Hello, I'm back again. I need to work on my Crossfire story, I know, but I thought of this idea and I kind of liked it so I'm going to do it. Basically, there is no plan for this story. I did not create any plot, any character, anything. The only thing that I'm using is a random word, and then I'm using that word to just purely write. It's a good challenge, I think. It's either going to work out and be pretty cool, or it's going to crash and burn. So this one is short because I am just trying this out, but I hope it works.

Word: Aquamarine

There was no escape. He scanned the halls, nothing of use. The walls were a bare white, like snow touching the concert on a cold day. They felt that way too, dry, cold, nothingness. The white was at every corner, surrounding him. It was suffocating all the light. He was closer to the dark, related to it more.

You never really knew what was going on in the dark. Was there someone hiding in the corner, holding a large knife, waiting to strike? Or is there a cat, curled up in the corner purring softly.

Corruption and Innocence. Good and Evil. Dark and Light. Black and White.

Each plays a part in a war they cannot win without the other.

The other. He was missing his.

He was part of one. The yin to yang. The problem was, where was his yang? He was lost in an abyss, and she was missing. The missing piece to the puzzle.

Unable to deal with his thoughts anymore, he stopped running. He turned and pressed his body into the wall, the white, bright wall. Needing something to distract himself. Pressing his hands over his ears, he attempted unsuccessfully to block out the noises in his head.

"Down there! I saw him run by!" Voices echoed in the hallway, snapping him from his thoughts. They were coming. He needed to hide. But he needed to find her. That was his first and only priority.

He needed to find Aquamarine.

So that's it. If you have a word you would like me to use, review, and I'll add it in. If not, peace out, I'll see you guys later!