The auditorium of Kendalgrove High school was filled to the brim with students from all four grades. A sparks of excitement seem to fly through the air as dozens of hushed, whispered conversations where whispered among the students all dressed in there formal uniforms. White and blue sailor style blouses for the girls with the tails tucked into the waistlines of pleated navy blue skirts. White stockings and penny brown slippers finished there uniform. For the boys it was a white button dress shirt tucked into the waistline of matching dark blue trousers and finished off with black dress shoes and black shoes. Solid color ties and blazers finished there uniforms off.

All eyes seemed to centered on the wooden stage in front of them. A sky blue children's wadding pool set in the center of the stage. Behind the pool was a metal step-up ladder and laying around the pool was dozens of small bottles of ice cream topping. Dark brown bottles of chocolate sauce stood shoulder to shoulder next to fire engine red bottles of strawberry sauce. Beside those where square bottles of cameral sauce. Finally behind the those, there stood six family size gallons of melted ice cream. Two buckets of vanilla, two buckets of chocolate and two buckets of neapolitan. Standing behind those where two eight ounces of whipped topping.

"Welcome everybody." A athletic looking women said as she strolled across the stage and stood before the pool. "Welcome the Kendalgrove yearly Student Sundae. Where every year, one of you. Puts there warmth and there cleanness on the line to raise money for charity. Normally its one of the cheerleaders or one of the football players." She said closing her eyes, the women was dressed in a blue track suit.

"But.. This year all that's going to change. Because one brave women, came to me one day after P.E and pretty much demanded she be the one to get the slop this year. Not that I'm complaining or anything." She said with a wink as she twirled the cord around her fingers. A hushed silents had now fallen over the crowd.

"Anyway, please put your hands together for Ms. Faulkner" She said as she held her hand toward the far right of the stage. A thunders applause filled the air as some students slapped there hands together, while others whistled through there teeth and some stomped on the floor.

The reason behind the excitement soon became clear enough. For from behind the dark, heavy woolen curtain there came a striking figure of a blonde haired girl. Her shoulder length hair had been divided down the middle, with each section having been pulled back into pigtails. Around the bundles of hair where long cords of ribbons. Pink in color. Her baby blue eyes seem to sparkle in the light cast by the stage lamb. She wore a simple, though modest bikini with skirted bottom. She stopped on stage next to the athletic looking women.

"Hello Kendalgrove High!" She shouted as she held out her hands and embraced the noise. "Are you ready to see a cute girl get totally slimed and turned into a 'Sunny Sundae'?" She inquired as she turned her ears toward the crowed and held up her hands. The response was one of sheer delight. The women in the track suit smiled and wrapped her arms around Sunflower and held the might toward her mouth.

"Before we start. I would like to ask a few questions if you don't mind. Mainly, why? Why do you want to get covered in six gallons of melted ice cream a untold amount of sauces and finally top it off with two cartons of whipped topping and a cherry? Normally we have to drag, bribe, blackmail and wrangle students for this part."

"We'll the driving force is this. I know this year all the money donated goes toward St. Philomena Children's Hospital. I know most of you know that I live in a foster home and one of my foster sisters. A cute brunette girl by the name of Susan came down sick a few weeks ago with a acute appendicitis. The wonderful staff at St. Philomena really took care of her and did everything in there power. I was watching her at the time and we'll.. It was scary, and not only did they help her, but they helped me. Seeing ya'll baby sister being rushed into surgery like that.. It takes a toll on a girl."

"So." The women said taking a deep breath. "Its something personal then, something really personal. In that case.. Where all proud of you for stepping up to the plate like this." She paused and reached into her pockets and pulled out a simple pair of swim goggles. "I need you to put these on for me honey, we need to keep those eyes nice and safe."

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she took the goggles from her hand and placed them around her head. Once they where secured, she stepped into the pool and smiled a big smile as she sat down and crossed her legs. A sudden thrill ran down her spine as she felt several hundred pairs of eyes zoom in on her.

"Now," The women said smiling. "Now that Mrs. Faulkner has settled herself down nice and tight." She said with a smile. "I think its time we pour on the first bucket. And that honor goes to." She paused before turning back to the ground and saying. "Everybody please put your hands together for the co-captain of the cheerleading team. Katherine Edger!"

A loud chores of whoops, cheers and whistles again filled the air as a blonde athletic looking student strode out across the stage. In her hand she carefully held a family size bucket of vanilla ice-cream. She was dressed in a pleated red and white blouse, and form fitting red and white sports top. White athletic socks and sneakers rounded out the outfit.

Sunflower blinked and blinked again as she placed her hands in her face to keep from laughing. She should have known her older sister would have something to do with this. Katherine to her credit only winked toward the crowd as she mounted the ladder and positioned herself right above her younger sister. A count down was given and as soon as the number three was reached, a waterfall of melted cream and oil fell down, coating Sunflowers naked shoulders in melted white cream.

