A day like any other.

Mothers, fathers,

sisters, brothers.


a day for lovers


Students goofing off

in the classroom..


Someone heartbroken

weeping in the bathroom..


Typing up her paper

she wrote on civil rights..


He's suspended yet again

for getting in a fight..



A day like all the rest.

Difficult but livable

so we do our best.

The sunshine state,

the laws are cursed,

the weathers blessed


A coach for future athletes

sweating on the court..


A counselor overwhelmed

by what he must report..


The disenchanted teacher

discouraged by the system..

Shaking up her lesson plan

she plans to make a difference.



This day we've seen before,

a day of infamy.

And instantly the horror

challenges our dignity


Math teacher,

with your knack for numbers,

What's the probability

we'll see another summer?


And as the bullets sprayed,

blood was spilled.

Children slain,

teachers killed..


A wayward child

armed for war.

A disturbing thought

we can't ignore..



::: Playlist :::

Valentine's Day - David Bowie
Flipside - Norah Jones
Active Shooter - EMA (Disclaimer* Violent Video)
Magic Bullet - My Morning Jacket
If We Keep Doing Nothing - Kris Allen
Youth Of The Nation - POD
Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix