Hallowed visions haunted the human.

Brimstone and fire.

Demons and fallen angels.

That which came before the primordial ooze from which our ancestors crawled on their bellies, as snakes to the rest of humanity. Until they learned to walk upright and take on a more…humanistic look. Though they still slaughtered innocents, burnt villages, hung treasonous beings of the like for their own pleasure.

Raping, pillaging, plundering, and all of the misdeeds of some sort of lower form of intelligence that came before a stable society. Whose crimes were punished by imprisonment or the demise of the criminal, depending on how heinous the atrocity or what the majority believed to be the correct measurement of pain for the felonist.

Rise of a few falso gods to worship for another stint of time which also impeded upon the majorities own moral inquiries into life, love, war, passion, hatred, pain, suffering, and the like.

Aphrodite goddess of love, a passion that can be so strong to drive a being, even those of higher god worship, to outrageous bloodlust over another. It seems that the women who follow in her steps always are beautiful, luscious, and well versed in the art of conniving ways. Which is to be expected considering the emotion of lust outweighs any other in my own mind to this day I ridicule others on how fragile they must be to fall for such an olden ideal.


Give me your thoughts.


Vicious Cerberus