Hello,small creature.

You almost look like.

A miniature panther.

With your deep green eyes.

Sleek yet soft black fur.

Tiny paws and little nose.

A swaying long tail.

And long white whiskers.

Tell me,little one.

Why are you sad?

You show no smile.

No trace of emotions.

You seem distant.




Bunched up in your corner.

Staring at what seems to be nothing.

Your pointy ears standing erect.

Your whiskers twitching.

Your tail thumping.

Your eyes dilated.

You sense a presence.

A presence you don't trust.

This makes your ears fold back.

A sign you were angry.

A growl escapes your mouth.

As you get closer to the human.

Who was only trying to pet you.

His hand on your head.

As he petted you,you do nothing.

It wasn't until then,you had started to purr.

Little by little.

You had gained his trust.

He did not want to harm you.

He was not afraid of you.

While others think of you as bad luck.

He thinks the complete opposite.

Not all humans hate your kind.

As there are kind people in this world.

Who accept you.

Regardless of fur color.

You are unique.

You are you.

A pet.

A companion.

A friend.

A mouser.

One of a kind.

With nine lives.

You have lived by.

With a now forever pal.

Author note:I had started this a couple days prior to Valentine's Day for a contest in an animo called Cute Nekos but I had a block and I ended up running out of time and as a result,I didn't finish this poem in time as the contest had ended. I got it finished tonight. Woot! Stay tuned for more content.