"Lick that elbow! Lick that elbow!"

The rain had stopped, but the sky was still dark. Anna and Mark paid no attention to the weather, the former encouraging the latter. Finally, the handyman groaned. "I give up."

Loud chanting drifted through the air. The blonde frowned. "Is that who I think it is?" The two followed the changing to a clearing. A chalk circle had been drawn, eight candles lining the circle. Charles was reading from a piece of paper.

As the two watched, Charles started trembling. His feet lifted off the ground. His chanting was broken by a scream as he bent back, allowing them to see that his eyes had rolled back until only white showed.

Slowly, the world slowed until everything was frozen. From the flickering lights of the candles, monochrome bled. It covered everything, until the world was black and white, and slightly blurry. The only things still in sharp color were Mark, Anna, and Charles- who had returned to normal and looked exhausted.

A black circle appeared over the chalk circle. The three whimpered as laughter ran out, an eye appearing in the black, a plus for a pupil. Then there was a pop and a white circle was there, black limbs and all.

"Oh, Echo!" A delighted male voice rang out as the circle adjusted its- his?- string tie. "It's been a while."

"Who are you?"

"Name's Pi, Crown."

Charles paled. "H-How do you know my name?" The hook of a cane hooked around his neck. Pi stared at him. If he had a mouth, Anna was sure he would be grinning.

"I know lots of things, Crown. Such as your desire for power and hatred for Ankh."

The platinum blonde frowned. "Ankh...?" He shook his head, releasing himself from the cane. "I want to make a deal! I need you to break into William Winters' mind and steal the code to his safe."

Pi seem to consider it. "I break into Snowflake's mind, get whatever you want, and you do something for me. Plus, it'll up the entertainment." He stared at Crown. "Sound good?"


White flames flickered on Pi's hand. He and Charles shook, the fire surrounding their hands.

"Whelp, time to invade Snowflake's mind!"

In a flash, he was gone. The world returned to normal. Charles broke into laughter. "It worked!"

Mae swept the floor as William snoozed in his chair. She groaned as he started to mumble in his sleep. She froze when Anna and Mark rushed in.

"We gotta help William!"


Mark panted. "Circle guy...deal with Charles...break into his mind...steal safe code." Her sister handed Mae a piece of paper. "He left that."

"It's in Latin." She squinted at the paper, looking over the drawing. "Pi. Wait, who ignores a huge 'DO NOT SUMMON'?"

"Charles did."

Mae groaned. "Well, this great. I spend all day doing William's ridiculous chores and now I have to save him from some crazy mind demon?"

"But if we don't do this, Charles will get the Hall!"

She sighed, flipping over the paper. "Alright. There's a spell here that says we can follow this Pi into-" A loud scream cut Mae off. Everybody turned their attention to William, seeing the shadow of a circle descended into the man's shadow. His eyes shot open, showing that they had rolled up into white.

"What do you need?"

Mae blinked out of her fascination at Anna's question. She glanced at the paper, mentally translating the Latin she knew. "Chalk. And candles."


The supplies were quickly grabbed, Mae drawing a chalk circle around the chair William slept in. Mark and Anna set up candles where she directed. Once done, they touched the man's head. Mae pulled out the sheet.

And began the spell.

As she chanted, the candles went out one by one. Mae's eyes rolled until only white showed, followed by Mark and then Anna. Then, the candles roared up in white.

The trio looked around. They sat in a monochrome forest, a night sky winking down at them. "This is William's mind?" Anna said, standing up. "Huh. I was imagining Vegas."

"Are you disappointed?"

The three whirled around. The demon stared down at them, eye crinkling in the corners to show his amusement. "Ah, the Winters! We meet at last! Triangle, Ankh, Fleur-de-lis, I had a hunch." He made a finger gun, a red laser shooting out of it. It knocked Mae to her feet, allowing her to see the giant hole that it had punched in her.


And Anna had stuck her hand in it.

Mae pushed her sister's hand out. It seemed to be cauterized, so at least she wouldn't bleed out. "What do you want?"

"Oh, just the code to the safe." He gestured behind him lazily. "In this forest, all of his memories are stored. I just need to find a memory of him inputting the code."

"Over my dead body!" Anna ran forward to tackle the demon. Instead, she went into Pi. Mae let out a scream of horror. The demon held up a finger and checked a pocketwatch. Then he spat out the girl. "Gotcha!"

"Nice try kid. But you're going to try harder." He saluted them, then flew away.

Mae cocked her head. "Does he actually want us to stop him?"

"He mentioned 'upping the entertainment'."

The trio shook it off, and headed into the woods.