Golden sun shown through the cracks up in the leaves, the wind toying with the ends of my auburn hair. The air around me was peaceful, yet my heart was in turmoil, unsure of the events soon to come.

My restless fingers played a random tune as they tapped sporadically on the cold iron railing in front of me. I checked my watch again, more out of anxiety than necessity, seeing as i had glanced at it more than three times in the last minute.

I waited.

I waited until nervousness turned to apprehension. This wasn't right, something should have happened by now! Bronze eyes flitted around my surroundings, seeing everything but noticing nothing. It took all my will-power not to call it quits right then and there. I was here for a reason, and i was going to fulfill that reason no matter how long it took.

I waited.

"Madam," a voice spoke cold and snake-like, but it was the most welcoming sound I could imagine at that moment. Turning around, I saw a man dressed in black, gaze fixed on me through his dark shades. A gun was resting An his hip.

My voice should have been shacking, but instead, it was calm and relaxed. "It's good to see you."A soft, contented smile was drawn on my face. "I'm ready."

A firm mod, and the man lowered his arm to his belt, removing the blessed metal object. My smile only grew as the gun looked down at my with its one hollow eye. I closed my own eyes in return and sighed one last time before everything went dark.

Golden sun shown trough the cracks up in the leaves as the man looked down at the peaceful woman, a smile still adorning hear features. A pitying sound escaped his lips, but his job was done.

The monster was vanquished.