Soramaru was a woman of her words. Whatever she said, she would stand on that point. She said something wrong? She'll accept her mistake with dignity. She spoke about wearing another male article of clothing? You'll see her sauntering with pride, the masculine clothes clinging on her body. She threatened to remove her pigtail clip, melting her sweet, upbeat demeanor, she would tugged it away in a flash. When her signature pigtail clip was removed, she was always sure to wear a scowl on her face.

That was how it was suppose to be, anyway. All those years of enduring bullshit and overcoming obstacles, when she wasn't on-camera and on-work, she could be the asshole people crafted her to be without losing her job. Her associates understood, they heard her tale.

So after mulling over those thoughts, why the hell was she quivering in disgust as she stared at the condoms displayed on the counter?

There she was, standing a few feet away from the front, hands curled into fists as she leaned it against her chest, pursing her lips as she squinted at the colorful boxes, each with different purposes and labels. She was a grown-ass woman, for fuck's sake! It wouldn't be surprising if she bought a box, no one should bat an eye, especially with the sudden development of her body thanks to her idiotic hormones being late as ever. All she needed to do was snag a pack and go home. Plain and simple. ...Dammit, it was too easy to do it in her head!

There was something that really placed her off whenever she thought about feeling those eerie smooth plastic wrapper on her skin, let alone inside her folds. Those ugly, rubbery noises when it created friction... Ugh! She scrunched up her nose from disgust. She recalled those ugly white shit on the doctor's hands as they brushed their fingers on her skin, doing their medical work. Man, she must had looked idiotic right now, staring at the counter like there was a hideous creature behind it.

Swallowing the lump on her throat, and the remaining bitterness she could remove from her system, she carefully trudged forward, beads of sweat forming on her temple. Peering her eyes on her surroundings, she was thankful that there was barely a people inside, all of them too preoccupied with their own business. Sighing, she snagged the violet box, apparently it had a ribbed-end on it, and then walked the opposite direction from the counter. There was no one behind it, of course, and now the excruciating pain of being seen with a box of condom in her hand was extended. Joy.

Soramaru glanced at the box of condom on her hand, her eyes squinting at the details printed on the package. All she could think of was the word gross and the like. She stripped off her clothes, leaving herself exposed in her underwear. Plain, simple articles of clothing. Just a white wired bra and white cotton panties.

...Even if she was aroused, why the hell would she own a fucking lingerie when she was single? And a virgin, too?

The reason why she even bothered buying one was to experiment. Or better put, a preparation in case she would lose her virginity somehow. The raven-haired woman was hoping it would be from her first love, and even more hopeful she wouldn't be with another man afterwards. But hey, life is unpredictable, all she could do was do her best her to achieve that path.

Soramaru peeled off the plastic and threw it on the trash bin, tearing the box open and grabbing one foil wrapper as she placed the box on the nightstand.

Judging by the size, she got the large one. Fuck. She had to use three fingers or more. Just her luck.

The raven-haired woman teared the foil in half, careful not to rip the condom inside. She extracted the rubber and stretched the end, maximizing its length. The more she stared at it, the more she felt the vile rising towards her throat. Ugh, she could only quit once she felt it inside her. No backing out on this one, woman. Taking a deep breath, she inserted three fingers inside, adjusting it so it wouldn't slipped out. Her fingers were too short to use it at its maximum, but it would do. No way in hell would she go back to the store to buy another one.

Soramaru bit her lip as she slowly parted the crotch of her panties aside, gliding the condom on her inner thigh. Ugh, she wasn't feeling it. It was too gross, she already felt the ugly friction of rubber against her skin. She wasn't even wet, too. Tough shit.

Breathing deeply, Soramaru slowly trailed her hands towards her sex, shutting her eyes closed as she fend off the repugnant feelings inside her mind. The condom made contact with her clit, rubbing it back and forth, then carefully inserting it inside... almost. She couldn't take it anymore. It was too... gross! Disgusting, shameless, weird! The raven-haired woman quickly peeled it off and slammed it down the trash bin, panting as she tried to calm her nerves down. No, no condoms inside her body. Not even plastic, and that included dildos and vibrators.

Soramaru raised her hands, eyeing her dainty fingers. Well, it would be her and her fingers for the time being. Screw experimenting, she just had to suck it up and find more technique.

"You really hate it, do you?"

Soramaru nodded, sighing. She already felt exhaustion enveloping her system. Just admitting it to him was tough on her end. She glanced up and couldn't help but curl her lips upward, he had a sympathetic look on his face, "Thanks for listening to my petty woe, Ran. That means a lot."

The silver-haired man ruffled her hair, pulling the covers closer to their bodies, "Don't mention it." He planted a soft kiss on the crown of her head, "Hey, at least I don't have to worry about a faulty condom and getting you knocked out with a mini me."

Soramaru rolled her eyes as she snuggled closer on his body, "Yeah, yeah, I'm taking pills way before you rocked my world, which made it safer for the both of us."

"And doing it raw is better." He slipped out a playful grin.

She looked up and scowled, reaching out her hand to smack his head, "You are not going to make me admit that."

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