Winters Morrow

The year was 2022; the air was cold, it was unforgiving. Out in the distance the scene lay thick with snow; covering the entire landscape. Exposition begins to unfold as a white albino rabbit emerges beneath the blanket of snow.

" We weren't always like this. I can remember the days when we use to laugh, We use to feel something"

The rabbit begins to move across the snow as we are in full sight of its red and unforgiving eyes.

" We use to be happy, but in reality, the cold wind blows."

A woman begins to take an arrow from her composite bow; slowly preparing the shot.

" its funny. When we had the chance, we never took it. To think how foolish I was back then, but now, I have direction"

As she reaches full extension and readys her shot.

" As we take a life, so shall we strive to embody it. Survival, I consume"

She spoke before releasing her shot. A faint sound of the release snap back to its original position with lightning speed, momentarily the shot was directed towards the Rabbit. In an instant the arrows entry goes through the rabbits eye, and back out of the head incapacitating the rabbit. After a moment the rabbit gets pulled beneath the snow as the still visible arrow tip is seen being dragged closer and closer to the woman. She lets out her breath as a small but focused exhale releases into the cold air.

" Air so cold, everything is cold, the world is frozen, and so are the people who inhabit it. Frozen in fear they act on instinct, their minds numb. I was one of those people, until I met that man"

Foot steps are heard coming from behind her, as She turns around to face him the sound of something emerging from the snow can be heard as the scene cuts to black.

"We weren't always like this. The world just found a way to bring us to that sudden realization, that when we are forced into a corner, when we are forced to survive. (A small snowflake flicker down in view as it gently floats the bottom) We become animals….. Instinct, our true nature"

End of Prologue

Chapter I

A day of warmth is but a dream now.

The sound of cars echo and screech as we are taken to a flooded street. As pedestrians are allowed to cross; hundreds fill the street as they cross over to their destination. A woman begins to speak over the daily routine.

"We call it the daily grind. Sound familiar? we all have places to be, things to do, money to be made, but in the midst of all the commotion, there lies a hidden truth behind these so called civilized people"

The scene slows down as people move in slow motion, and we take a closer look at them.

" take this man for instance"

We target in on a young adult, late 20's

" if we look at his exterior what do we see? His apparel suited for high class, his demeanor, that of a child's, but the worst of all…. Abusive, arrogant, a regular snake in the grass"

As we see flashbacks of his past and former self

" and yet, he has no money to afford food, let alone clothing.

We see the man flirting with some women standing on the sidewalk.

" right now hes walking towards an outlet mall where he plans on using his parents credit card to purchase meaningless crap, just for the sake of having it, no means of using it to survive, just for pure greed. That is what this world lives on… Greed"

We go from that man to a woman.

" manipulative"

Flash over to another person Male/ Female

" Controlling"

And again in unison over and over



" Freak"

" Then you have me"

As we zoom onto the woman talking

" Clueless, Naïve, push over, Narcissist, Masochist. I'm just like the rest of your average everyday human on their path"

" Looking back; how stupid I was. Taken by the whims of the world, by the media, Politics. All the lies to earn money, all the taken advantage of I let happen to me. That's the sad part. I let the world consume what I am"

We zoom out of the scene and it takes us all the way out to some remote location, lush with trees and back country; not a road for miles, no cars, no people or stores. Just nature and reality as it should. The girl begins to speak again.

" this however. This is something…. Beautiful. I would have never accepted this reality; this way of life, but this is an honest life, something I never imagined.

As we are taken through nature, waterfalls, rivers, streams. Wild life passes by.

" I have never seen any of these sights"

As the scene is suddenly covered in snow. All that was once full of life, frozen.

" This is what I see, this is what I have always seen. I was only told about the beauty underneath this blanket of death and cold. I never thought it would turn out this way, but nature is unforgiving"

The scene begins to melt rapidly as life begins to flourish again, and a log cabin emerges from the melting snow. We are then taken to a cabin out in the wilderness.

" This is where he lives, the man that changed my life. He made me believe that there is something beautiful in this world, even if there is no hope we can still find a way to survive, and so begins our story"

The sound of the cabin door can be heard swung open as a man steps out.

