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It was halfway through the first grading period, so for most teachers, it meant new seating charts. Ben would agree with this if it didn't seem so nonsensical! It wasn't even halfway through the year, and teachers are already switching and changing seats! Nonetheless, this was the case for Ben's second-period class, Mr. Way's history class.

Ben walked into the empty classroom with Sarah to find two squares made up of three rows of desk with three feet between the squares. As Sarah walked in between the squares, Ben read the whiteboard.

"Find your number from the first week," he read," that'll be your new seat."

"What was my number?" Sarah wondered.

Ben walked over to the front of the whiteboard to find a sheet of names and numbers.

"24," he answered," and I'm 29."

Ben dropped the paper and wandered through the rows to find his sat in the back two seats away from the window.

"Huh," Sarah said." looks like I'm kind of far from you."

Ben looked up to find Sarah one row over and four seats up.

"Looks like it," shrugged Ben.

As Ben set down his things, two girls stumbled into the room seeming confused. Ben tried to ignored how loudly they talked about how confusing this new seating was; when in reality, it wasn't. The two eventually did find their seats, but only to drop their things and talk even louder with Sarah.

Ben looked over to find the two girls had their seats next to his; though Ben didn't give that much thought. As Ben lied his head down on his desk trying to go into a pleasant daydream, the group of annoying blondes was almost impossible to not hear in the classroom lacking in other students.

"Geez Sarah you're so far away from me," one of the girls said," I'm all the way in the back."

"The back?" Sarah questioned," oh, so you're sitting next to Ben."

There was a brief silence followed by a few, shushed giggles. The rest of the conversation went on in silent whispers.

It seems like the three were discussing something private, or something they didn't want Ben to know. Maybe they were talking about why Sarah hangs out with Ben, an anti-social loser. Wouldn't be the first time someone asked that question.

Moments later, Ben lifted his head as the room started to fill with other students. He looked over to find one of the girls that talked to Sarah earlier shuffling through papers in a binder. The longer Ben looked, the more he realized the girl looked familiar. It finally snapped in his head that the girl was Valk from PE; the one who held that bra.

Ben gave himself a dirty look. Why was that event clear as day in his memory?

"So," Valk started noticing Ben staring," I've been told you're Ben."

"Uh, y-yeah," agreed Ben getting caught off guard.

Valk nodded as she closed her binder. She fluffed her dirty blonde hair before turning in her seat.

"You know, Sarah might like you," she said.

Ben gave a nervous chuckle as his heart skipped a beat.

"Uh, th-that's not true" Ben insisted trying to ignore the deep red blush on his face.

"Ew, not like," Valk corrected disgust in her voice," I mean as friends."

"I don't think that's true," Ben repeated his blush disappearing with his nervous smile.

"I didn't think so either, but she kept saying a bunch of nice things about you,"

She barely knows me, what nice things could she have said?

"She even called you cute," Valk continued.

"Ha, funny," chuckled Ben.

Valk took a long look at Ben before replying. Ben gave an unconformable stare.

In his few experiences with woman, a long, studious stare meant that they were sizing him up for something. Maybe to see if he was good enough for a task, subject, or maybe even good prey.

"Wh-what're you looking at?" he asked

"You know," Valk started ignoring Ben's question," Sarah was, I'd hate to say... kind of right."

Ben laughed ignoring the deep red blush coming back to his face.

"Really," Valk continued," if you really had the qualities Sarah says you have, then I can see you being... cute."

Ben gave a chuckle as the blush started to fade to a light shade red. It seems like Valk had trouble with that last part.

"Y-you're kidding, right?" he asked.

"I wish," groaned Valk," but it's not uncommon for someone like you to become... likable."

Ben rolled his eyes as he concluded that every time she tried to compliment him Valk vomited in her mouth.

"Sarah was right about another thing too," she realized,"your reactions are great when you're embarrassed."

Ben's blush only deepened as he glanced over at Valk to find her giving a small yet cute smile.

"I need a drink," he groaned getting out of his seat.

