Hey guys! Fire here, with one story fresh off the press! I had this idea this morning in English when talking to my friend Brian. We were basically discussing what it would be like if I had a mini me. I have bright red hair and hazel eyes, so my mini me would have blue hair and green eyes and be about half my height, so he said she'd be around 3'7". I insisted 4'7" but I never get anywhere.

Here ya go!

" Students!" The teacher, almost at her wits end, called out, desperate to get her students attention. But, they were idiots who blocked out the sound of their instructor calling them. Brilliant red hair swished side to side as the teacher shook her head, hazel eyes sliding shut in utmost annoyance. From the corner of her eye, the teacher spotted a strand of hair that was losing its color and frowned. She'd have to get it re-dyed soon. Another hair treatment that would cost her out the ass, she thought sourly.

" Hey!" Still, the teacher received no answer, the children continued to talk without pause. The teacher, a twenty eight year old named Ciara Matthews sighed and counted to ten in her head in an attempt to calm down. It didn't work. Of course she got stuck teaching the rowdiest of people; of course she got stuck with the middle and high schoolers. Those kids were the worst shitbags she had ever encountered.

" Shut the hell up!" she finally shouted and everyone froze, turning to face her. " Why the hell does it always take me screaming at you to make you do what I've asked?" She aimed a glare at her students who laughed. " Anyway, we have a new student. His name is Brett. Come on in." She said and the door opened revealing a young man with chestnut hair and olive eyes who walked in, raising an eyebrow. His eyes fell on a girl in the front row, next to the window, staring out it blankly. She was short, not just short, short as hell. She also had long, bright blue hair, and eyes as green as emeralds. Was she even older than an elementary kid? She sure didn't look it. " Is she even old enough to be in here?" He asked as soon as he saw her. Just then, the girl's head whipped to face him, green eyes alight with fiery passion. " Aren't you too young to be acting like a seventy year old man with a pole up his hairy asshole?" She asked and the class burst out laughing. Brett glared at her. " Just who the hell are you, kiddo? I think the elementary school is across campus." All of the sudden, he felt something crawl over his shoulder. When he looked, he nearly shit himself.

It was a albino Burmese python.

He tried not to freak out as it slithered all around him, soon draped completely over his upper body. One of the boys in the second row laughed. " That's Geoffrey. He's Ms. Matthews' snake. She let him become the class pet. The principle didn't have a problem with it, as long as he stays in his cage. Which he does...sometimes." the blue haired chick laughed. Ms. Matthews chuckled. " I bought him from my cousin who had him, before he moved to Russia. Apparently pythons don't do well in Siberia." She stated in a 'who'd have thought?' manner. Brett was beginning to have second thoughts about transferring here. Perhaps he was in the wrong classroom, or maybe just the wrong universe.

" Hey, Jade, where's your brother? Is he sick or something?" the guy next to the short girl asked. " Nah, he's in the principle's office. Got in trouble for spray painting really shitty looking vaginas all over the principle's car. I bet it wouldn't be so bad, if he weren't such a horrible artist. If he'd let me draw them, he wouldn't be in half as much trouble." She huffed, put off. As soon as she was done speaking, the door opened and someone stepped in. This young man was tall, way tall. This guy was so gigantic, he had to hunch over a bit so his head wouldn't hit the ceiling. As it was, he'd already banged his head on the top of the door frame and swore up a storm. " Oh, hey Drake." the guy next to Jade said and the giant, Drake, nodded his hello and took his seat behind Jade, legs accidentally sliding under her chair a bit.

" Hey, I know you're looking for that idiot who climbed your beanstalk, but can you fucking shrink?!" She bit out sarcastically and he ignored her. That only seemed to egg her on more.

In Brett's three months as a student in Ms. Matthews' class, he learned many things, not all of them academic. One; he still wasn't quite sure if his teacher was sane or not. He was leaning on the latter option though. Two; never, EVER call Jade Callaghan short. She would probably kill you immediately, or send her pack of seals to do it for her. Three; everyone just kind of let Ms. Matthews do whatever she wanted.

But they were fine with it because while being almost entirely insane, she was nice. And she told the most entertaining stories, that half of them doubted were true. She also had tattoos going almost all the way up both arms, as well as on her back. Along with a nose piercing, two earlobe piercings and one belly button piercing.

But again, the students were fine with all this, because she was nice. The difference between a nice teacher and bitchy one was easily seen. Of course, that's not to say she hasn't come to school hungover as hell. She was fine before lunch, and so no one told the principle. Her sister, another teacher, wouldn't tell either.

The kindergarten teacher, Selena Matthews was Ciara Matthews' older sister and about just as wacky as Brett's teacher was. They were only two years apart, but with how they acted, you would guess they were twins.

All in all, don't ever mess with them. Those teachers were fucking crazy, no doubt about it.

Okay! So that's basically what it would be like if I were a teacher and I had a mini me in class. She'd be short, have hair the opposite color to mine as well as different colored eyes, and be just as sarcastic and clever as me. Ciara Matthews is basically me (dyed bright red hair, hazel eyes, kinda short) and Selena Matthews is Ice basically (taller than I am, blue eyes, just as insane as me).

Hope you liked it! Bye guys!