Dedicated to a special someone (who may or may not read this...)

Rest your head on me,
Set your heart free.
Cuz I know with you,
The world will never be blue.

The bane of life cannot stand,
Against us, hand in hand.
I know that we can be,
More than I ever believed

Your smile buries my sorrow,
Makes me look towards tomorrow.
The future burns forever bright,
With our combines eternal light

Please stay with me forever,
Let our power burn away the night.
My feelings for you falter never,
Hearts soaring higher than a kite

For now, my dreams will be serene,
As I think of all that can be.
Together, you and I,
Love never being shy

I think about you every day,
And how I can make you happy, anyway.
I dream of us together,
To stand united forever