Authors Notice: This story was heavily influenced by the popular farming simulator "Harvest Moon" and the number of self built, role playing communities its spawned. The author would like to dedicated this story to all the founding members of that community. And those brave soul's who still keep the sacred flame alive.

The 'Dunk me' attraction was not your traditional dunking booth. A deep, concrete cistern formed the basin. Above it a simple, cushioned seat, was all that stood between the person perched above and deep pool of ice cold water bellow. Beside the booth there stood a enclosed wooden gallery with painted targets toward the end. The locally lumbered boards showed clear sign of age, as they were stained with the passage of dozens of seasons.

Susan took a deep breath as she peered up at the seat. The seat was pretty high up. At least five feet from the rim of the tub and the tub was almost as tall as her. Slowly as she released her breath she felt her cheeks flush with color. A gentle early spring breeze was starting to blow, the breeze carried along with it all the smells of spring of the unfolding carnival. The breeze wrapped its way around her bare legs before working its way up. Only quick thinking and quick hands on Susan's part prevented the helm of the skirt from flipping up.

"Bloody dress." Susan wore under her breath as she felt her cheeks flush with color. The dress, a ruby red cocktail dress would normally not be her first choice in clothing. The white jacket it was paired with, though it did provided a drop of modesty did little more than that. Not a ounce of warmth did it provided.

"Why of all characters, did I have to pick this one.." She said looking down at the dress then back up at the high seat. 'Because she totally unlike you. Admit it, she lives the life the life you want.' a voice from inside her head answered. Susan felt her cheeks flush with heat again.

Slowly Susan started to play with her dress. The character in question was a blonde haired, greened eyed women called. Muffy, Muffy was well known within the Harvest Moon community. Her roles where pretty much the same in every game she appeared in, she was often cast as the pretty city girl that came to the rural village to escape the harsh reality of the city and find true love. She often worked in the towns bar or tavern, and if elected to marry one of the other girls in the game, then they would observer Muffy following from one guy to the other, always to have her heart crushed. Her life was one huge melodrama.

"She also the totally my bipolar." Susan said sighing as she peered toward the seat again. She was a tomboy. Instead of staying inside all day and helping with the cooking, cleaning and scrap booking. Susan was always outside, helping with the gardening and landscaping. Instead of spending her weekends trolling the mall, looking for deals. She preferred to spend her free time, tromping through the vast tracks of woodland that surrounded the manner house. She knew every trail like the back of her hand, and she knew the loves like a lover knows her partner.

That to say she was free of any feminine traits, she was a cheerleader after all. And hours of countless drills and gymnastics had molded and sculpted her body. Countless hours roaming the countryside through the summer months between cheer practices and chores had turned her once lily white skin to a coppery bronze color.

Shrugging her shoulders, Susan took a deep breath and peered toward the seat again. Musing aside, there was no way she could back down from this, there was no possible way she could. Slowly a little smile formed upon her lips. And soon that smile became a upside down smirk.

"I remember building this." A voice behind Susan said. "It took us twelve whole weekends to build this thing." The voice belonged to a tall women with blonde hair and blue eyes. She spoke with a clear Scot-English accent that seemed to roll off the tip of her tongue.

Susan blinked and quickly spun around, standing behind her was her mother. A tall women with bleach blonde hair, deep blue eyes and slender frame. A motherly smile formed upon the bow of her lip. She wore a simple cream colored blouse that was tucked into the waistline of a skirt that reached down to her thighs. White woolen stockings and simple leather shoes completed her outfit. It seemed both mother and daughter where going for the "Harvest Moon" look.

"Yes I built it, along with a dozen other girls." Lavender said reading the facial expression on Sue's face. "Back then, a lot was going on. Everybody was pitching in to help rebuild the manner house. The former owner had really driven the thing down the privy."

Susan nodded her head along with her mothers worlds. A lot of the history of the house, a good deal that had been shrouded in mystery was starting to be reveled to her through her mother. Lavender's Scottish roots wanted her daughter to know her history, her families history.

"Don't know who first suggested building that thing." Lavender mused as she folded her hands under her breast as she peered toward the seat. "Anyway, I suggest you get ready." She said shifting her gaze from the seat toward her daughter.

Susan shifted her head around and offered her mother a little smile.

"Sure, if I can even get up there." She said taking a deep breath as she started to move toward the realm of the tank. Releasing her breath, she lifted herself over the edge, once she was standing on the edge, she reached out and took hold of the weather worn handle that had been drilled into the wooden siding long ago. The brass door handled provided something for the person taking the seat to hold onto as they inched there way over to the seat.

Susan quickly found herself, mentally scolding her for choosing to wear a dress and not a bathing suit as her mother suggested. The dress seemed to have a mind of its own, with its helm become wrapped around her legs.

"Try to be careful there daughter." Lavender said taking a deep breath. As she watched Susan climbing up to take the seat. "The safety standers of bronze age where not as stick as the present cyber age." She said laughing softy at her own joke.

Susan rolled her eyes at her mothers joke as she finally eased onto the seat. Once seated she smoothed out her skirt and peered toward her mother. For a brief period of time she felt like a queen looking down from her throne at her subjects.

"Totally something Muffy would do." Lavender said grinning as she peered toward her daughter. "Now remember, hands in your lap, back straight, chest out and legs together. Proper pose and grace is required of a lady of our class at all times." She reminded.

Susan did as she was told, taking a deep breath she brought her legs together, And smiling softy she founded her hands in her lap and sighed. Her back was soon straighten and her budding chest was poked out. A sudden blush colored her cheekbones.

