Chapter 1: Welcome to Antana

'My…my head. My mind is running, and I do not know why. I cannot see, I cannot hear, but I feel like I must run…or fight…or cry. I cannot tell which. I cannot tell if I am alive or dead, if my eyes are open or closed, or if I am deaf or not. Am I blind? What is happening? I feel tired. So very tired. Okay, calm down…calm down…wait…what is my name? Who am I? Am I only a voice? What is this.'

Silence. As if expecting an answer yet not speaking to anyone, breath barely auditable in the heat of confusion and worry. Darkness is everywhere, with no beacon of light showing the way, or any sign of a way to go. The silence seems to only grow, with every passing second, the experience becoming less and less bearable.

'Think! Think! Okay…right now I do not need to know my name. I don't care right now. I need to get out. I don't know why but my body is screaming at me to leave. That danger is here…or was here…or will be here. I need to do something…I should try to move.'


Frozen at the noise, body not daring to move, as if what happened was a fatal mistake. As if life was depending on no noise being heard. As if slamming into whatever this was, was the only thing that should not have been done. Wherever this is, it is small, cramped, and smells…odd. Slowly, the confused individual moves their hands to feel around the small container they were seemingly in, to discover ANYTHING that can help them. It feels like…wood.

'Oh wow, I go blank when thinking of who I am, but I can tell when something is wood just by feeling it? What am I inside of? A cupboard? A wardrobe? Something big enough for a person at the very least. Am I so unfit that I got tired just from climbing into a god damn box?!'


Fear once more at the sound. Stiffening, body forcing itself to keep perfectly still. As the individual thought about too much, too quickly, one thought took over. The sound. The sound from outside, the sound from something other than themselves. It was louder. Angrier. What seemed to be whispers came closer.

'Others! Others? Who was here. Shouldn't I WANT to be found? Wouldn't I want to know who I am and where I am? Why; the question that could wait until later…but…I am afraid. I do not know anything, but I know I. am. Afraid.

Suddenly, all too late, the thought clicked. 'What was the reason I was hiding?' The light became blinding, eyes desperately trying to adjust to this new experience, but the constantly growing confusion was quickly answered when a hand suddenly came in through the light to grab the confused arm of the confused person. At the same time, a scarily deep and rugged voice can be heard.

'Hey Johnny! Lookey who I found hiding away!'

Click. As if everything suddenly made sense, Him. He was why this person hid. Nothing else mattered, as their mind screamed, trying to get the attention of the whole world. RUN. RUN. RUN. GET OUT. GET AWAY. GET FAR, FAR AWAY. At this time a second man rushed in, seemingly smaller if the voice was any indication.

'Ey ey missy, what d'ya thing you are doing. This is our house.'

'Missy? Am I a woman. That is something. Some hint. I am a woman, these two men found me in their home…wait no…that only creates more questions.'

Her eyes slowly adjusted to the new light and the surroundings suddenly cam into focus. The man who had grabbing her arm, who was slowly dragging her away from her hiding spot was unfamiliar, but his face. Bloody and scratched. As if he had not bathed in months. Bushy beard and messy brown hair giving the same result. The room they were in looked destroyed, with mould and dust covering every object in view. It was hard not to cough a lung at the view alone. Looking down she saw firstly, that they were right about her gender with the breasts being a giveaway, but also the fact that she was wearing bandages. She was not wearing a top but instead bandages covered her. With ripped jeans and white torn sneakers that covered the rest. The part that shocked her the most was that there was blood on her bandages as well as her sneakers. Looking at the second man, smaller but bald, and cleanly shaven. Yet still…blood. On his face and over his body. He also seemed to be holding a gun.

At seeing this fact, the girl tries with all her might to not go towards the man with the gun, but the shaggy man insisted she came. not that she had any choice in the matter. As she struggled, her chest became tired as if it was curling in on itself. Looking down, a new patch of blood appeared on the bandages. The bandages were covered in her own blood, and she tore open some wound that was still healing. The adrenaline caused by the fear of these two men stopped the pain getting out of control, but this wound did not stop the shaggy man dragging her over to the man he referred to as Johnny.

'Who are you people?' As soon as the words croaked out of her mouth, she could feel the lack of moisture and dryness, as if she hadn't spoken in years.

'Ey Giga, SHE wants us to tell her who WE are' Johnny and his sudden outbursts loud enough to wake an entire street were enough for the female to stop her questioning.

'Giga? What the hell kind of name is "Giga"? Are these people cultists or something?'

The tug on her hair pulled her back from her train of thought quite literally. Her quite yelp caused a slight chuckle from the two men. Johnny became to creep closer, now as close to her as Giga was. Right now, she felt more trapped than she did in her cramped hiding spot. The fear in her expression must have been obvious as the two men started to act very pleased with themselves.

