After a bit of talking, Laura began to feel okay again. The mans name was Cicero. He spoke with a heavy Greek accent, rolling and smooth, as he introduced himself. After politely apologising for dragging her out from under the poisonous sky without asking first, he told Laura that he had woken up in one of the buildings about five hours ago.

"It was strange, I went to sleep in my home, in my bed, but I woke in a... on the floor... I can not say? I have never seen the place before..." He shook his head, and his dark hair swished along with it.

Laura thought. "Wasn't... one of those large office spaces up there? You didn't live in a city, did you?"

"No, no," Cicero said, shaking his head again. Swish swish. "I live in Itea, just outside Delphi. I've only ever visited cities... Do you know this place?"

"I..." Laura stopped herself. She wasn't sure. He seemed like he was being honest with her, but something nagged in the back of her mind. How could she be sure he was trying to find out where she lived? This couldn't be a stalker situation, she lived in Leeds. Greece was thousands of miles away! She didn't know of any dissent in Greece, either. She would've been told, right? Her opponents had a lot of money too, maybe they kidnapped her and brought her h-

"Hello? Snap out of it." Cicero was waving a hand in front of her face. "I apologize," he said, sitting back down, "That seems to be the effect this place can have on a person. It must be this heat. I never meant to make you uncomfortable, either. I won't ask again. But I would like to know how you arrived here."

Laura wasn't overthinking anymore, but she remained silent still. It's not like she used drugs all the time. What would this man think of her if she told him? Not happening. She was about to make something else up when he started talking again.

"I had just come back, home from work, myself. I was tired, because my work, it is usually overseas, so I went home, and I went straight to sleep. Well, at least, I tried. My work, I am a carpenter, and I had to bring it with me, into my home. It was stressing me out, I couldn't sleep, but I was so, so tired." He leaned an elbow on the table and broke eye contact with her, looking at the ground. "I ended up getting back up and finishing the job, and once I finished, I fell asleep, right on floor. How dangerous, I should have at least gone back, to my bed."

His last sentence rang though her ears. "Wait a tick," she said suddenly, "You said you fell asleep on the bed."

"What?" Cicero looked back at her again, puzzled.

"Didn't you?" She asked, suddenly unsure.

He was sitting up again now. Looking down, and then up at her again, he said, "You might be right... What is happening to my head? We... I will wake up from this, right? This is... just a dream?"

Laura didn't know. She didn't know.