What is insanity? The loss of one's mind? And if one was to lose their mind what would be in it's place? Darkness? A void? Emptiness?

A crime of passion brought on by being pushed to the brink of sanity and the oncoming insanity.

Thoughts plague my mind of a 'what if?' scenario. What if sanity is living within boundaries of a society based upon a system of control.

You do 'bad' things so you are punished. You do 'good' things and you are rewarded. When in all reality there is no 'good' no 'bad' there are just emotions attached to the things a person thinks or assumes is one or the other, am I right?

A homicidal killer kills and what do they feel? Is it relief? A type of release? An above and beyond a normal human's comprehension type of elation?

A soldier feels what when they kill? Nothing? Joy? A service fulfilled? Hatred at themselves or the enemy?

Curiouser and curiouser I become when pondering, or musing upon different thoughts I think any normal being would have a problem giving me an answer to.


Vicious Cerberus