Ben walked out of the room and over to a nearby water fountain. He walked back into the room to find the metallic tardy bell ring above him. As Ben walked over to his seat, he found Valk reaching over and fiddling with what looked like a dark pencil box.

"What're you doing?" he asked standing behind the seat.

"Oh, just a gift from me," Valk answered.

Ben squinted his eyes at the box as he took his seat. He looked over at Valk who was preoccupied with Mr. Way's lecture. Ben cautiously took the box and observed every side of it.

He didn't trust any gift from a girl who randomly started talking to him; cute blonde or not. After studying it for a few seconds, Ben eventually shrugged and started to open the box. Maybe he was being too pessimistic about meeting new people.

Ben popped off the top of the box to have a spooky faced skeleton spring out at him. He gave a blood-curdling yelp as flashbacks of blocky skeletons with bows went through his mind.

Ben blinked to find it was a poorly drawn skeleton glued onto a strip of paper folded over dozens of times to make a spring. His face suddenly felt hot when he looked back at the staring students. Ben shot his head over at Valk to find her holding back a laugh.

"What is that?" Mr. Way asked.

"Uh... n-nothing, sir," Ben answered crumbling the spring.

"Well, next time you want to react to 'nothing', don't do it so loud," suggested Mr. Way.

Ben nodded as he closed the empty pencil box. When Mr. Way went back to the board to continue the lecture, Valk let out a slight snicker.

"I didn't expect you to scream," she whispered under her snicker.

Ben shot her a scowl before going back to the lecture. He couldn't pay much attention, though. Ben had an unshaken feeling that this wouldn't be last little trick Valk would pull; he had to be on his guard in this class.

Ben raised his head from his short nap when Mr. Way announced a five-minute break halfway through the class period. He stood up to stretch as Sarah walked up to him.

"So, what was that little freak out earlier?" Sarah asked.

"Oh that," started Ben turning in his seat," just some prank that girl Valk pulled."

"A prank that made you scream like you were dying?" Sarah giggled.

"What can I say?" asked Ben letting out a sigh," I get spooked easily."

As he gave a small chuckle, someone suddenly grabbed Ben's shoulders. Ben gave another yelp before turning to find Valk giving a laugh.

"You weren't lying." she realized," Which makes it all the easier."

"Oh great," muttered Ben turning back to the board.

"Come on, Valk," Sarah started," don't be too rough."

"But it's funny when he screams for no reason," argued Valk," And you're the one who said he looks cute when blushing."

Ben glanced over at Sarah to find a light red blush grow across her face. Ben quickly turned away trying to hide his own blush.

"Th-that's not true!" protested Sarah trying to ignore her blush.

Valk gave another giggle.

"She's lying," she claimed looking down at Ben.

Ben didn't meet Valk's smug gaze. He was too busy trying to hide his own ever-growing blush.

"I'm going to the vending machine," Sarah groaned speeding away.

"I-I'll go with you," insisted a third girl hurrying after Sarah.

That left Ben and his blush getting somewhat under control. With Sarah gone, there was one less cute girl near him; though there was still one behind him. Ben continued to lie his head on the desk while Valk sat at her desk next to him.

"Aw man," she whined," I was hoping to get a cute reaction out of both of you."

"You use that word too much," muttered Ben glancing over at Valk.

"Cute?" Valk questioned.

Ben didn't respond. Instead, he looked away from Valk and dug his face into his sleeves.

"Should I use lovable?" she asked her voice moving," Or sweet, appealing, attractive..."

Valk went on naming synonyms of cute. Ben tried his best to ignore her, as he did to most annoying girls, but her voice suddenly became quiet when he felt someone approach his desk.

Ben looked up from his sleeves to find Valk only inches away from his face giving a bright smile.

"Adorable," she said a small blush appearing on her face," I'll use adorable."

Ben's deep red blush grew as his eyes widened. He sat up and pushed his desk away from Valk.

"Agh!" he exclaimed," too close!"

Valk gave a laugh as she back away from Ben.

"So easy," she claimed her blush disappearing.

Ben gave a scowl as he watched he Valk laugh. He couldn't let an annoying girl outwit him; Ben vowed a day of vengeance. A day where he would tease Valk back.