Twelve year old Susan took a deep breath as she gently removed the covers from her. The sound of the rain, hitting the window panes of her bedroom and the distend roar of thunder sounded almost soothing as she slipped out of bed and slipped her feet into her bunny slippers. Releasing her deep breath she reached over and checked her phone. The square screen turned a bright neon blue. The time was two o' clock in the morning. Everybody should be sound asleep. Even the teens should be now be fast asleep.

Slipping out of her bed, she made her way toward her housecoat. Quickly she slipped the garment over her paper thing nightdress. Then she reached over and started to rumble around in her nightstand. Soon she felt the tips of her fingers running across the cool, plastic surface of a backup flashlight. Quickly she fished out the torch from the drawer and without a minutes notice she slipped it into one of the deep pockets of the coat.

Torch in hand, she opened the door to her bedroom and peered out, she looked down the long hallway first to the left and then she looked down to the right. Once the coast was clear, she stepped out and started to tip toe down the hallway, down the many doors. Each one marked with with a thin strip of brass, engraved with the name of of the girl the room belonged to.

Each step she took, she felt her heat beat a little louder, the floorboards groaned under her weight as she slipped passed the last door and descended down the stairs. Soon she was slipping down the main stairwell, and then through the living room she went, till down the basement she crept. Once down in the basement, she paused to catch her breath. It was raining harder now, and long lines of white hot lighting crisscrossed the sky. A loud boom, followed by a crackling noise filled the air. And even the old manner house, rattled down to its very foundation after each blast.

"Bloody hell." She said sighing softy as she took a deep breath. "Late night winter thunderstorms are the worst." She said standing up and moving toward the end of the room. The basement was filled with clothing baskets, and a lone washes and dryers lined one side, followed by a line of tables meant for folding clothing lined the other one. Closing her eyes she started to count the seconds between each strike of thunder. The storm was right on top of them. It was blessing. No doubt the adults of the household would be busy with little one scared out of their wits to notice her being gone. Rolling the mental nice, she stood and started to walk toward the old, metal door located at the far end of the room. A simple, plastic sign had been tacked to the center of the door. In the middle of the sign, written out in big bold letters was the words. "DANGER: DO NOT ENTER."

Gathering up her courage, she reached up and wrapped her tiny fingers around the brass doorknob. Giving the handle a twist, she pushed it open. She then reached into her housecoat pocket and quickly she fished out her flashlight. She quickly turned it on. She then stepped inside. And then everything she thought she knew about her new home changed in a blink of a eye. Once she stepped into the confines of the room, the air itself seemed to change.

The Halo of light cast by her flashlight reveled a landscape that was littered with old bottles household cleaners. Long sections of copper tubing, long since turned to green from age. The copper tubing, long since turned green from age feed into those haunting looking plastic bottles. Old glass beakers dotted what appeared to a on old kitchen counter top. Some of these resting on old burners that had long since burned out.

Then the smell, it was a smell worst than anything she had ever smelled before. The smell caused her to gag. A bolt of lighting flashed over a dirt encrusted window, causing the whole room to light up. The old, grime and dirt covered linoleum covered kitchen titles seemed almost out of place. In some places they were covered with slime and gunge a good inch thick. Then Susan noticed something sinister.

Toward the back of the room, a dozens of old propane burners and bottles sat. Some of them were broken and burned, others were still hooked up, the wall behind them was black and crusted with ash, the sweet and savory smell of something burning lingered in in the air. Another flash of lighting reveled dozens of discarded cold medicine bottles laid about.

"What the.." Susan was having a hard time taking all of this in. It all seemed too odd for her. Then she felt a hand touching her shoulder. Quickly she pun around. Then, she came face to face with the stern looking face of the adults of the household. Standing there, like a phantom was the stern face of one Lavender Violet. Her long blonde hair and firm blue eyes peered down at her through the lenses of her glasses.

"What in the name of." Her voice trailed as she was gently pulled by the arm out of the room. Once they were out. Lavender closed the door and started to strip Susan down, quickly she removed her housecoat, then she started to unfasten the buttons to her nightgown and finally she started to remove the rollers from her hair.

"What are you doing?" Susan finally shouted as the shock of being undress faded and her wits started to return to her, quickly she tried to smack away Lavenders hand. But her efforts were meet with the woman, turning her around and smacking her bottom with the palm of her open hand.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR! HAVE YOU GONE MAD OR SOMETHING?" Susan shouted as she picked up her discharged nightgown and folded it to her chest so she might cover herself.

"WOULD YOU BE QUITE FOR A MINUTE SO I CAN TALK. BECAUSE RIGHT NOW GIRL, YOUR DIGGING YOUR OWN GRAVE, AND IF I WAS YOU. I WOULD PIPE DOWN, OPEN THOSE EARS OF YOURS AND LISTEN GOOD. THEN, MAYBE YOU CAN START FILLING THIS HOLE YOU JUST DUG FOR YOURSELF." Lavender shouted at the top of her lungs. Normally she was not the one to raise her voice. But now she had little time for small talk. She need to cut right to the heart of the matter.