'It seems someone left us a little gift. Even wrapped it up in a nice soft fabric.' She could feel Giga against her spine. If there was a wound on her back, with the pressure of his fingers, she would have cried in pain.

Was that what he was hoping for? Was he checking me for wounds in his own perverse way?

'Ey, she got a bit of a defect over here bud.' As Johnny pointed to her bleeding chest, watching the small patch of blood get slowly and slightly bigger with each passing moment. 'Girly, you alright, I know none of us are exactly okay, but still, pretty shitty patch job done on ya. It's like your doctor wanted ya dead. Even I would have done a better job'

At this point, in the girls' head, one thought came to mind. They seem to be nice, if not a little creepy…so why am I still so afraid of them. Why is my very being telling me to get as far away from them as I can…'

Almost on que, her head was snapped back again by Giga, who has stopped his odd feel-about with her back. His eyes much more confrontational than before. The force of the blow to her neck that followed through the girl to the ground with a colossal thud. She could feel one or two more smaller wounds opening. Looking up at the two men now, their presence looming over her like prey to a wounded animal, another sudden click in here mind told her why she was so afraid. Why she needed to run far, far away. But that click came too late as Giga began to reach down, teeth showing, broken and yellow.

'Then I suppose it is time my dear friend, that we enjoy this gift given to us'

A swift kick to his jaw stopped the man getting any closer, and in fact knocked him back to where he started. Johnny went to try and attack the girl but decided to help his friend who would have knocked into him if not stabilised. Using this opportunity, she ran as fast as she could in the opposite direction to the two men, as fast as a woman with multiple cuts and wounds and a sore windpipe could handle. She could hear the men curse and run after her.

The room she found herself in was what looked like a kitchen, abandoned for what looked like 100 years. Spider webs and dust, so much dust cover the room with no gaps getting through. Unlike last time, the rooms condition was the least important thing to her, taking no mind the nature of the room, instead looking in every draw and cupboard for something to defend herself with. A knife? A bowl? A fork? These do not help against a gun! Her mind yelled at her as each item was discarded until like a beacon in the dark that she surely needed, she found something that would.

As the men entered the room afterward, they found only an empty room. Each going one way around the island in the middle of the kitchen, began to slowly call for the girl. Sometimes trying to act kind and soothing, other times, less than polite. Johnny finding a larger than average cabinet sits on the other side of both men. He gets Giga's attention and slowly nods to the cabinet in question. Both men, happy at re-finding their prey, move over to the door. Giga grabs the wooden handle and begins to quietly count down from five, both men grabbing their revolvers. At the count of one, Giga threw open the door to find an empty area with no girl in sight. However, the attention of the two were quickly drawn to the condition of the cabinet, with the left side wall decayed and looking into the hole, found the hole continued down to the rest of the cabinets throughout the kitchen.


Giga's head shot up to find Johnny lying on the floor holding his head in pain. The sound of footsteps, running away were heard. Cursing to himself, Giga left Johnny to his injuries to chase after the girl who attacked his friend.

Silence fell as Giga slowly moved throughout the house looking for his prey, gun ready for the moment to strike. Moving through the living room, dining room, and what appeared to be a small relaxation room, trying to find his new "friend". While any noise, however slight took his attention, he never fired a stray bullet, wanting to stay as hidden to the girl as she was to him. After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Giga heard a creak of the floorboards behind him which seemed a little too slow and heavy. Spinning around to fire, he saw the frame of a person. Finally, a target. A loud bang rings out for the entire house to hear, as the figure collapsed, clutching their waist.

'Giga, the hell is wrong with ya man! Ya shot me through my GOD DAMN KIDNEY' Johnny then became a blubbering mess of sounds and moans. Clutching his side as a large amount of blood began to ooze out of the wound. Giga went over to help his friend, apologising as best he can while still trying to keep his cover, which has long since broken, but stops as he notices a detail about Johnny that was off. His gun was missing.


The sound of a gun being cocked could be heard behind Giga as the moans of Johnny slowly began to fade before he became silent. Motionless. Giga slowly turned away from his friend, making sure to seem as unthreatening as possible, and finds the girl on the other side of the hallway, through another doorway, crouching down to hide her chest and wounds, Johnny's gun pointed at him. Giga slowly raises his gun, now one bullet down to face her. His demeaner unfazed by the deadly weapon pointed at his chest.

'Look at you girl. You can hardly stand. You're half dead already. Don't worry, after I have my fun with you. You will no longer be only half dead.'

