This goes back over 20 years ago, when I was helping my dad on cases. He was a private eye, and he taught me everything I know.

I was 20, at the time. A woman was shot to death, allegedly by her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the murder weapon hadn't been found, so my dad was hired to find it.

We took a trip out to her house; she was murdered there.

A trip through the inside of the house didn't reveal much of interest, but outside the house did.

The backyard was quite large. There was a small pond on the property.

I stared at this for a bit.


"Yes, Jenny?"

"Has this pond been searched?"

"Why. . . no, I don't think so."

I slipped my shoes off. Anticipating what I was going to do, he said, "Jenny, you're not thinking of. . .?"

"Well, somebody's got to do it!"

I waded into the pond. It went up to my shirt, in the middle.

"How's the water?," joked Dad.

"Cold and muddy!"

I felt mostly rocks and stones, on the bottom. But then, I came across something hard, and metallic. I went down in the water and picked it up.

It was a gun!

"Hey, Dad!," I shouted. I showed it to him.

"Thank the Lord for crazy daughters!," he said. Then he let out a loud laugh!

He helped me out of the pond. I was soaked, and a little muddy! He went back in the house and found a towel, which he gave to me.


There were no prints on the gun, of course. But a ballistics test proved that it was the same weapon, and it was registered to the guy. That was enough to convict him!

My dad is still alive. One of the great pleasures was seeing him at my wedding with Lt Kirschenbaum.