keana walked out of her apartment and Stretched.
Keana was a magi and had recently given a speech for the opressed group.
And since then she had given the same speech at several different places.
The speech had been praised even by Right winger Like Bill o Keilly.

*FLOOP* Keana heard a weird noise behind her.
"Keana your speech was amazing" she hears from behind her
It was andy, Her best 'Friend'.
"How did you get here?" She asked
Andy just smiled and explained
"Oh i just teleported" she forgot he could that he was a magi after all

"And uh thank you" it had been a month since that speech and andy was still crediting her

She went downstairs while walking with andy.
The walked side by side and arm by Arm in silence. Finally andy had the courage to say something.
"soo uh you doing anything today"andy said
"...What?" Keana asked confused
"... nevermind."Andy had felt bad
And he teleported away
It was kinda wierd and awkward but keana just brushed it off as andy being ol andy
Keana went to go check her mailbox where a lonely letter stands

She opened it and Found shocking information.