Chapter 4: Day Two [part 1]

When Tova awoke with no memories of her dreams, but in a cold sweat, she knew she had a nightmare. With everything going on around her, and everything that happened yesterday, that could be expected. Both Ara and Kiki were not where they slept before, and when Tova looked around, could not spot them. However, the smell of cooked meat filled her senses, so she got up to peak outside. There, she saw Ara and Kiki sitting on the grass, with a fire going between them, speaking to each other; but Tova could not make out what was being said.

As the door of the house creaked open, Ara and Kiki both turned to see Tova moving out of the house to them, eyeing the meat as if she was mentally trying to move the meat over to her. Ara went back to the fire, which had chunks of some meat tied to a stick on it, and slowly started to rotate it. Kiki kept watching Tova as she neared, before patting the ground next to her.

'Look whose finally up. Come sit and have breakfast with us.' Her voice was tired.

'That wound has really taken its toll on the poor girl.'

Sitting down next to Kiki, she saw the bandages and parts that now stuck out from her leg and felt bad that her chest wounds felt very healed up. The pain was finally gone but remembered Ara telling her while working on it that they could still open easily. Running up all those stairs did not help her odds.

Ara, passing her some meat, also gave some to Kiki and to himself. There they sat, conversing about anything that crossed their mind. Nothing in particular, just simple conversations about their time on the island. About how they got the meat. About how they found the clothes. This continued for about half an hour, until Tova asked Ara how he and Kiki first met.

'I saved his life, that's how.'

And so, Kiki went told Tova about the journey of how she met Ara, and Tova listened to every word with 100% concentration. She was just happy she was receiving an answer. Something that she wanted more than anything in the world.

It all started about four months ago. Kiki found herself scavenging for anything she could get her hands on. She had a gun, but not enough bullets or a good enough aim where the number of bullets wouldn't matter. She would never attack or kill anyone she came across, but hid, just in case the other person was not so morally sane. Instead she would take anything left behind from someone who was killed by someone else. Food, water, clothes. Anything that would help, and anything the attackers left behind.

Living in a small cave from a rather high altitude on a cliff face that she could thankfully reach with her ability to climb, she could watch people come and go. She could see everyone pass by, and even saw some people regularly. One individual was who she later found out was Ara. She noticed that every day, he would walk by her location, with an empty jug, and come back the other way with the jug full. It was a nice little daily routine that Kiki watched, and helped her feel that this place could sustain life, as this man was clearly able to sustain himself. She loved to watch the man. Then one day he did not come. Then the next. Then the next. After not seeing the man for a week, she thought the worst. Then, Kiki cried. She cried for the man she did not know but who had become a part of her daily life.

On that same day, she went out to scavenge. If the man was dead, then perhaps he had something to help her out. Food, or a large collection of water would be nice. She did not want to steal from the man, but she had to survive, and he would not need it anymore. Travelling the path that the man travelled, she soon came across a shack on a hill. It was tiny but could easily fit one person and some belongings. Opening the door to find the shack with a small amount of canned food and some bandages, Kiki knew they could help her, but felt guilty for taking them. She swallowed her pride and decided to take the extra supplies. When walking back, she saw a man in a ditch. After watching the man for a while, she knew it was the man she saw with the jug. And he was moving.

Running over to the man, she saw his beaten and starved body. With a large slash across his chest that carried over his side onto his back. This was the side he was lying on to stop the blood loss any way he could. He appeared to have some supplies on him, which allowed him to survive with the wound for a week but was wearing a bit thin. His eyes opened, and spotted Kiki run towards him. Ara begged Kiki to help him and Kiki agreed without a second thought. The next adrenaline fuelled couple of hours was Ara telling Kiki what to do to help him, and Kiki clumsily doing the best she could with Ara's instructions being barely a whisper. After Kiki did everything Ara told her, and after fully resting, he was able to move on his own. After this, both decided to team up so collected any supplies Ara had left and the supplies Kiki had in her home and set off together.

Tova looked over to where Kiki said Ara's scar was and Ara lifted his shirt to see a gigantic scar that carries over his chest, side and back. This story seemed to wake Kiki up somewhat, remembering meeting Ara refuelling her in some way. Tova was almost compelled to ask if they were a couple now but concluded that it was none of her business. Besides, they slept in two different locations. But that could have been due to the leg.

As Tova got lost in thought, Ara and Kiki continued their conversations about their past and meetings, more to each other, not concerned if Tova could hear them or not.

As they finished eating and put out the fire, Tova and Ara went to pick up their supplies, and Ara began to carry Kiki on her back. Neither seemed to mind but Tova felt it was cute, if not a little sad that a climber can not use her leg for a while. As they went to leave the village, Kiki suddenly piped up.

'Should we see how Savion is doing just before we go? Just so we don't have to watch out backs or anything'

'Sure' Ara nodded and walked back to where Savion was tied up and Tova followed.

