Butterfly and Black Cat: Possessed, will be coming out on the first of August. I am welcome to fanart, just message me if you have any questions or if you have any ideas for Champions or Possessed.

Now, here are some snippets of what I have so far!

Butterfly held a white butterfly, watching as her power swarmed over it. When she released it, the butterfly had turned violet. Gripping her cane tight, she focused on the battle.


With that, Vanessa yanked Black Cat into a kiss. He let out a yelp, hands gripping the air. Then he closed his eyes and kissed back. The couple kissing in the alley didn't notice Venus grin and walk away.

"So, we can agree that I made a good Butterfly?"

Vanessa rolled her eyes as Chelsea struck a pose.

"Give me my hairclip."

Toby fell through the air. He squeezed his eyes shut as he watched the world run past him.

Then the butterflies caught him.

He opened his eyes, seeing white butterflies grip his clothing tight. The blonde looked up, seeing Butterfly on a nearby roof. She was focusing, her knuckles white on her cane.

He smiled.

"So you're telling me that you've known my secret identity for months and didn't care to tell me?"

Toby gulped as much as Vanessa's tight grip on his tie allowed.


The white cat hushed Vanessa.