The Locke and Pilick family have been good family friends for years now. It was when Ben was five that his family went to visit the Pilick family to celebrate a new family member.

When they reached the house, Ben found balloons hanging in the corners of every room in the house. As his parents talked to the Pilick family, Ben followed his brother upstairs to see the new girl. In the middle of the room, a chocolate haired girl knelt next to a white-haired child.

"Hey Casey," greeted Ben's brother.

"What do you want, Max?" Casey asked her once cheerful mood ruined.

"I wanted to see the new girl here," Max answered walking to the white-haired girl.

The girl ran behind Casey's leg in a small panic as Max approached her.

"She's shy," claimed Casey with a small grin," It's okay, Max is..."

"Say something!"

Casey looked back at Max her grin vanishing.

"I got nothing," she realized.

"Rude!" exclaimed Max.

As Casey let out a giggle, Ben watched from the stairway. His stare mostly changing from the little girl and Casey; with Casey's brown hair and the girl's pure white hair, Ben couldn't make head or tails of how they were related.

"You brought Ben," Casey realized looking past Max.

"Yeah," Max confirmed walking back to Ben," our parents said he should talk to the new girl."

Max kneeled down next to Ben and motioned to the new girl.

"Do you want to talk to her?" Max asked

Ben shook his head trying to hide behind Max.

"Oh, so you like her already?" teased Max.

"N-no!" Ben exclaimed shaking his red face.

"Awww," cooed Casey," Ben is so cute when he's shy."

"Yeah," answered Max standing up," I like to make fun of him sometimes."

Ben punched Max's leg as Casey walked up to Ben. She nodded toward the new girl while looking at Max before kneeling down in front of Ben.

"Hey Ben," she said in a soothing voice.

"H-hi," greeted Ben his face burning.

Casey gave a small giggle before continuing.

"You like video games, right?" she asked.

Ben nodded as the TV across the room turned on. He looked past Casey to find Max turing on a game system for the girl.

"Why don't you play games with Charlotte," Casey suggeted.

"Charlotte," Ben repeated

"Mhm," nodded Casey pointing at the white-haired girl," go play with her."

Ben walked past Casey and ran after Charlotte who was sitting infront of the TV. He looked down at her until she looked back.

"H-hi," Charlotte said her powder white bangs spliting.

"Hi," Ben greeted droping to his knees next to her," you like games?"

Charlotte nodded as a loud sound effect played from the TV. Ben looked over to find Max set up the newest Oval game. Ben looked up at the TV in exciment.

"You have Oval 3!?" he asked Charlotte with a wide ear to ear smile.

"Yeah!" Charlotte answered giving back a bright smlie.

"Oh, can I play?" Ben asked.

Charlotte nodded as Max handed her a the first player contoller.

"Why is she first player?" Ben asked.

"It's my game," Charlotte answered.

"She's right," agreed Max handing Ben the second player contorler.

Ben pouted as he took the controler.

"Max," Casey called," we have to help down stairs."

"Whoa, wait, I wanted to see this game," protested Max.

"Well you can see it later," aruged Casey.

"Later is too far," Max claimed sitting next to Ben.

Casey let out a twitch before stomping up behind Max. Before Max could turn his head, Casey slammed her foot into the back of his head crashing it into the ground.

"Now you're not going to see the game at all!" she claimed grinding Max's head into the ground," instead you'll do the dishes!"

"Ahhhh, come on!" whined Max," why do you think I'm here in the first place?"

"So me getting a new sister isn't enough!?" Casey asked pushing her heel into Max's neck

"Ahhhhh, my neck!" he muffed," how are you so strong?"

As Ben watched the two bicker, Charlotte slapped his arm to get him to play the game.

For most of the day, Ben and Charlotte played the new Oval. Later that night, they had a small party with cake and other foods for Charlotte. The two eventually ran around and played tag in Charlotte's large backyard until the two fell asleep infront of the TV.

"They got along well today," whispered Casey pulling a blanket over the quietly snoring Ben and Charlotte.

"Yeah, they make a cute couple," Max commented.

"This isn's some anime, Max," started Casey," not every childhood friend pair gets together."

"Ah, you never know," rebutled Max giving Casey a smug smile.

"What are you saying?" she demanded crushing Max's foot.

"N-nothing ma'am," he answered.