"..." Susan found herself forced in stun silence.

"Good, girl." Lavender said taking a deep breath. "Because right now you've seen something that you were never suppose to have seen. So a little heart in heart is in order. But right now, you need to strip down naked and good a good long hot shower. Wash everything, and I mean everything." And with that she peered toward the discarded pile of clothing and hair curlers. "And these things, need to be burned." And with that a soft sigh escaped her lips as she started to strip off her own night gown.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she watched Lavender start to remove her own nightgown followed by her slippers. Sighing a little she started to climb up the stairs. Soon Lavender appeared behind her, naked as she was.

"Come on girl." She said narrowing her eyes, "Move those feet of yours. Or do I need to march you up to the shower?" And then without giving it a second thought, she reached over and smacked Susan's bottom. Sending another wave of sting, rolling into her pale bottom cheeks. The sudden smacked caused bottom to wiggle and bounce.

"I'm moving." Susan said growling as she quicken her steps. Soon she was moving through the living room. Out of the corner of her eyes. She noticed the clock hanging on the wall. The clock read, two' twenty one. Twenty one minutes had passed since she left the comfort of bed.

"Once you've gotten your show, we're going to have a little talk. Then were going straight to the A& E Department of St. Philomena's Children's Hospital. In in for a long night, and a even longer day." Lavender said folding her arms across her chest as she watched mount each step.

"But, I have school tomorrow." Susan said blushing deeply as she turned around to face Lavender.

"Pox on school, your grounded tomorrow. And if any of those fleece head, dawn treading, liberal arts and educated sons and daughter of sheep, have anything to say about. Tell them to come find Lavender Baker Violet, and she'll set them straight." She then paused mid sentence. "Plus you'll be in no shape to go to school. As you'll be at St. Philomena's Children Hospital, getting tested for everything know to man. Yes Ms. Bell, the hospital."

"Hospital?! But I'm not sick!" Exclaimed Susan.

"Of course your not." Lavender said gently pushing Susan along. "And we want to keep it that way. There a lot we need to talk about now, so its best if you go shower and get changed. I need to shower and change myself. I'll meet you back in your room. I'm trusting your not ninny enough to try and hide from me."

"And what if I am."

"Then I'm afraid I have no choice but to march you down to the punishment room. And I'll paddle you till you wishing you had a pillow to sit on. Then I'll take you to A & E Room. Then once there finished with their testing and you're we'll rested. I'll march you back down to the punishment room." She said in a low growling tone of voice.

"Fair enough." Susan said blushing as she started toward the shower.

Lavender took a deep breath and started toward the adult shower as well. Something, something deep inside her was telling her she was in for a long night and a even longer day. Releasing her deep breath, she stepped into the shower and started to wash. Once she was washed, she slipped on a woolen, navy blue blue skirt and a heavy cotton, button down blouse, with brass buttons. Black, heel boots rounded out the outfit.

Once she was dressed, she walked over to her dresser and picked up her personal paddle. It was short, thin wooden thin. With a dozen or so holes drilled into the surface. The holes were suppose to give the paddle a nice 'Sting' there was not a shadow of doubt it did. Maybe she was being a bit too cruel, but she suppose the sight of the drill hole paddle will drive home the message was trying to get across.

Once the paddle in her hand, she started to make her way down the hallway. Soon she found herself crossing the threshold of Susan's bedroom. A small smile crept across her face, the girls room, much to her surprise and delight was indeed, almost spotless you could say. Still smiling, Lavender eased her bottom down upon the the bed. The girl was still in the shower it seemed, no matter, she'll be right here whens he got out. Setting the paddle to side, she started to smooth out the wrinkles in her skirt.

Susan soon returned to her room. A light cotton towel, pastel pink in color wrapped tightly around her still dripping frame. Without thinking, she walked to her dresser and pulled out a fleece nightdress. Quickly she slipped the gown over her body, then out of habit she sat down and started to brush her hair with a heavy, wooden hairbrush, one hundred strokes and she counted each one. Once the required one hundred strokes strokes were finished, she reached over and tied the hair back with a light, navy blue colored ribbon. Then she stood up and peered toward Lavender.

"You can keep your seat." Lavender said as she smirked a amused smile, her smile quickly fell from her face as she peered toward Susan. "Okay, I'm sure you have some questions, and those questions can wait. Let me speak questions can and will come later." She stated as she she waited for Susan give some sign of understanding.

Susan nodded her head.

