Justin looks at the building in front of him. Its familiar, mansion-like stature feels soothing. He isn't surprised by the fact; being away from someplace for a month or two can make you long to see it. Particularly if that someplace feels just like home.

The mansion is miles away from civilisation and is surrounded by a forest in all sides, the tall walls the only thing standing between it and the wilderness. The quiet environment allows anyone inside to do whatever they want to. Not that what they're doing is illegal, of course. Rest assured, no rules are broken there.

Well, most of the time.

But it doesn't mean that the government won't hunt them down if they find out what's really going on out here.

Opening the huge doors, Justin walks into the hall. It's mostly empty, save for the huge, twin palace-worthy stairwell that leads to another fancy door. He walks to it, his footsteps echoing painfully loud. God, he hates empty hallways! A twinkle from above prompts Justin to look up. His gaze falls onto the humongous chandelier hanging from the ceiling. No matter how many times he sees it, he can't help but feel amazed. He swears that the entire room is a legit ball room. You know, the one where the ancient people with extravagant clothes in those fairy tales dance in? Maybe if he-

"How can I help you, sir?"

Newberg, Justin immediately recognizes, and he turns to find the man standing near the wall. Justin didn't hear him coming, so he must've been using some of his "blending" abilities. It's awesome.

"Actually, Newberg..." Justin begins the sentence, but somehow, his uneasiness makes him unable to complete it. He feels nervous, something that he hasn't felt much since the first time he comes to the mansion all those years ago. Dammit, he's done this a billion times! He knows Newberg, the head servant of Dmitry Gorbachev.

"Yes, sir?"

"I... umm..." Keep your head together! You're here to see Dima, to get back to the Order. "I need to find Dmitry. Is he here?"

Newberg smirks, undoubtedly amused at Justin's nervousness. "Master Dmitry is in the Underground Chambers, sir."

Justin nods. He shouldn't be surprised. "Of course he is. Thank you, Newberg."

"You're welcome. And sir?"


"Welcome back."