" ahhhh! What a beautiful day"

The man expresses comfort and relaxation stretching out his arms. He jumps from the porch of the cabin onto the fresh lush grass.

" Lilly! Here girl!"

A Burnese mountain dog rushes out of the cabin door and runs to the man. She goes underneath his legs and pops her head out on the other side.

" hey girl!"

The man begins to rub her shoulders with both of his hands.

" We're going hunting today"

Lilly runs out between his legs, and she begins to bark in excitement.

"are you excited!"

Said in a very positive and eager tone. Lilly begins to wag her tail while putting a smile on.

" yes you are. You better bring your A game missy"

He shouts out a command to Lilly.

" Hault!"

Lilly straightens her posture and sticks one of her front paws in the air as she readys for another command.

" ready! Position!"

Lilly barks as she goes low to the ground and awaits another command.

" Good girl Lilly!"

We cut to see the man open up a locker. 2 composite bows, 2 rifles. One 22 with a scope, and a Walter. He takes one composite bow with about 4 arrows. He loads it over his shoulder and puts on some camo gear. The man heads back outside only to see Lilly still in her original position when he left her. He looks up at the sky for a moment as the pattern of the wind begins to change, and the clouds move in a quick fashion.

" That's odd, they never called for this"

He looks back to Lilly as she is staring back at the man in anticipation.

" Lets go! "

They run into the thick of the forest. We jump to a scene where both Lilly and the man are running through the forest; almost as if they have it memorized. The man holds up a hand signal to Lilly, He stops and holds his ground, Lilly follows his actions. The man creeps up behind a tree, and puts his back against it. He stops for a moment to take in a deep breath, followed by the exhale. He puts his hand up and holds out his index finger and pinky, He tilts his head to Lilly as he puts on a playful Grin. Lilly Wags her tail, and takes off into the woods.

The man looks up to a tree branch; he slowly begins to climb the tree like gravity had no presence, finding the perfect vantage point. He finally perches himself on his ideal spot, as he reaches for his bow with considerable stealth and silence; he waits. Upon waiting for his target the weather begins to shift once again, this time bringing a violent rush of wind through the forest.

" What the hell?"

He muttered. The violent wind stops in an instant, creating the once calm and still moment. The man goes deep within his thoughts.

" That kind of wind in this coverage, something doesn't feel right"

We hear a fallen branch snap on the forest ground, the man instantly breaks his thoughts and acquires his target. A Sika Deer wanders out in plain sight.

" good girl Lilly"

He says under his breath. The deer begins to look around his surroundings, almost checking for any threats. The deer begins to steady his stance and limit his movement. It begins to graze on the fresh foliage bellow as if it senses no danger. The man gets a good look at the deer.

" 8 Pointer. That's my girl"

He whispers.

Once the Deer finds the right position, the man begins to prepare his shot without hesitation. When he reaches full extension, he utters these next words.

" As we take a life, so shall we strive to embody it. Survival, I consume"

We focus in on the grazing deer. We look from a different perspective that puts the deer in full sight as a small flash of an arrow tip can be seen jolting past the scene.

The sound of impact. The arrow goes directly through the deer's heart as it begins to flail violently for a short moment. Lilly reveals herself just to take action if needed. The deer slowly wanders about struggling to break away, but soon after collapses.

" one tough buck "

He withdraws his bow and climbs down the tree. The man walks up to his prize.

" not bad, but if you had him come to my good side it would have been a head shot"

Lilly barks at the man with sass after hearing such audacity.

" Just kidding"

Laughing to himself.

" Now we definitely don't have to worry about stocking up for a while"

As the man kneels down to the deer and sizes it up. He takes off his back pack and gets out a harness for Lilly, and one for himself.

" let's get this guy back ASAP; the sooner the better. I don't feel right with this sketchy weather right now Lilly. Ill promise ill reward you when we get back"

Lilly gave the man a stern bark.

" I promise, come on; you know me by now"

The man preps Lillys harness and ties up to the downed deer, as does the man. Both begin to drag the deer back to the cabin.

