Gold amber eyes intensively stare at the ceiling, focusing on all the cracks and odd spots, trying to find something, the eyes turn towards the window, vacantly staring at the pouring rain.

I don't get how most people can hate the rain, in fact, I love the rain, always have. It gives me a serenity I cant describe, it's almost magical.

The young boy shifted around his bed his eyes analyzing everything in the room before falling onto his hand. a deep cut could clearly be seen on the boy's palm. He smiled remembering what his grandfather had said yesterday "Taketsu these swords are for selling not playing". He just couldn't help it, he wanted to be like the heroes from his favorite novels and books, he wanted to be the hero who would slay the villain and become king.

Taketsu quickly left his room in a hurry and headed downstairs regularly glancing around to make sure no one saw him.

The attic door creaked as Taketsu opened it. "Stop creaking you darn door, you're going to give me away" Mumbled Taketsu.

The Attic was full of random items ranging from crates, bags of flower and a bunch of pottery but at the right corner was a large steel table with a variety of swords on it.

Taketsu grinned to himself as he walked over to the table and grabbed hold of the steel sword and swung it left and right trying to get a feel for it.

"Now this is a real sword ...much heavier than the last one."


Taketsu startled dropped the sword and turned to see his Grandfather's eyes like daggers staring right through him.

"ehh Gramps I can explain" stuttered Takestu

The Grandfather sighed and starting rubbing his temples. "You're really are your father's son."

Taketsu had his cheek buried in his hand while twirling some pasta around his fork, obviously not taking notice of anything around him. It had been several hours since he snuck into the attic to play with the sword, the rain had stopped shorlty after and he continued his work for the day, gathering materials, washing the horses and some minor farming work, despite all this, not a single word was spoken between him and his grandfather.

"Are you still upset about earlier?" asked his Grandfather

Taketsu clutched his fist and turned away from his grandfathers' face

"I don't get why you won't let me have one"

"Like I's for the Sto..."

Taketsu had interrupted his grandfather by slamming his fist on the table and shouted

"why... I can make my own, and yet you won't let me!"

"Do you want to end up just like your father !" Shouted the old man back.

Taketsu's eyes softened along with his demeanor as his eyes moved away from his grandfathers and onto the table

"I'm not my father" mumbled Taketsu.

"Besides what would you do with one, there's no reason unless you're considering joining the military." replied the old man, obviously ignoring the last thing Taketsu said.

"I don't want to be some blacksmiths assistant or a farmer!"

"Being a farmer is an honest job!"

"If it's so great then why do we have to give 90 percent of our earnings to the government!" sneered Taketsu.

The old man put his hands over the table as he stood up and stared directly at Takestu with worry in his eyes, this whole situation surely stressed him out far more than he thought it would.

"Wake up to reality, real life isn't anything like your novels or Manga's, the sooner you accept that the better."

Sometimes it's better not to do anything than to lose your life pointlessly, I already lost my son, I won't lose you.

Taketsu just simply nodded his head and headed towards his following day was the same as it always was for Taketsu. Cleaning the horses, find whatever materials he was currently picking up some boxes full of supplies from a local vendor when he heard a voice call out his name, turning around he was greeted by a group of kids his own age he really didn't want to talk to right now.

"Takukuku...All by his lone self like the loser, he is" snorted the boy.

..why today...

"So I see your little friend isn't here to save you huh..well that's too bad because you're going to get a whooping from all us" gloated Jukai as his peers started to laugh.

Taketsu tried to muster up something to say but just ended up making a weird sound and standing there awkwardly, Jukai immediately picked this up and used it as a weapon.

"What? you wanna say something... I thought so..youre' a coward just like your grandfather... why don't you go hang a noose around your neck and hope that you actually grow some strength in the afterlife"

Takestu's anger skyrocketed to new heights and yet his body couldn't stop trembling from fear.

Why...why won't my body I that much of a coward..I'm always spouting hero nonsense and yet im nothing.

"You fools got a problem!?" came a voice from behind

The four boys turned around and before them was girl roughly the same age as them with snow-white hair, purple eyes, and a devilish grin.

"Nora!" exclaimed Taketsu a smile forming on his face.

"So it's the white-haired cow" snorted Jukai.

Jukai and his friends all took a fighting stance.

"Unlike last time..I'm not alone"

The girl simply sighed and cracked her knuckles before giving the boys an almost evil grin.

"Come at me"

Jukai threw a right hook at Nora but missed horribly as she dodged and countered by grabbing his wrist and throwing him to the side before punching one of the boys that was formerly behind Jukai right in the face sending him crashing into the near by wall.

"That all you got fools"

The other two boys were quick to react, they intended to corner her by punching from both sides only to realize late that Nora had ducked with insane speed resulting in their own fist knocking each other out respectively.

"One left to go"

Jukai quickly got back on his feet and assaulted Nora with a barrage of punches who in turn was countering by either knocking Jukai's hands aside or dodging. after roughly around half a minute of dodging Nora decided to finally end their advantage of Jukai's decrease in speed and defense she cupped her hand into a fist and aimed straight between Jukai's nose before unleashing a powerful strike that would knock the boy back a few feet. Jukai was now holding his broken nose as blood dripped all over his hand.

"You filthy swine!" yelled Jukai as he turned to run the opposite direction.

The sun was already starting to set as Both Nora and Takestu were sitting at docks looking out at the lake.

"Wow you really tough huh Nora Chan" exclaimed Taketsu gleefully

Nora rubbed her nose with a grin plastered on her face "Well of course"

Taketsu had noticed that Nora's arms and neck were completely full of bruises.

"But they were still able to get a good amount of hits in didn't they?" Asked Taketsu pointing at the bruises.

"Oh please..those dorks couldn't lay a finger on me..this..well this is from the stairs this morning"

"This is like the third time this week though"

Nora simply stretched her arms around her head "Well I'm just really clumsy"

"Those stairs should be your anime rival then" responded Taketsu in an almost patronizing way.

I knew she was lying..but I didn't want to say anything further and make the situation awkward.

"Seriously you're going to have to start standing up for yourself though," said Nora as she stood up and threw a pebble across the lake, it didn't travel very far.

"I know" Mumbled Taketsu

"Well, for now, it doesn't matter..I'm always gonna be here for you.. even if it means fighting your battles"

"isn't that the type of thing the guy normally says" Takestu jokingly answered

"Oh please I'm more manly than most of the men in this city"

Taketsu's eyebrows perked up "You take that as a positive?..or is it because your far more flat chested than most girls your age"

Nora quickly turned her head and glared at Taketsu before grinning and pushing him off the dock and into the lake,the two instinctively started laughing.

I really was pathetic, always boasting about being the hero but never putting my words into actions,Nora was the hero today while I was merely the victim, I guess I have a long way to go before I can be the person I really want to be, tomorrow is another day after all, I have all the time in the world right?...