"And remember, you have one whole hour to be up there." Lavender called out. "Sunflower's next, followed by Dawn and finally rounding out the shift is Josephine. All three of you girls are going to do a hour a turns. Then the young ones will have half hour turns."

"So when are the adults going to have turns?" Teased Susan as she felt butterflies flying around her tummy as she peered down at her mother. It was just starting to dawn on her, she was really high up.

"Josephine is the token adult." Lavender said grinning. "Maggie and I have other more pressing matters to attend to, like taking up money and keeping order. Otherwise this place would turn into bedlam in a minute."

Susan nodded her head. Silently she hoped that her one hour in the hot seat would pass without anybody dunking her. Smiling softy she made a vow to keep her mouth tightly closed and do nothing, and she meant nothing to draw attention toward her. Then maybe, just maybe people would pass her by.

"And, I'm going to add, that you need to get dunked at least thrice before your allowed to change places with somebody. I mean.. of all the lot, you're the only one brazen enough to wear a freaking dress." Lavender shook her head. "Trying to show off for a boy ay? Not judging you daughter or anything. Just your at that age, when boys stop becoming objects for you to torment and things to be desired."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward her mother. A deep, dark blush colored her high cheekbones as she peered toward her mother. Who was now holding in her hand a round tennis ball. A smile reached from one ear to the other as she tossed the ball in the air before reaching out and graphing it.

"Mommy.." Susan felt her voice trail a little as she her pink eyes watched her mother draw her arm back and let the small ball fly. The ball sailed through the air and smacked into the wooden boards at the end of the alley. A loud thumping sound filled the cool spring morning.

"Yes Daughter?" Lavender smiling as she watched the ball roll toward her, quickly she reached down and picked up the ball. Taking a deep breath she leveled the ball and eyed the target more carefully.

"What are you doing?" Susan inquired as she wrapped her fingers around the seat as she peered toward the target

"Testing out the machine." Lavender said with a smirk. "Its been sitting up all winter. Gotta make sure its still in working order." And with that being said she tossed the ball again. Coming a little closer this time to hitting the target. The ball smacked into wooden wall at the end and bounced back toward Lavender.

"And.. Your testing it with me sitting above the water?!" Squealed Susan as she peered toward her mother. "This is totally not fair!"

"All in love and war." Lavender chimed as she eyed her daughter.

Susan had little time to form a response. For as soon as she opened her, her mother hit the target, and the foam seat Susan was sitting on gave way, gravity took hold and like a stone she was dropped into the water. For six seconds she fell through the air before landing with a huge splash that generated waves big enough to splash over the side of the concrete basin.

"MOM!" Susan screamed as she popped her head out of the water. Her blonde hair was dripping wet, her dress, soaking wet clung to her body. Slowly she spat out a stream of water as she peered toward her mother. The tank proved to be deeper than it looked. She was not really touching the bottom, in fact she was floating almost.

"Score one for team mom!" Lavender smirked as she blew her soak wet daughter a kiss. "Now get back up there honey. Where about to open and I'm sure all your boyfriends would be lining up to dunk you!" She playfully teased as she watched her daughter climb out of the water, climb up, reset the seat and take a seat again.

"I don't have any boyfriends!" Said Susan crossing her arms under her breast. She flicked her nose into the air and felt her cheeks starting to flush with color.

"Sure about that, cause I've seen you talking to dozen of boys." She said grinning as she picked up another ball. "You know in Eastern Europe, there a old tradition of dipping young girl and women in pools of water and then switching them with a bundle of switches." As Lavender said this, she was looking pass Susan and peering toward the grove of willow trees that grew behind the tank.

"Hey! I thought we where Episcopalian?" Quizzed Susan as she peered down at her mother. The dress was starting to sag a little and part of her was scolding herself for wearing the blasted thing. She was now seeing the wisdom of going with a simple one piece, at least then she would not feel so exposed.

"We are," Lavender said, she then paused and peered toward her daughter. Erehwon was by and large a Protestant country. With the Episcopal Protestant Church of Erehwon, being the mainline protestant church.

"What brings that up." She lets the ball fly from her hand, the ball sails through the air and nearly hit's the target.

"Just wondering.." Susan let her voice train as her eyes followed the path of the ball as it sailed through the air and came within a hairs breath of hitting the target. Susan slowly let out a held in breath as the ball made a loud banging noise as it hit the aged wooden tempers beside the goal post.

"Anyway, one more throw and I'm done." Lavender paused and slowly a little smirk formed upon the bow of her lip. "And no, all these dunks don't count toward the required three. There just pay pack for being a little brat these last few days."

Susan was just about to stick out her pink tongue when the old foam seat she was sitting upon gave way, dropping her like a stone down into the near freezing water. A girlish scream rushed out of her mouth as bottom broke the surface of the water, causing waves to rush over the top of the tank. A second later she resurfaced, her hair damp and hanging over her shoulders, her dress soaking wet and clinging to every curve of her developing frame. And a pout a mile wide was plastered across her face.

Lavender at first tried to stiffen a giggle, but her efforts soon provide to be in vain. And soon she broke out into a fit of laughter.

"Honey," Her mother chimed. "I'm sorry to for laughing, but you look so.. So comical.. Its really perfect." And with that she reached into her purse and fished out a slime camera. Without giving Sue time to pose, she snapped away a dozen or so pictures.

Susan peered into the sky and sighed a little. Today was going to a long day. She wondered how her two older sisters, Dawn and Sunflower where doing with the pie toss too. She made a mental note to stop by there and check on them. And maybe even give them a little paypack.

To be continued~