One of the main characters, Vanessa Bell is the half Hindu daughter of the owners of Bookends, run by her mother, and Flavor, run by her father. She is a teenage artist who marks all her artworks with a silver butterfly. With the help of the haircut Butterfly Brooch and it's spirit Papillon, she becomes the heroine Butterfly.

Personality: Vanessa, she is creative and snarky. She gets nervous before contests, due to her feet of not being good enough and her long standing belief that her beloved grandfather Mishira did not want her. She also kind, having a good heart.

As Butterfly, she is serious but quiet, focused on business.

Physical Appearance: She is half Indian, with caramel skin. Her eyes are purple. Her hair is dark with auburn highlights, pulled back her Brooch, an butterfly hairclip.

As Vanessa, she wears a army jacket with patches and pins. She wears combat boots. Her pants are torn and paint stained. She usually wears a graphic tee. She has taken to wearing a blue ribbon that Toby Cadwell gave her. In the days during hers and Chelsea Daire's relationship, she wore a fan cap with flowers on it.

As Butterfly, she wears flat boots. She also wears a brown undershirt and tights, green and lavender ribbons sewn in. Leather armor covers it. Over her tights, she wears a short tulle green fading to lavender skirt and a golden bangles belt. On her face she wears a white china mask, painted with green and lavender swirls. She also has butterfly wings, lavender swirling in green.

Powers and Abilities: Her use of the Brooch gives her superhuman strength and agility, even in civilian form. Her wings help her fly. Good luck is drawn to her. She uses hand to hand combat. She can also speak fluent Hindu.


Her birthday is the 4th of July.

Nearly everyone at school has had a crush on her once. She is bi, having been in a relationship with Chelsea Daire.

Her parents eloped.

She was nearly given the Black Cat Brooch.

She likes cream puffs.

Originally, Toby Cadwell was meant to be the son of a famous artist and be kind and warm. Vanessa was going to have a crush on him.