Welcome, fans of my series Butterfly and Black Cat- (Yes, inspired by Miraculous Ladybug.) This is my reference book to the world of Vanessa and Toby.

To those of you who don't know what Butterfly and Black Cat is and just clicked on this because you like superheroes, it is the story of two teenagers: artistic Vanessa Bell and cold Toby Cadwell.

When the two first meet, they immediately clash. Outside of this is the evil Megabat, who has taken the Bat Brooch and a piece of the Butterfly Brooch to corrupt butterflies to create Possessed, who have the goal of stealing the rest of the Butterfly Brooch and the Black Cat Brooch.

Toby and Vanessa are both given the Brooches to become superheroes with the help of the animal spirits. As Black Cat, Toby falls head over heels for Butterfly, who is Vanessa. (Yes, the two don't know each other's personalities.)

Black Cat and Vanessa annoy each other, and Toby begins to realize who exactly Butterfly is.

Read it.