Laura didn't like drugs. The smell of them seemed dirty, and the taste of them was worse. Sickly, like sucking the fumes of a smoke fire. Then her head became cloudy, the fog closing in on her, taking her mind. Lie down, her sister said. Easy. She went to her bed and let herself sink into the mattress, but she started to slip. She was going too far down, the light from her room getting farther away. Falling slowly, she willed her arms to reach up, claw her way out, reach for the light. Something pushed her arms back down, something warm and soft. A blanket? Just rest, her sister said. The voice echoed in her head, and then off the walls.

Come, her sister whispered. But, no, it wasn't. She blinked and thought hard. Her sisters voice came from the soft, retreating light above her. This voice echoed from behind her back, from the thick air underneath her. She started to turn around to look.

Four ghostly white hands reached from nothing and grabbed her arms, pulling her down, faster. Panic seized her entire body, but her arms still wouldn't move. She wasn't gently sinking anymore, she was being shoved through a dark green and red hole. Every time a hand let go, it pushed her down into another cold hands grip. The light from her bedroom was almost gone, but there was growing sickly light beneath her. Growing closer. From above, she heard it like a thought.

You're okay, her sister said.

The hands shoved her through the bottom of the hole into open air.


Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall Freefall

Laura landed on the ground, her ribs shattered and splayed out at sick angles in all directions, out of her chest. Her spine and the back of her head turned to fragments in a horrible moment. Out of her wide eyes, she saw the green foreboding sky, with one black speck directly above. A hole in the middle of the sky. Time passing, the sky did not grow lighter, and the hole blurred to her eyes.

The earth was uncomfortable and warm to lie on, the air almost too heavy and humid to breathe. The tinny scent of blood from underneath her became sickly sweet, so she tried to stop breathing through her nose. Her throat was crushed and filled with blood too, but she could still breathe through the tears in her lungs. It made a wet flapping sound with every exhale, which wasn't really painful thanks to shock.

Nothing hurt worse than her head. Like the blood underneath her skull, soaking her curly hair and drenching the grass, the dread in her mind consumed her. The silence around her was driving her farther from sanity every second, every second a nightmare flashing, every second fear gripping. This place was vile, evil, acidic and poison. This terror lasted for hours, taking hold of every part of her mind.

In one moment, she breathed and was back in her bed, under her favourite blanket, in her room.

See? Not so bad, her sister said.