After a decent walk back to the cabin they finally make it back. The Man disconnects himself from the deer and takes the harness off of Lilly.

" now, about that reward"

Lilly plops on her back as she begins to wag her tail beneath the ground exposing her stomach.

" Really? What's with you and belly rubs"

Lilly lets out a single bark.

The man walks up to Lilly and kneels down to rub her belly as Lilly smiles away in joy.

" well I can't say that I didn't see this coming. The ultimate form of trust and submission"

The man finishes and gives two solid pats on her stomach.

" Alright you big suck, I have to get this deer ready for consumption and storage, do me a favor. Go get some fire wood ready"

Lilly barks once to recognize the mans favor as she sprints towards the side of the cabin. We cut to the man setting the deer down across a tarp of some kind as he pulls out his skinning knife. Like a master of his craft he begins to seamlessly run through the deer like it was nothing. We switch over scenes to Lilly as she is seen gathering wood one piece at a time, and placing them into a fire pit not too far from the cabin. The man stops for a moment to look back at Lilly running towards the fire with a piece of wood as she plops it in the pit.

" Hey!"

The man shouts to Lilly. Lilly freezes and stares at the man.

" come on, we're not savages, build a proper fire"

Lilly barks at the man, almost like a child.

" No buts missy, if you plan on having a fantastic meal tonight you better straighten it up"

Lilly gives the man a low grumble of dissatisfaction, and begins to build up the fire properly.

" That's my girl"

The sound of a knife is heard cutting through the last piece of skin that separates the rest of the body.

" Right, now the messy part"

He puts down his skinning knife, and takes out a butcher knife. He begins to cut into the deer as we can hear the incision, and the scene cuts to black. After a While we can see many cuts of meat all laid out across a table inside the cabin. The man begins to package most of the meat, but sets aside a decent portion for both Lilly and himself. A freezer lid is open as we are viewing from inside of the freezer as the man begins to toss the meat inside one by one blacking out the scene.

We cut to a spark igniting some dried up kindling as smoke begins to build. The man starts to blow constant air; not being too harsh on the fire, just a very gentle constant air flow. The fire catches and flames begin to take over. The man sits down on the ground as Lilly scoots up beside him and begins to rub her face and neck across the mans cheek. He chuckles and wraps his arm around Lilly.

" Rare? Or medium Rare?"

Lilly barks twice

" I should have known, you never did like rare, I guess I spoil you too much. If there's one thing we have in common, it's the way we eat"

The man pets the top of Lillys head.

" well I can't say you don't hunt for your food, we work as a team, we share everything equal here"

He lays down on the ground facing towards the dusky sky. Lilly lays over top of his torso and plops her head down. The man begins to pet Lilly.

" maybe one day we won't have it so easy girl, but I'm always prepared for that. If we get too complacent out here, we would never survive"

Lilly lets out a concerning cry/ whimper.

" don't worry, as long as we are together nothing can break us down, trust me"

The man leans up slightly which makes Lilly get up off of his Torso. The man then leans up fully facing towards Lilly.

" Hey!"

Lillys attention focuses on the Man.

" you trust me right?"

Lilly begins to wag her tail as she begins to lick the mans face.

" I know you do, our bond is like family"

The man puts his arm around Lillys neck and touches the tip of his nose to hers and closes his eyes as they have a little moment of connection. The man slowly breaks from Lilly and shakes off his emotion with a laugh.

" come on, lets get this fire roaring!, we need some good coals. Somehow I feel empowered tonight. A great hunt deserves recognition. The man retrieves an axe and begins to head towards a tree so he may begin to chop it down. Lilly barks in excitement.

" it's not so often I have energy to spare out here, I feel like god today"

He begins to chop a tree down. Lilly runs towards the man wagging her tail. After a dozen swings the tree comes crashing down. He drags the fallen tree and throws it onto the fire.

"Lilly, more wood, lets go!"

They both go to the side of the shed. The man throws up a tarp covering some wood, the amount that was there was outstanding, at least 10 to 12 cords of wood.

" forget about what we have, there is always tomorrow!"