Sunflower squealed loudly as she felt the cold cream rolling down her naked shoulders and down the front and back of her bikini. The coldness wrapped around her and seemed to freeze her to the bare bones.

Katherine took her time and poured on the ice cream nice and thick once the bucket was finished she gently tossed to the side and smiled.

"Love you sis!" And she tossed the empty bucket away and reached for another one. Chocolate this time. Grinning like a cat eyeing a song bird, she quickly upturned the bucket over Sunflowers head. Adding a layer of brown to the layer of white. Once more Josephine squealed as the coldness flooded over her.

"Missing something." She said grinning as she reached for a bucket of melted stripped ice cream of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. In one swift movement of the hand she turned it over, showering Sunflower with even more cold, frozen cream.

"While Katherine is busy, turning are brave volunteer into.. I guess a Sunny Sundae.. I should take this time to thank all of you for donating. Together we raised a total of fifteen hundred dollars. Money that would used to buy children's books, coloring books and dolls." She paused to step aside and give the students a good view of Katherine pouring another bucket of ice cream all over Sunflower who at this time was giggling like a mad women, her pigtails where covered in covered in cream and hanging limb. The ribbons where ruined and the smell was starting to reach the students seated at the front.

"Having fun there Sunny?" The women asked as she put on a amused look, "Because your starting to look very tasty over there."

"Thank you Mrs. Jenny." She said giggling a little as she shook her head like a wet dog, flinging ice cream all over the place as she smiled. Small drops of ice cream went everywhere.

"Careful now. We don't want to work the student clean up staff too hard now." She gently scolded as she watched another bucket get dumped over her head. Sunflower now was a total mess. It was really hard to put into words, as all the flavors and colors had melted into this huge puddle.

"I do hope the showers are working." She said smirking as she watched another bucket getting poured over Sunflowers head. Three buckets remained one of each flavor.

"I think she's had enough. We need to save some for later." She said smirking as she turned toward the gathered crowds of students, who where beside themselves now with laughter and cheers. "Because we have something, extra special planned once the main show is over." Her wink caused another massive uproar of laugher, catcalls and cheers to be raised.

At this point, Sunflowers head was getting covered in sauces, strawberry, chocolate and cameral. All being crisscrossed and adding there own color, flavor and sent to the puddle forming in the bottom of the pool. The once perky blonde was now totally drenched in bright pastel colors and bottom of the pool hell more than enough empty calorie's than the school would normally allow.

"And we just added two thousand more calories to the mix. Sunflower, I think you'll be running laps for a while to burn off all that sugar." She teased. The whole crowned joined in with the laughing this time.

Sunflower flushed a deep red as she peered toward her older sister and the gym teacher. A sudden shiver passed over the spine of her back and a gently sneeze happened. The cold dousing of ice cream and couple with the heat from the lamb above made for a slightly odd, warm and cold feeling.

"I think are little volunteer is coming down with the sniffles. I guess we best let her get cleaned up before she catch's her death of a cold. Sunflower you have been a wonderful sport. There hot chocolate waiting for you once you finish your shower." She paused and smiled.

"But before you go, we have a few things we'll like you to do. First, we'll like you to pose for a picture for the school's news paper. And secondly we'll like to toss those goggles into the crowd. The student who catch's them, would you please come up on stage."

A hushed silents fell over the crowd as from one of there number. A young man with flaming red hair stood up. Around his neck there hung from a leather cord and at the end of the cord there could be seen a camera. Smiling he moved through the crowds and toward the center of the stage. Pinned to the front of his sports coat breast pocket was a plastic ID badge that read. "Z. Smith - Student Newspaper." The young man, skillfully moved onto stage and kneeled down.

Sunflower smiling and feeling a little naughty. Got down on her tummy. Once on her tummy she removed the goggles and set them to the side and peered into the lenses of the camera. Her perfect white teeth was seen as she smiled that girl next store smile. Sixteen seconds later a white flash filled the her eyes as dozens of snaps where taken. Then, the young man, his duty done returned back to his seat, before his messy sister could get any ideas of giving him a hug in her head.

"That's one for the front page." The teacher said with a small smile. She then moved toward the far side of the stage. "Now for the second act. The 'Downtown Merchants Association' has agreed to double the money we raised. But there a catch." She paused to let the noise dye down after a few seconds she pressed on. "One of you." She pointed to the gathered crowd. "Is to come up on stage, and get slopped. In a few minutes, Sunflower here is going to throw her goggles into the crowd. And who ever wants to, can bring them up on stage and take a seat in the pool. Mind you, you don't have too. Its totally up to you."

Josephine around this time had recovered and was standing next to the teacher. Smirking a little she pitched the goggles back and forth between hands. A stunned silence had fallen over the crowd.

"Sunflower, at your pleasure, toss those goggles into the crowd!" She shouted as she nodded her head toward Sunflower.

To be continued~