I looked up and had no idea what was happening. There was blood spilled all over the floor, splattered on the walls. A girl stood in the middle of all of the mess, staring blankly at the body beneath her. The bottom of her laced dress was dyed a deep scarlet, and her face appeared as if she had just returned from a face painting booth at a carnival.

Her head slowly turned my way.

"Welcome home."

Her quivering voice whispered as her whole body shivered in what seemed like fright. I blinked and rubbed my eyes a few times, hoping that this was just a hallucination. It wasn't. I dropped my bag and rushed into the scene.

"What on earth..." I stared wide eyed at the corpse, shuddering at the rancid smell.

The girl stood there as if she was a stone statue in an empty museum. A blood stained knife escaped her grip and clattered onto the floor. I followed her gaze as it landed on the abandoned knife, as its sharp edge glistened in the dim light. A faint smile appeared on her pale countenance as she started to look around the room, admiring the intricate patterns of blood on the walls.

A small giggle escaped her mouth. The girl started prancing around the corpse, making the strangest sounds laughing maniacally. She took notice of the knife on the floor once again and bent to pick it up. Carefully, she tightened her grasp around the handle of the knife and turned her head towards me in short spaced out movements like a rusty doorknob. A small smile flickered on her face before she let out a shrill shriek and flung herself towards me in fury. In a blink of an eye, she appeared right before my eyes and thrust the bloody knife, aiming at my heart. I quickly shut my eyes in instinct and braced myself for the excruciating pain-

-but nothing happened.. The knife stopped mid air and I stared down at the shattered shards of glass that decorated the area around my feet. She stared down too. I looked at my hand that was bleeding with cuts from the glass. She did the same. I reached out towards her and reached back to me. The moment our hands made contact is when I realized... she was me.