I Wish You Could Read This

The first thing I've written since my world turned upside down.

They have taken almost…


From me.

My joy,


My comfort…

They took you away from me.

. . .

They stole things from you, as well,

Your pride,

Your freedom,


And they put you in a cell.

. . .

You were locked away,

No windows; no sun,

No rain; no clouds,

You don't get a say.

. . .

Even worse it got,

To speak through glass.

You were just inches away,

But touching you, I could not.

. . .

So close,

But so far.

It hurt my heart,

That we have come this far;

To work so hard,

To learn how to love,

Then they took you away,

And left me scarred.

. . .

Months go by,

It seems to get easier,

But I will never get used to

Having to say goodbye.

. . .

As if it didn't hurt enough,

They struck again,

"No contact", as if,

This hasn't already been tough.

. . .

The crack in my heart,

Then split to the bottom,

But not right in half,

It totally shattered apart.

. . .

I wish you could read this,

'Cause I have to tell you,

No matter what they take,

And how much time we miss,

That I will still be yours,



Until you're out of those doors.

. . .

I wish you could read this,

'Cause this is important;

They can take your freedom,

And your feeling of bliss.

They can take your time,

And your fun,

Even take the chance,

For you to see the sun.

They can stop you from seeing,



Kissing me.

. . .

But try as they might,

There are things they can't take,

From you or from me,

Things that mean it's alright.

They cannot take,

The person you are,

The thoughts in your head,

Or the feelings at stake.

They cannot take,

Your love for me,

Or my love for you,

It is OUR special keepsake.

. . .

Don't forget me,

I won't forget you;

You're always on my mind,

Since that's the only place you can be.

. . .

But it's not forever,

It's just for a while,

This time seems like ages, but when

It's done, life will get better.

. . .

Stay strong for me,

And I'll be strong for you,

You and I have the force

Of a raging sea.

. . .

We have fought this long,

And we have come this far,

Don't you dare lose hope,

Just keep holding on -

To the people we are,

To the love that we share,

To the memories we made,

And our thoughts from afar.

. . .

They'll say words that might bring,

Your thoughts and confidence down,

But I know you way better than them,


. . .

Remember this,

When you hear them speak,

When you're sitting, waiting,

For what the sentence is.

You're a lovely man,

Who took a wrong turn,

But the world's full of chances,

And you have a plan.

No matter what happens,

What it says on papers,

You aren't a bad person,

When all of this ends.

You didn't hurt,

You didn't lie or steal,

Did something dumb, sure,

But bad person? You're not one.

. . .

It might be tough,

To get back on your feet,

But whatever the challenge,

I'll be here when it's rough.

Two heads are better than one,

And ours,


Can get anything done.

. . .

I wish you could read this,

So you could read my words,

The ones that say,

Don't worry, don't stress.

I may not get to hear you,

And you don't know when you'll hear me,

But I know you feel the same,

You know we'll stick this through.

. . .

I wish you could read this,

So I could tell you this thing;

You already know,

I just want to repeat it.

So you don't forget, over and over,

I'll say it again when I see you;

You're not alone, and never were,

We are in this together.

. . .

I really wish that you could read this.

So you could see these words.

The words are all we have,

But it's hearing them I miss.

The words I want to show you,

And wish I could say in your ear,

There are three of them,

That mean everything to me,

So I choose to tell them to you.

Three words for you:

I love you.

And a fourth: