Tattered Queen of Shadows,
Grey faced, moth winged girl,
Flying through the darkness,
On the mists and swirls,,,

She comes creeping oh so silently
On her soft white feet,
She looks through your window glass
Making nare a peep,,,

Odd stretching shadow,
Black upon the wall,
Hungry reaching fingers,
From a figure thin and tall,,,

She will wrap you breathless,
In her cobweb close embrace,
She will close your sleepy eyes,
And drain color from your face,,,

Lay your bones, on the alabaster stone
To rest,
And feed you with dark milk,
From her empty breasts,,,

Askafroa, dread widow,
Storm crow of night,
From songs of you,
Mothers bar their windows tight,,,

Watch over their darling babes so close,
Till break of day,
So that creeping and peeping,
You will not steal their souls away,,,,

By Charles Indigo Longfellow,