Ara almost dropped Kiki on the floor when he saw Savion still tied up, one arm freed from the knots, but with his head missing. His neck sliced cleanly, and blood covering his entire body, spreading out into the distance. Tova wanted to vomit but kept it inside and Kiki closed her eyes and hid her head behind Ara. Ara spoke, with the same fear in his voice from when he confronted Tova returning.

'We…need to leave. As fast as we can. Whoever did this had to have come here last night, and they might still be here.'

While no one spoke, the air between the three was enough of a conformation as to how fast they should be leaving. It took a while to find a pace that would not hurt Kiki's leg but the three kept to that pace while running out of the village.

They continued to run, while constantly checking around them to see if they were followed. While they could not see anyone, the fact that they couldn't scared them more. All three knew it could not have been any of them that did this. The weapon used had to be a blade, and a sharp and long one at that. None of them could have created that clean of a cut. Running as fast as they could while also managing Kiki, they ran, finding a large hilly area ahead of them, and deciding that would be where they would hind and determine if anyone was following them. As they reached the first hill out of breath, all three hid as best they could and began to look to see if anyone was around or if the killer had escaped.

'Tova, you see anyone?'

Tova shook her head, frantically looking for their mysterious killer. Whoever did this was smarted than Savion. Savion was loud and obvious. If they were a target, the three could not tell.


Savion's eyes opened with a sharp pain coming from his arm and leg. He remembered being shot and knocked out. As he awoke and got any strength he could, tried to get out of the knots that had been placed on him. The knots were tight, and would take him a while, but Savion had faith that he could escape. After twenty minutes of trying, he managed to get one arm out of his prison.

'Ah-ha, a result. You three must be asleep at this stage, so killing you all will be a piece of cake. No one can defeat the amazing Savion!' Savion was whispering as much as he could manage, but his voice was still rather loud, as he could not keep it low enough as his egotistical ears would get sad.

His ears however would not mind, as he picked up a sound in the distance…of a car. An off-road one clearly, but as quiet as a car could manage. He could hear it move behind him before stopping somewhere in the distance and could hear two of the doors opening. Footsteps then continued where the car left off, as one pair of steps slowly moved towards him. Savion tried to look around, but his current predicament made it impossible. Then came the whispers

'Forget your troubles, come on get happy.

You better chase all your cares away…'

'What the hell? Whose there? Show yourself!' Savion's voice barely tried to be a whisper at this point.

'Shout Hallelujah, come on get happy.

Get ready for the judgement day…'

The footsteps edged closer…

'Listen, if you free me, I know where some supplies are. We can raid them. We could kill them if you wanted. Or if you don't that's fine too. Free me and I'll point you to them. They are in the village so it's not far' Fear was creeping into Savion's voice as the man was slowly getting closer.

'The sun is shining, come on get happy.

The lord is waiting to take your hand…'

…and closer.

'Hey! Are you listening to me? We can work together!' Savion's voice raised up higher and louder, as if trying to get the trios attention as well as the whispering mans.

'Shout hallelujah, come on get happy.

We're going to the promised land.'

The footsteps stopped, right behind Savion. The sound of a blade being drawn was almost deafening compared to the silence of the night.


Wiping the blood of the blade on Savion's coat and watching the blood spray like a fountain, the man put his large curved blade back into it's sheath on his belt before walking back to the car he came from. As a woman waited there by the driver's seat.

'Welcome back Jack. Enjoy yourself?' Her voice was a mix of sweetness and condescension towards Jack.

'...Yes boss. He said there were three more asleep somewhere in the village.' Jacks voice hardly came past as a whisper, but the woman seemed used to his quietness.

'Well, you wanna get them before we hit the road'

Jack shook his head. 'No, it's more fun when it's upright…It's more fun when it's awake.'

This response received a quick chuckle from the woman. 'Well tell you what, we have a bit of time to kill before we meet Duke, how about tomorrow, we hunt those three and add them to our collection. Go and get his head to add, and we can start tomorrow okay.'

Jack nodded and wandered back to Savion, blood coming to a halt. Picking up his head, he moves back to the car before opening the boot. There lay between thirty and forty heads, and Jack chucked Savion's head onto the pile. The two then got into the car for the night, and eventually fell asleep.


Jack stands on the other side of the hill the trio hid behind, making sure he crept up on them without making a sound and keeping out of their line of sight. The bald man had to make sure his head did not give himself away, even slightly, as the sun was already high into the sky by the time they all left. If he did not oversleep much like Tova did, he could have played with the other two and not have to worry. The man wore only a vest and shorts, with stains and marks covering the articles of clothing. The only strange thing about him was his sheathed katana on his belt. Reaching down, and unsheathing the weapon, he began to listen, and slowly creep.

'Play time…I love play time.' A devilish smile etched itself onto his normal poker face as he began to softly hum to himself.

To be Continued