Arindie S. Halfurrowbug, or, otherwise known as Saint Arindie, was the founder of the Bluth Knights, and a former Gothic Knight who established a retreat and hospital for broken remnants of the Gothic Order, who at the time, were scattered all over Weshire.

Arindie would go on to become the fiercest female warlord in lands of Legion Hills and its borders, she has been immortalized through a variety of oil paintings and other artworks showing her, whilst wielding her famous greatsword, and while wearing her famous Winged Helmet.

There is a chapel in the Bluth Manor named after her, and this is where her remains are interred in the Blue Tombs underneath the structure. Beside her is Saint Fussko Daleni, with whom she mothered three children (one of whom vanished mysteriously) –and her most trusted officers and personal retinue.

Gilnarin A. Scesteth was an honored elder knight in the Bluth Order, and besides his single written piece- 'The Blue Lady' –he never wrote any other verse, poem, or written work until the day he died, which was only a year after his matron warlord had passed on.

"The Blue Lady."

By Gilnarin A. Scesteth

May not I see, what stands among golden flowers and green hills

Treading forth under guise of Gods- Look! Before me


Marching through woodland, through swamp and ire

Columns of the dedicated –Hearken! Watch them go


Eyes caught on horizons

Stretching the barriers of ourselves, we ride north, west, south, but never east

Quelled by sword and beautiful words

The Blue Chamber erupts in gratitude and awe for its heart and seat


The Blue Lady of Edanstenpool comes forward

Sapphires and steel –Behold! Flowing silver, with which books have been spelt


The fertility of Saint Daleni

Bringer of water –But hold! For every man in Legion Hills shall weep with dismay


Pilgrims, vigilant, fuel our fires!

Under the watchful grasp of the Blue Lady

Sallying forth to plunder the benefits of evil, and stop-up the mouths of beasts

Rejoice and take notice


The Blue Lady protects.