Year: 202X

Time: 2:00 AM

Chapter Theme: Super Mario Galaxy: Rosalina's Comet Observatory, Lofi Hip-Hop Jazz Cover by insaneintherainmusic (prod. DJ Cutman)

I was only a simple detective, doing small cases like finding lost pets, rescuing keychains from drains, and more. However, the amount I got from the job wasn't ever enough, so I converted the Employees Only half of my office into a makeshift apartment.

I had fallen asleep in my office chair, jazz music playing in my ears. I jumped as the knocking on my office door woke me up. Quickly making my hair neater and pulling out my makeup set, I yelled for whoever it was to come in.

The door opened, and a man walked through. He had perfectly combed, mesmerizing black hair, a grey suit, khaki pants, dark brown shoes, and a black briefcase.

"Good evening, Miss..." The man said, holding on to the word Miss. I frowned. The sign was right outside, my name in bold letters.

"Kasai. Quintessa Kasai. But please, call me Quintessa. Miss Kasai's my mother." I replied, applying my mascara. I had lied on that, but I had no time for honorifics. I just wanted to see what it was that the man needed.

"Right, Quintessa, sorry. Anyway, I'm terribly sorry to bother you, but I arrived home an hour ago to find a weird spectacle."

I looked up. "Weird? In what way?"

"Well, my wife's car was in the driveway, but she was not in the house. All that was in the house was a compilation of ransacked rooms and a note from a person who made the initials IS."

IS. IS. That was something I'd have to remember.

"I heard you were the best detective in the city of Galatia, so I figured you'd solve this missing persons case, and I want to request your help."

I was intrigued. A missing persons case? I'd dreamed of those. I paused my music, took my earbuds out, and stuffed them neatly in my pocket, continuing with my makeup.

"Surprisingly, this is my first big case. People say I'm the best detective because I once found a cat within 5 minutes of getting the case. I'll take it, but it'll cost you."

I had started on my eyeliner when the briefcase my new client was holding was heaved onto the table. He turned it around, opening it up. A classic "here's the money" move. But it wasn't that I was smiling because of that move. I was smiling because of what was inside.

There were several bundles of cash, each worth about $1,000 dollars. I eyed the volume of the briefcase, and doing some quick calculations, assumed there was at least $50,000 dollars.

"Take as much as you want." My client negotiated. "Anything to get my wife back."

I was no greedy woman. I couldn't possibly take all of his money. I had to leave him with some, at least enough to get his house somewhat back to normal. I took about $15,000 and put it in a drawer in my desk, locking it up.

I next pulled out a few pieces of paper. The case was on, and I needed details.

After several minutes of conversation and interviewing, I had the details I needed. My client's name was Peter Drayson. His wife, Fiona Drayson, had been kidnapped by this "IS" persona, ransacking the house. I got the address as well, hoping I could find clues there.

I grabbed the folder full of details, and turned towards the door. "Please excuse me for a moment."

I closed my eyes. "Kurai Kaeru. Kaeru Kurai. Open storage for me, oh my."

I opened my eyes to see a portal of fire before me. I put the file inside, then bowed, making the portal close.

Turning towards Peter, he looked as if he'd seen a ghost. And I knew exactly the reason why.

"I'll let you in on something, Peter." I opened the door, finished with applying lipstick, and turned.

"I'm part demon."