Chapter 9 (Epilogue)

Guzz made sure that the teleconferencing feed would record so that he and Ha Na could incorporate it into their project video. Mr. Yun set it on split screen so they could see themselves and Kim Young-so and her daughter on the other side of the world.

"Are we ready?" Mr. Yun asked those gathered around the camera.

"I've been waiting sixty-five years for this moment," Corporal Guzzi replied. "Show me Little Kimmy."

Mr. Yun pushed a button and the dark side of the screen turned to light and into focus came a small woman with gray hair pulled back in a bun wearing wire rimmed glasses. Next to her was a younger woman who looked a lot like her.

"Hello Eomeoni," Mr. Yun smiled. "Hello Jae eun," he greeted his sister.

"Hello," both women smiled, waving into the camera.

"Please say hello to Corporal Joe Guzzi," Mr. Yun said, motioning for Guzz's grandfather to step into the camera shot.

Mr. Yun's mother broke into tears when she saw the older American come into view. She put her hands to her mouth and sobbed openly.

"Thank you," she wailed. "Thank you for saving a young girl's life so I could have this wonderful family."

'Hello, Little Kimmy," Corporal Guzzi grinned.

"Hello, GI Joe," she smiled. "You are a man of love and compassion beyond all reason."

"And you are a wonderful mother," Corporal Guzzi replied. "You have a lovely family."

"Despite my traumatic and tragic beginnings, I have had a good life," she said. "A happy life. But I always wondered about you all these years."

"And I you," Corporal Guzzi told her. "You were always important to me. And now that I see you again I know that we both have lived a life full. We have given the war meaning. I was meant to find you that day and seeing you again now brings peace to my life."

"I am glad," Little Kimmy smiled.

Mr. Yun reached down to the keyboard and hit a key to allow the camera to pull back so his mother could see her daughter in law, as well as GI Joe's son and wife, and her granddaughter Ha Na standing next to a tall handsome American teenager.

"neoui namja chinguneun jeolm-eun byeongsa jo, ha nacheoleom boinda," Little Kimmy remarked. ("Your boyfriend looks like a young GI Joe, Ha Na.").

Ha Na burst out laughing. "He is," she replied.

The video Joe Gucci's Miracle opens with the opening credits of television's M*A*S*H followed by some sometimes graphic war photographs with the M*A*S*H theme from the 1970 movie (with song lyrics to Suicide is Painless) playing in the background.

Guzz and Ha Na both appear on camera separately giving a few facts and figures about the war.

Then Guzz tells the story of his grandfather (with photos) and Ha Na tells the story of her grandmother (with photos).

Then the older Joe Gucci appears on camera (interviewed by Guzz) telling his story of saving Little Kimmy.

Then the scene of the Guzzi family meeting the Yun family appears, edited into an almost collage affect.

The video ends with Corporal Guzzi meeting Kim Young-So through the teleconferencing.

Ha Na gets the final line before the video fades to black: "ttaeloneun gijeog-i ilueo jigidohabnida." Guzzi's voice-over translates in the background "Sometimes miracles do come true."

The lights came up in Mr. Perkins classroom as the Joe Guzzi's Miracle video ended.

Guzz and Ha Na glanced at their history teacher to see him brushing away a tear from his eye as he stood by the light switch.

"I told you," Ha Na smiled.

"That was the best presentation I've ever seen," Mr. Perkins replied.

"Thanks, Mr. Perkins," Guzz grinned.

The bell rang and the students filed out of the classroom but Guzz and Ha Na hung back for a moment.

"It was a set up, wasn't it?" Guzz asked.

"I cupped the piece of paper with Korea 1953 on it in my palm," Mr. Perkins confirmed. "And had Ha Na pick last."

"Why?" Ha Na asked.

"I had a feeling," Mr. Perkins shrugged.

"Well, you were right," Guzz replied. "So thank you for that."

"You were part of the gijeog too," Ha Na realized.

"And look at you now, Miss Yun," he smiled.

She gave her teacher a hug before she left the room. Guzz hung back for a moment to give his teacher one last look.

"Go, Grasshopper," Mr. Perkins smirked.

Guzz nodded his appreciation before leaving the classroom, a teenager in love.