"What you saw in that room, was a old lab, okay its not really that. It was more a plant. The production of methamphetamine took place there. A very long time ago. Before Tim and Lily Forest took this place over and turned it into a foster home." She paused and closed her eyes. "The first owner was into that, and one day the thing backfired. It was a big boom you know. Killed some people or so the rumor mill says. The whole house had to cleaned, but that, that place being ground zero was blocked off. We adults still need to go in there, to do some cleaning and stuff." Lavender paused. "Its like bloody shrine I guess. Only there's not medals of the saints and pictures of angels hanging up their. Anyway, its dangers girl, it can make you, sicker than a blooming dog. More sick than you where last winter. Lavender opened her eyes and fixed Susan with a stern look, "Sick enough that it would take more than four days of bed rest and a few shots to get you fighting fit again."

Susan only nodded her head along with Lavenders words. Her face hid the storm brewing inside her mind.

Lavender stood up and patted her hand down upon the bed. After giving the bed a few a few pats she picked up the paddle and wrapped her fingers tightly around the handle.

"Come along girl. Hands down on the bed. Bottom up, taking you to the hospital in the morning. And the morning not too far away. Then again. I might have Lisa look at you. She the houses nurse after all. Four year degree, Latin honors and all that frill and lace." Lavender tone of voice was flat and void of of any and all emotions.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she stepped forward and placed her hands down upon the bed. Taking a deep breath, she closed her eyes and tried her best to steady her heart. Heart heart it seemed was beating a hundred or so miles a minute it seemed.

:Good girl, good to see you've not lost all the sense God himself seemed fit to give you." Lavender said placing the paddle under her arms and using both hands to raise up Susan's nightdress.

Once the night dress was pulled back to the small of her back, she lowered her panties and placed the wooden paddle upon her backside. The backside of the paddle was then pressed into her bottom. Then in a snap of a second, she drew the paddle back and smacked the girls bottom. Sending a sudden wave of sting and burn rolling into Susan's backside.

Susan tossed her head back and whimpered as she felt the paddle come across her backside and striking her bottom. It felt like somebody had smeared hellfire across her bottom cheeks. Lavender paid the girl little to no mind as she snapped her wrist back and struck her bottom again, then again and then again. Three times in rapid succession. She was hitting her strive now. Each swing landed right in the center of the bottom. Right in that mystic area called the "Sit Spot" by many. Susan would be feeling this way into the morning and way into the evening.

A strange noise, something between a whine and a groan escaped from Susan's lip as she felt the sting building. Waves of pain were flooding into her body. Her legs started to shake and her fingernails dug deep into the covers as she tried to brace herself for support. Her eyes were starting to mist and her cheeks were starting to burn.

"Hold it down girl." Lavender said in a stern tone of voice. "Were only a quarter way through, and you have one more spanking coming to you soon. Going to a long day for you. And its not more than a pence you deserve for sneaking into that bloody room." She scolded. "Mrs. Forest herself told you that herself, get caught sneaking into that place. And you'll get a fire lit under your tail, a fire that will burn for days." Lavender had a habit of falling into her native Scottish dialect when angry, concerned or disappointed in somebody. And to to finish that little rant. She laid three more swings into Susan bottom. First striking the top, then the middle and then the bottom. The whole bottom was starting to turn a nice shade of pink, with the middle part turning a nice shade of red.

There was little Susan could do, but take it, the mist before her eyes had now turned to tears that were rolling down her cheeks. The head filling her bottom made her whimper and whine, but knowing, the knowing that she had broke a rule. A rule that had only been put into place to keep her and her sisters and brothers safe mad her heart break. That pain was quickly becoming a dull sense of shock.

"Finally sinking into that thick head of yours?" Lavender said striking her bottom again. Sending another wave of sting, rolling into her bottom. A second stinging stroke followed the first one and then a third and finally a forth. All fell within a blink of a eye and a beat of a heart.

"Because I hope so, your in for a long day. Now." She paused deeply and delivered three quick paddle passes, clear mucus was starting to run from her noise, making her face a pitiful sight. "Because now you to sleep dear." She said gently wrapping her arms around Susan. Once her arms were around her, she helped her to her feet and gently guided her toward the girls bathroom.

Once they were in the bathroom. Lavender filled the basin with hot water, then being very gentle she took a washrag and a bar of soap, once both items were in her hand, she wetted them and started to wash Susan's face, cleaning away the dried mucus and tears. Once her face wash washed, she brushed out the girls hair again and braided it. Susan remained quite through progress. She was still shell-shocked if you will.

Once Susan's hair had been braided, she guided the young girl down to the kitchen. Susan clung to Lavender for the most way, in a way that reminded Lavender for a sailor clinging to a piece of drift wood. Once in the kitchen she heated up some milk and flavored it with a pocket of ground coco powder. She then added a teaspoon sugar and a bit of cream. She then urged to Susan to take shallow sips Once Susan had finished her beverage. It was straight to bed. She fell fast asleep once her head hit the pillow.