Mother Nature

Our mother is hurting,

She has for a while;

Her cries were not heard,

We ignored her sad smile.

. . .

She gave us our lives,

And a beautiful home;

A world filled with wonders,

That we're free to roam.

. . .

She gave us the oceans,

To swim and to sail;

She grew us the grass,

To walk a soft trail.

. . .

She helps us to breathe,

By planting us trees;

Grows us plants for food,

With some help from the bees.

. . .

She gave us the animals,

More life for the land;

And natural resources,

Tools for our hands.

. . .

She made everything right,

So we all could live;

Her only purpose,

Was to give.

. . .

Without our mother,

We could not survive;

For it is this earth,

That keeps us alive.

. . .

Never once was expected,

For us to give back;

There's just one little thing,

A favor she asked.

. . .

She asked for respect,

To help keep her clean;

And treat her like home,

Everywhere and between.

. . .

But we spill oil in her oceans,

And we fill them with trash;

We litter our garbage,

Across her green grass.

. . .

We chop down her trees,

And pollute her clean air;

We poison our food,

And kill every bee's lair.

. . .

We torture her animals,

And destroy their homes;

We used all our resources,

And now they're all gone.

. . .

There was only so much,

Our poor mother could take;

So one day the world,

She started to bake.

. . .

The temperatures rose,

The ice started to melt;

Then food became scarce,

Searching for water - thirst has been felt.

. . .

The rain is like acid,

And the air isn't safe;

Disasters cause families,

To leave homes in haste.

. . .

Seas rage with storms,

Forests burn with fire;

We watch everything crumble,

That we used to admire.

. . .

Our mother was hurting,

And we let her die;

We could've saved her,

But we didn't even try.

. . .

Treat our earth with love,

The only home we've got;

If we don't, soon we'll see,

The end of her clock.