We cut to night as they pile the wood on the fire, the fire grows massive, Hundreds of tiny sparks glitter throughout the air as each piece of wood is dropped into the fire. The man begins to howl out at the moon, Lilly soon joins in.

" A feast we will have Lilly! Remember this night"

The scene calms down, as the remains of the once massive fire is condensed into a blanket of red hot coals. The man lets out a satisfied sigh after finishing his meal, Lilly gives a little belch as her stomach is full.

" Delicious. There is nothing better than a well deserved meal. Tonight, I think I will sleep under the stars"

The man lays down.

" rest well Lilly, tomorrow is another day"

The scene cuts to black.

The sound of an alarm can be heard going off in a room. We pan over to a woman in her bed about to open her eyes as she flicks her Cell phone with her finger to silence the alarm. She does not get up right away; she simply just stares at her ceiling with a blank stare for a moment. After a while she turns to the side and curls up 21 into a ball within her blanket and lets out a sigh. We cut to the woman preparing some coffee in her small kitchen area. She walks into the bathroom and runs herself a shower. The woman closes her eyes and lets the shower head pour water over her face and hair. She throws her hair back and wipes her face with both hands. For a moment she places one hand leaning up against the shower as she slowly leans her head down as the water begins to drop her hair, covering her face. We change scenes to the sound of the weather cast coming from a television as she begins to sip on some coffee.

" today's forecast; cloudy with a chance of sunshine. Throughout the day expect high 60's with a drop in temperature mid day to around 57 degrees Fahrenheit. So get something a little warmer for today, chances are you might be needing it"

Her hair done up in a pony tail, bangs hang down on both sides of her face in a rather proper fashion, as she wears a turtle neck sweater along with her usual office attire, the signs of a woman readying herself for work is put into perspective. She looks at the television screen with moderate joy as she continues to drink her coffee preparing for the day ahead of her. We change scenes.

The woman is seen walking out of her apartment complex as she begins to head towards the subway. We skip forward to see her waiting for the subways arrival. The doors open as people begin to flood in. She departs to her place of work as she does every day, keeping a tight schedule; down to the last detail. Shes a secretary for a major Insurance Company, and she has followed this route and daily routine for a little over 3 years now.

As she arrives to her destination the subway doors slide open, and just like people piling in; people begin to rush out like a swarm. We cut to the woman emerging from the very dim subway from a flight of stairs, walking into the dense city as the sun begins to flood the scene with light. After a short distance she enters a fairly large building that towers over the city. As she begins to walk to her desk she passes by co workers who say good morning to her. She finds her seat like she always does every morning ; placing down her work bag, and Letting out a short sigh. She is suddenly interrupted by someone.

" Did you get me those orders I asked for?

" uhh"

She breaks into a sudden fumbled response

" Susan; why is it always hesitation with you, you know I asked for these yesterday"

" sorry, I just sat down"

" well some of us actually start working when we walk through this building, I expect to have results without your lack of response."

" Of course, could you give me a little time to collect myself"

" Ill give you five minutes. I want those orders in my office."

The man walks away from her desk as we switch over to him walking by another woman who was standing by closely. The woman walks over to Susan as she begins to take out some files from her cabinet.

" Why do you let him push you around like that?"

Susan looks up, almost breaking from a trance and placing the files back. The other woman leans on her desk as she slowly props herself on the desk.

" how about you walk in there in ten minutes, then you'll really piss him off"

The woman has a little chuckle.

" are you kidding me, then I would have to hear him complaining about that; on top of these errands he has me running"

" why would you even willingly do that for him? You come here for 8 hours, but you would rather work 10"

" I'm just trying to get ahead, sometimes giving a little extra push pays off"

" Hah! Girl let me tell you something . As long as you're running that assholes errands after office hours, he's just using you for his personal use"

" come on Jenna, haven't you ever thought that just maybe; putting in a bit of hard work will pay off"

Jenna bursts out laughing. Susan just gives her a very irritated look.

" Look sweety, I've been working here longer than you, and in this business its unforgiving; give them an inch, and they take a mile. You start working like a dog for these guys, and they'll keep you on a leash. Its not their time they're spending, it's always yours.

Susan just looks back down at her cabinet.

" I've been here for three years Jenna, someone has to notice my hard work"

" You're too sweet to be played like this you know. Why don't you take a break, find a man. I seriously doubt you have even considered something so advantageous"

" Susan pulls out some files as she closes it shut and rolls towards the front of her desk facing Jenna.

" please, the last thing I need is a man in my life, and besides; this city is filled with unreasonable men, I honestly wonder how you can put up with it."

" Maybe it's because I look past bad intentions, and just try to cooperate a little"

" That's the problem. I don't want to waste my time trying to act instead of feel"

" Oh trust me, you'll feel something if you just let loose"

As their conversation is interrupted by the same man from before.

" Susan! "

Susan straightens her posture as she is quickly alarmed"

" Don't worry Collin; I was just leaving, and why don't you give her a break"

"Jenna get back to work, I specifically told Susan to meet me in my office"

"Yeah well shes a human being you know, maybe treat her like one!"

Collin just ignores Jennas remark. Jenna just shakes her head.

" remember what I said Suz, Just change something!"

Jenna walks off. We pan to Susan looking up at Collin with a faint smile.

Susan walks out of the entrance from the building. She walks into the surprisingly cold air that begins to surround her. She flinches from the cold not expecting it. She stops and pulls out her cell phone to look at the weather. It shows -1 for the weather. Her expression being confused she puts her phone away and begins to head for the subway. She gets on and she begins to warm herself up by rubbing her arms, as other passengers do the same. Other voices can be heard.

" what's with this cold?"

" they said it would drop, but to negative, now that's absurd"

Susan listens in as she is surrounded by the dumbfounded people around her. We cut to the subway doors opening as people begin to move faster than usual as they are unprepared for this type of event so soon. Susan shrugs it off and heads for her apartment. A door is heard closing shut, we cut to Susan with a hot cup of tea as she is curled up in front of her TV.

" Unexpected cold spikes are in effect. Temperatures are still continuing to drop. We suggest viewers to bundle up for the time being, and expect further notice"

Susan just holds her tea with both hands warming herself up slightly. The sound of the news cast can be heard as Susan directs her focus to her window. A white snowflake floats to the window as it melts away when it hits. Susan suddenly gets up to look out the window. White snowflakes begin to fall from the sky as it begins to fall towards the ground, and accumulating a little build up. She puts her hand on the window as the window begins to fog up from the heat of her hand.

" what' going on?"

We fade out to a single snowflake that is floating down. It lands on the top of Lillys nose as she enjoys the cold Air.

" This is bad. It's the end of August and its snowing"

A small moment passes.

"Lilly! Come"

The man and Lilly walk off towards the cabin. We cut to the man sitting down by a table alongside a Radio. A small fire is seen in a medium size wood burning stove, Lilly lay down beside the man.

" We are told throughout the region people are experiencing extreme conditions; dropping bellow the expected forecast straight into the negative. We have recorded snowfall, and high winds making the windshield negative 7 degrees. Finishing up the month of August this is a never before heard of outcome. Now onto the traffic report; two collisions near…"

As the radio is cut off.

" what the hell is going on?"

The sound of a crackling fire can be heard as the man walks towards the door to open it. He opens the door only to see a scene of white beginning to build around his cabin.

" Lilly!"

Lilly quickly gets up and sprints towards the man.

" Times like these, it couldn't be any worse. No time to restock. I hate to say it, but at this rate….. We need to head back to the city. This is strange lilly. If this snow doesn't stop soon we will be forced to venture out"

Lilly barks at the man.

" We leave as soon as possible"

As the scene fades out to the snow fall and the rushing wind.

Chap 2- The chill that brings sudden change

The man can be seen with bright orange nylon rope, taking a spool with him he begins to tie it off to part of his cabin. He quickly begins to walk outside into the strong weather; pulling the rope with him along with his loyal partner at his side.

The winds pick up and howls through. Lilly begins to bark, but slowly tuning out to the Flurry of snow