You sear your brand into my skin

A testimony that my very being belongs to you

A slave to your every whim and wish

Boxed in to four walls

No room to run

No space to fly

You have done nothing more than trap me

Demean my body

Reduce my spirit

And still you don't take notice because of profit

I'm in a place I don't belong

Existing in a temperature I was not built for

All the while my real home

My true home

Continues to be destroyed due to the lack of care given to life

I am a part of a much higher power

My ancestors migrated thousands of miles

They have navigated the skies and seas

They were connected on a level you fail to comprehend

You prey to the heavens

And curse what is below

What you don't understand

Is that this world is spiritual enough

Without your alternate dimensions

Without the Gods whom you go to war for

We continue the life chain that was started

All those thousands of years ago

You may believe us to be

Incapable of feeling

Incapable of thought

Incapable of understanding

But we are not the ones who turn from distress

We are not the ones who abandon loved ones on the side of the road

We are not the ones who murder for the sake of greed or self-pleasure


Our world can be cruel

Many of our children perish

And we do mourn and grieve their loss

But how can you expect us to protect them

As you rip down their nurseries

Pollute their schools

Destroy their homes

To make room to raise more beings

Only to slaughter them when you believe they become of age

But don't worry

One day

When you've butchered everything

And you stand in a dead field with dark clouds ahead

All alone

Mother Nature will come to call

And she won't be there to save you