The girl remains focused, and keeps the gun pointed at him. Fear in her eyes noticeable, yet for Giga, he knows that fear can force people to do unspeakable things, especially when cornered. He knows that thought far too well. Giga slowly begins to laugh, half to stop the girl from shooting but also because he found the situation genuinely funny.

'You think I'm scared of you girl? I bet you have never even held a gun before, and even if you have, I bet you have never made a shot over this long of a distance.' Giga then cocks his own gun to match the girls. 'But I will'. Giga then fires his second shot at her, the impact shooting her backwards into what could be heard as some storage room, the girl noticeably messing with the gun, the bullets flowing out of the chambers as she falls. The clangs and crashed of the objects in the room as music to Giga's ears. Silence flows into the house once again. Taking one last look back at his friend, eyes rolled back into his head, moves forward, kicking the bullets out of the way. Moving his way to the room, expecting to find a bleeding out girl that he would take his anger out on, instead finds a sharp pain in his abdomen. Looking down finds an unfazed girl sits on the floor, gun smoking and a hole in Giga that spews blood onto the floor. Giga falls backwards, head heading against a wooden beam behind him.

Giga looks at the girl, seeing the frying pan she took from the kitchen under her bandages with a new smoking bullet hole in it. Giga slowly laughs to himself. 'After all this, killed by a girl I don't even know the name of. Damn it all. Hey girl, I give up. I aint got any more fight in me. Please just tell me the name you chose then victory is yours'

Giga throws his gun to the side, as proof of his statement, and places his hands on the wound to stop any of the pain he can. The girl begins to speak, but still has a dry mouth, stopping Giga from being able to understand her. In response, Giga takes out a small flask in his shirt pocket and hands it to the girl. The girl, clearly objecting to the flask.

'It's only water. If you think I have the mental capacity to make poison or if I was given poison, then you can rest easy. That gun is all I had.'

The temptation of water was blissful to the girl, and she hesitantly took the flask to her lips, finished it, and threw it back at the man. Voice finally being able to travel over 5ft, spoke clearly to the man.

'I don't know what my name is'

'What do you mean? You haven't decided on a name the whole time you've been here?'

'I don't understand…'

Giga laughs to himself, the same sort of laugh you give a child who asks a question with an easy answer.

'Do you think my real name is Giga? It's the name I chose. No one here knows their real name, at least no one that I have met…I chose the name Giga because it felt right. It is the name I wanted to go by. I don't know why, but it is the name that came to mind. So I ask you again, please tell me your name.'

Giga seems much more tired than he did previously, eyes beginning to close. Hand holding the wound slowly losing its grip on his shirt, now covered in blood.

'A name I give myself? What would I want to be called…I just killed a man, so I don't want a name that in any way could be my real name, I could not sleep if my name was a dying mans last breath, especially when I killed that man. Maybe that was his reason for Giga. A name I would want…'

One name came to her mind. One that she felt was correct. She knew it was not her real name, but it felt like it was her name all at the same time.

'My name is Tova'

Giga's eyes slowly closed, a smile creeping onto his face. Tova thought to herself how she can handle she just killed a man. Was it because he attacked her? Or had she killed before? The pain in her chest slowly took over this train of thought, as she got up to find anything to help her now exposed wounds. The air was cold against her chest, and against her wounds.

'Good job Tova dear, you make me proud—'

Tova spun around ready to fire again, an unknown furious anger at the voice of a young man, sounding around her age. Looking, nothing is around her, but she could swear…that from the voice…she HEARD glasses. With too many questions weighing on Tova's mind, she decides to leave that oddity with the rest of them, but first, she needed to help her wounds.

Finding a mirror, Tova finally saw the marks and gashes over her body. Long cuts across her chest and some piercing cuts that looked much deeper across her stomach and breasts. After looking at her whole body, as if it was not her own, she took down the details of her appearance. Short black hair, decently average height if a little small, in more ways than one. Her legs seeming to be the most powerful bit of her body, the rest being small and slender. After looking, Tova decided to find anything that could ease her pain. After searching throughout the entire house and finding nothing to help, decided to take the two guns and nothing else, redoing up her bandages now much tighter, to try and force the wounds shut. The pain was unbearable, but she did it all the same.

After resting for a while to get past her fatigue, she left the house to the open air. The fields of hills and grass go on for what seems like acres. Breeze going through her hair. A small village was seen in the distance and Tova decided that there would be where she should go, maybe something to help her heal. As she looked around at the fields, hills, and what looked like mountains in the distance, one thought came to mind. Tova did not know her real name, or why she was here or what happened before she awoke. But one thing she did know, almost naturally, was that this place, that she and those two were in, is an island. And this island was called Antana. Tova did not question this knowledge, as she slowly trekked towards the village in the far distance, but she was going to get answers, even if it killed her. Maybe it almost did already.

To be continued-