"Ecann ol fiss Soun" –Literally translates into- 'Equine of the South' –from the Falominian language. Franh Gellesberry is a famous bard of the Legion Hills province, he is believed to have lived almost two thousand years ago, but his travels inspired him to write several songs, verses and poems that are still popular mainstay in Legion Hillite culture today.

"Ecann ol fiss Soun" –is a recount of Franh's travels into the southern reaches of the ancient Umiirate of Assilia, where his creative spirit was roused upon learning of the famous Asilythi Horsemen and how they acted as vanguard for the Assilian realm.

This sonnet was probably written before the Long Woodland War and the annexation of Belledencher in the year D.62, the events of which would have made it impossible for Franh to travel safely as an ethnic Falominian in the Northwestern Oscopian Steppe.

"Ecann ol fiss Soun"

By Franh Gellesberry

"All times to end at the rise of a bronze star,

Locked perpetually beneath the Twin Moon

Unity at the end of crimson, and yellow from afar

Sand storms of passage, the hooves of horses soon.

Does the banner of Pennegram stand tall?

The heart of a body of sentry

Towers and riders whom never fall

Barring dry, the north from entry.

Promised life by the serpent and land

Born with the blood of the founding

Were nights touched with the light of hand?

Beware the fool who assumes their grounding.

The Steppe of Assilia to see

Under the watch of the two, two and three

Does man fall to one knee-

For the Asilythi never run free."