~Begin recording~

Almost everybody had one.

Soulmarks, I mean.


Or two.

Sometimes three.

There was once recorded a person with four.

Occasionally, there was a child with no marks, however rare. Those who didn't wake up on their tenth birthday with a quote and initials inscribed in their body were seen as statistical anomalies, which inaccurate. A Non-Mark once did a study of their school that yielded the following results:

Four soulmarks: 0%

Three soulmarks: 12.4%

Two soulmarks: 23.5%

One soulmark: 49.9%

No soulmarks: 14.2%

A study done with the entire school (including half the faculty) as data.

I found that on my own.

Yet people find it weird that I don't have any black writing on my body.


Oh, right.

I suppose I would be an unreliable narrator to the people of the future who listen to this video diary if I didn't introduce myself, huh?

My name is Andrea Whitker Diaz.

I am a Non-Marked.

I have no tattoos on my body except a rather large snake pattern ingrained in my back, a tattoo of a ring on my middle left finger, and several other small tattoos in various parts of my body representing things important to me. If I listed them all, it would probably take half an hour, so let's skip over that to the rest of my bio, shall we?

I am nineteen years old, a sophomore in college at Kowareta United with a major in criminal psychology.

I am so far the only student in my class that can consecutively weasel my way out of every paper we have ever needed due via the policy that our teacher (jokingly) gave to us at the beginning of the year: If a student can create a false murder scene and have the teacher be unable to solve the case by the end of the day (that the assignment was due by) then the student is exempt from the assignment due. I have so far been able to do so every single day.

It's like Clue.

I have purple eyes, a genetic anomaly that exempts me from pubic hair, facial hair, or periods; called Alexandria's Genesis. Pretty sweet, if I do say so myself.

I am female.

Or was, I guess.

I identify as agender, or neither male or female.

Though I still use female pronouns, so as not to confuse those who don't know my... views.

I am also asexual, and panromantic.

Meaning that I love all, but lust after none.

Which is convenient when I don't have a soulmate.

But absolutely awful when I get crushes every few weeks only to find that person has already met their soulmate(s).

Good thing Chris likes ice-cream.

Chris is my plutonic friend and roommate/bestest friend EVER.

Sorry if my speech is confusing to you.

I have been diagnosed with the following (By Lila, another good friend who is studying psychology/ cognitive disorders because I refuse to go to a therapist)

Anxiety Disorder

Bipolar Depression type 2

Binge-Eating Disorder

Oral fixation






I also have extremely heightened empathy, but I'm told it's not so much a cognitive disorder so much as they symptom of several, so I'll just ignore it.

There you go! A comprehensive bio of everything but what I actually look like. Hopefully that tides you over until the rest actually begins.

Just to say, I'm sorry.

~End of recording~