As Justin walks with Sidney to what seems to be his new dorm with his new team, he can't help but feel the doubt seeping back in. He has no idea who will be his new teammates, or what they are like. They are basically total strangers forced to suddenly work in the same team together. Will it even work? Justin knows that it has to. He has nowhere to go if it doesn't.

"You're gonna like them," Sidney says out of the blue. Justin wonders if mind-reading is one of his powers. "They might be a handful, but they can be a nice bunch."

A bunch of what? Friendlies? A-holes? "Define 'bunch'," Justin says, looking at each door they walk past. There must've been at least a dozen by now. It's one long tunnel.

Sidney grins, stopping in front of a door and tapping it once. "Why don't you find out for yourself?"

Justin holds his breath as the door slides open soundlessly. The room is dark, really dark. He can't see any indication of a person being there.

What's going on? "Guys?" Sidney asks, walking slowly into the room. "Are you there? Guy-"


With a flash, the lights turn on, temporarily blinding Justin. He hears shouts - excited shouts, not the I'm-gonna-die-help kind of shout - and the sound of something liquid being splashed on something. When his eyes have adjusted enough for him to be able to see, the first thing he notices is Sidney standing in the middle of the room, dripping wet from head to toe.

"Guys!" Sidney's tone is indignant, but the glint in his eyes and his wide grin betrays his true mood. "What is this? Next time, hold back on the waterworks, eh?"

The whole room laughs at that. Justin figures that there are about five people, Justin and Sidney excluded. A flash goes off, presumably from a phone camera. "Aww, we love you too, Sid!" one of the guys shouts.

One of the woman looks at Justin, puzzled, as if she's trying to figure out why he's there. "Who's the new guy?"

Sidney motions for Justin to get closer, so he does. He claps his back, just able to conceal his grimace as he feels the back of his shirt getting wet. "Guys, this is Justin Schmidt," he says, grinning. "He just got transferred here, so he's one of us now."

"Yippee!" Justin doesn't know who shouted, because he's too preoccupied by the lights above him. Why did they suddenly flicker to several colors so fast? They're supposed to stay white. And why does it seem like there's electricity shooting out of them?

"Ignore Cathy," a man suddenly says from behind him. Justin almost jumps out of his skin, because seriously, how did anyone get there without him noticing? Turning around, he sees the man. Probably the same age as he is. He looks like a pretty serious guy, but there's something in his eye that Justin doesn't trust. It's not a bad bad kind of trust. It's more like something that spells pranks. Loads of them. "Name's Mark. Babysitting Cathy is usually Sid's job, but he's preoccupied at the moment."

"Thanks to the lot of you," Sid drawls, eyes scanning over the room. "Who's responsible for this?"

Somehow, simultaneously, all hands in the room point to Mark. "Assholes," he glares at all of them. "Can't even count on your teammates to keep secrets."

Cathy laughs. Justin thinks he's hallucinating, because he's pretty sure he just saw sparks flying from her hand. "You can count on us, all right. As long as doing so doesn't get us in trouble."

"Oh, it isn't any trouble, Cathy," the only other woman in the room replies. "It's just one really unhappy Sidney Carter."

Sid flips them all off. "Fuckers. Now before you get any more confused, Justin, this is Mark, Cathy, Vero, Eddie and Oliver." Justin tries to follow Sid as he points out each and every one of them, but he struggles to keep up.

"Wait, what was th-"

"And not necessarily in that order," Sid finishes with a wide grin. Justin gapes. He can't be serious... can he?

...did his team leader just prank him?

Justin is truly, utterly screwed.