For some people of Eseyn the very speangic (Sp-Ean-Gic) of Eseyn flows in their veins. These blessed individual's are blessed with speangic-craft. Most call them Wizagitches (Wiz-Ag-Itches) many have the power of two common warriors. It's known that wizagitches are proud, egotistical, and sometimes ambitious for power. Female wizagitches seem to be more competent with speangic defensively while male's focus on offense.

Another thing that demonizes them is many families keep it in the family. Many claim it keeps the bloodline pure. However after nearly six hundred years some families are marrying outside their family tree. This is beneficial as well since it forges an alliance between the two families. At the age of five the children are sent away at the local Dewehool (De-We-H-Ool). Where they spend an entire day practicing speangic-craft and other activities.

They are then allowed to return home. The children only get one day off. As the parents and deem laziness hinders their heaven sent gifts. Most dewehools are independant and not tied to a Dulkaron (D-Ulk-Aron) or other lieges. It is also publicly funded and gets assistance through donations and occasion raffles and competitions. This tradition and teaches has been taught for centuries since the dawn of Eseyns creation. In times of strife Wizagitches rally to the council.

The council choses their greatest champion who then takes the title of Marmanshal (M-Arm-An-Shal). Though this title is also used in peace positions as well. The Wizagitches are a proud and still mysterious folk of Eseyn.