Title: Abandoned


This void is never ending

How'd you get your voice stuck in my head

I thought I rattled you out

Past my tongue past my lips

But you're still stuck somewhere in there.

(Guitar solo)


You say you want to end this

My touch is toxic to your men-tal health

Then why the fuck aren't you gone

Get the fuck out, I don't see you

You lying string me all along love stealing piece of shiiit.


No I'm not salty

Just can't stand to look at your face

You you really love me

Cross your heart, blow me kiss and that'll never really change

Well what the hell does that mean

You can't have it both ways

You started this relationship

After you broke my heart the first time around

I still gave you a chance, I thought we'd last longer than this

But the warning the signs were all there_

How do I make it out of here_ in. One. Piece.



Now we're meeting face to face

Cause you couldn't hold out any longer

Well did you forget I was here

I'm going through the same love sickness as you

How dare you believe I was nothing

You twisted the words to only fit you

You took my pain against me

You can't use that against me, I should be angrier than you

But I left it outside, you think you're barely alive

Suffocating in my mental disability

Yet I never left and yet you want to leave me standing there_

No fair_

No fair_

No fair_!


You said you still love me

Yeah we'll get out keep walking, I've been through this all before

You say you still want me, but I'm a disaster to your mental health

But we're both rock off the edge,

I kept you up and you held onto my hand from my body slipping down the dark.


Did you know I want you babe

But I don't want to keep you from living your life if you don't want to be anywhere near me

Cause I'm a disaster and yet you act like my life is totally fine

Why you do this to me

I've never done you wrong so do you want to leave

Just because it gets a little hard today

Leaving isn't going to help you survive.

Maybe cause I'm a little crazy

But I'm sure I still love you

But if you hate the sight of me

Then why aren't we walking out the doors?


If you really love me

Why do you say it hurts to be near my side

If you really still love me

Why are you walking out that door, out of my life, not alright?