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Once, long. long ago there was a hungry dog. Now this dog was well fed and treated decent by his family, yet he was always so very hungry. He was a lovely dog, with a long but not too fluffy golden coat. He was very smart too and was one of those rare dogs that could talk. Most of the time he was very sweet and asked what he could do to help others. Yet much of the time he begged for food, and it was hard for his family to reason to him that a second dinner much less a third was not going to happen. That was when the incident happened.

It was a beautiful spring day that our dog began his journey on food quest as he called it and it ended in a rather annoying way for the world. He started by eating his breakfast. He was still hungry, so he ate the bowl, that did not fill him up. Next he ate the kitchen, not just the food the whole kitchen. Things went down hill fast for the world, the beautiful dog kept eating and no matter what he ate he was still so hungry. Cars, trains, planes, air craft carriers, long bridges, huge skyscrapers, he ate them all! Fortunately the human race could head to space and so as this dog ate and ate the human race fled the world and headed out to colonize other worlds. Yet the dog kept eating and eating and eating.

Finally, after weeks of this the dog and his family stood on a spacecraft looking over what had happened to the world, or rather where the world had been. The dog was finally full and sat with a wide grin on his face at how full he finally was. He looked up at the displeased looks on his families' faces and looked guilty as only a dog can. He wagged his tail and tried to look cute but the glares he got were not what he hoped for. So he sat up straight and looked them in the eye and said:

"I told you I was hungry."

The End