl

She's a smart girl, that's what the big people say

She's in a special math class made for smart kids like her

And she gets lots of good grades

Let's pretend she imagines a lot

She loves to make up stories with her dolls

And she loves to draw strange creatures

Let's pretend that she goes to a bigger place

And she struggles, stuff is harder in the bigger place

But she persevered and got to go to an even bigger place

With big people, but she's small

She gets in special classes with the other smart people

She struggles and isn't sure if she'll make it

But she perseveres and gives it her all

Let's pretend she has friends!

That her friends help her and love her!

And they're always there for her!

Let's pretend she's beautiful!

That she goes to a dance with her lovely friends!

And with a lovelier date!

Let's pretend she's a great musician

That people marvel at her songs!

And that she has a lovely voice!

But reality says otherwise

She compares herself to the others

How she looks, how she talks

She hates her ugly hair and how her belly isn't flat like the girls in her magazines

She hates how she wears such ugly clothes

She has three best friends but they have better friends to hang out with

So she's alone

And she wishes she could go back to the smaller places with the smaller people

She wishes she'd stop growing and could stay a kid

She wishes she was still smart

And so she spends her days all by herself

Cursing her own name, wishing she was more special

Until one day her family finds her dead in the bathroom

A bottle of pills laying on the floor, with some spilled out

And a note that says,

"Let's pretend this never happened"